My ode to Honeybuns Bakery 2


hey honeybuns more prose for you

glad you liked the first one too

was in Waitrose just yesterday

looking in the bargain tray

wow i did drop lucky

triple choc tinker cookies

for 45p yipee


And everything i write is rhyme

dancing words all of the time

reading your notice board too

somerset horse and Animal rescue

I could get them a truck

full of food stuffs

all the stuff thats thrown away

litter, recycling at Glastonbury

(copy of this to Michael Eavis)


Im going to do some healing

if any of their animals are feeling

full of bad energies

i'm a healer, will do it for free

remotely, and if everyones happy

perhaps u could notice board 4 me?

human, animal holistic healer

free to poor and charities

i have no working pc

any old ones??? swap 4 poetry!

i have no income until

this years glastonbury festi


and then just maybe

i could squeeze an income stream

from something i adore

spreading love, prose and light far

sorting out unpredictable animals

a real god given talent

found out by accident

your animal causing you trouble?

just call me at the double

i use my van as a camper

got some tents when its warmer

Dorset is a beautiful place

have i mentioned the ace cakes???

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my ode to Honeybuns Bakery

greetings honeybuns, how do you do?
just had to write a poem to you
just nibbled your indulgent treat
snowy hills; gluten free
made in your old barn
doesnt contain any harm
gluten put me in hospital
tho dont have money for free from
set in a nature reserve
sounds like no words
can describe the harmony
throught your baking company
card sustainable; wrap biodegradeable
karma ensures heaven not hell
and proper ingredients ensure
visits to hospital no more
like your calorie reminder too
most people won't listen to you
me, only one meal, every other day
so your cakes are bliss for me
was bought by my rich brop
where, i really don t know
I dont have an income at all
i make some during festival season
and about my rhyme and reason
supporting Sigur Ros soon
accompanying their amazing tunes
In between can i trade
some of your cakes for some poetry?
check out my ode to the honey bee
hope your bees are well
Insecticides causing bees hell
big love too from me
and hope you enjoy my poetry
can write a poem on anything
try me!
peace, love and light

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My ode to the Bumble Bee

Animal Kingdom


Bumble Bee


Bumble Bee buzzin Around
From flower; flower bound
Collecting pollen; pollen baskets
Spare stuff: Pass it

Stuck to body and legs
Cross pollinating at best
Keeping vegetables pollinated
Bees; loved not hated


Thing about round bees
Clumsy; not good aerodynamically
Bouncing around defying gravity
Collecting pollen for honey

Some look like wasps
Seem a more purposeful lot
More direct; streamlined
More efficient to find?

Pollen needed for honey
Especially when it’s sunny

Too cold at winter time
But warm in the hives

Waiting for the sun
Open flowers; crops: Buds
Spare thoughts in snow
Where bumblers did go?

If keeping warm today
Only waiting for sun hats
Hip hip hip hooray

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"Sword Play"

My Work

This is not rehearsal,
the blood you see is real.
There will be no reversal,
these scars will never heal.
No masquerade is allowed here,
be sure your weapon's sharp.
Your nemesis can smell your fear,
like honey, in the dark.
Interacting with pure blood,
smeared with hallowed stain.
Gore he can't get enough of,
wet dreams of your pain.
Dancing with the spectral Death,
Jezabelian scheme;
You won't feel His claws or breath,
before He hears you scream.
He has been around for aeons
He designed the game.
His specialty is crucifixion,
do you know His Name?
Competition's stiff; mindless zone,
where the trophy case stays filled,
better leave the Origins of chaos alone,
let it balance karma at will.
" Oh", you say, you "thought" you knew,
familiar tactics, sure.
Well, I feel sorry then for you...
let's ask Lucifer...."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Everyone has their perception of things, I am sure.

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Ancora una volta il vento soffia
porta il nostro amore a distanza

catturato da una leggera brezza

restituito a noi.
Nelle pieghe del tuo amore
il mio cuore batte rapidamente 






Our meeting so lovely
a dream of a life-time
came true
vanished suddenly.

Now reaching the most

hallowed place in my
beingI feel you resting

sleeping until the morn.
When I call to you
wake -up honey
it's time to get up.

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wake up honey,
It's time to get up.

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