It's Your Life

In love's embrace, our lives entwine,

With passion's fire, our hearts align,

In kindness, we find solace sweet,

A melody of souls, in love's heartbeat.


Embrace all of your life with love,

Like stars that shine in skies above,

Let tenderness your spirit guide,

In love's warm glow, forever bide.


With every breath, with every sigh,

In passion's dance, we reach the sky,

Our souls aflame, forever bound,

In love's enchantment, we are found.


Kindness, like a gentle stream,

Flows through our days, a radiant beam,

In every act, in every word,

Love and kindness, our hearts have heard.


So let us heed this sacred call,

To love, to passion, to kindness all,

In life's grand tapestry we weave,

The legacy of love, we shall believe.

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Look Inside

In shadows deep, where dreams take flight,

A seeker wanders through the night,

With an outward gaze, the world they see,

Yet, deep within, a mystery.


"Your vision will become clear," they say,

"When in your heart, you choose to sway,

For outward dreams, they come and go,

But inner truth begins to glow."


In stillness found, where silence sings,

The soul takes flight on quiet wings,

With introspection's gentle call,

The heart unlocks its hidden thrall.


For in the depths, a world unfolds,

Where secrets lie, in stories untold,

Emotions swell, the heart's terrain,

A wellspring of wisdom, love, and pain.


To look within, to peer inside,

Where dreams of self and truth collide,

Awakening the soul, we find,

A path to understanding, kind.


No longer lost in distant schemes,

No longer lost in fleeting dreams,

The heart's own mirror polished bright,

Reflects the soul's pure, inner light.


So, turn your gaze from outer scenes,

Explore the depths of what it means,

To look within, to truly see,

The awakened heart, where truth will be.

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New Lyrics


Please don't cry little one

Daddy will make your tears fade away

Don't be sad precious one

Daddy will make your world bright today

Don't be afraid my son

Sometimes you will fall and that's okay 

Just don't give up and run

Sometimes all that you can do is pray


Trust in yourself and you can do anything

Look in yourself to find what you are missing

Free your mind and you'll start to see

All you have to do is believe


Don't get mad little one

Daddy will help you find your way

Don't lose hope my sweet one

Even when this world seems cold and grey


Trust in yourself and you can do anything 

Look in yourself to find what you are missing 

Free your mind and you'll start to see

What you need to do is believe


All that you can do is pray

When this world seems cold and grey


Trust in yourself and you can do anything 

Look in yourself to find what you are missing 

Free your mind and you'll surely see

All you had to do was believe


Author's Notes/Comments: 

6/22/23. A more personal one, a message to my kids.

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6 strings

6 strings

By jfarrell


I don’t know why,

But I’ve wanted to play the guitar all my life;

I have been teaching myself for 31 years

And I am not the worst in the world;

Although, I am probably very close.


I’ve always been too scared to go to lessons;

Scared the teacher would laugh at me;

And I have given up, so many times;

“that’s it! I’m never touching a guitar again! Ever!”


But, them six strings always pull me back;

Listening to clapton, hendrix, b.b, nine inch nails….

The list goes on;

But still just those six strings;

And back I go. :)


I can’t help myself.

I do get slightly better each time;

But, I think it’s fair to say,

I have no natural musical talent.


But, surprisingly, I am getting better

Some songs I can play from memory

And they are recognisable;

A long road it has been,

But them six strings keep pulling; keep guiding.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

my guitar playing may be bad, but my singing is painful :D and i can't stop myself

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Sustainable steps

Sustainable steps

  By jfarrell


Agency work is fun

And I am loving how synchronicitous it has been for me;

Having not worked for 17 years,

It’s let me get back into work, a bit at a time;

Sustainable steps.


Two shifts this week, three the next;

Two double shifts and a couple singles;

And a fun one tonight,

That’s left me too scared to sleep.


Got home from football job very late,

And gotta be at cricket job very early;

I don’t think I will wake up in four hours for work, too knackered;

But, I dare not be late.


Really hoping lotsa coffee, bunch of caffeine pills

And caffeine energy drink will “give me wings”

And fly through tomorrow’s 8am til 11pm shift;

“make or break” comes to mind.


I’m a 49 year old man who hasn’t worked in 17 years;

Who desperately needs to return to full-time work; with overtime;


I am really hoping this is a sustainable step :)


(been with agency 2 months now - love it)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

cricket - is that the one with a big bat? all sports loook the same to me :)

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Memories Fade

Memories Fade

                                  By jfarrell


(“memories fade, but the scars still linger” - tears for fears, great band)


I was about 5 when it happened,

44 years ago;

But everytime I do something entirely normal,

I can’t help but very graphically remember, relive,

That incident.


Some memories fade, just the scars linger;

Some memories have to be relived day after day.

If only we could choose which memories;

Trust me, I’d choose happy, nice memories,

Not being violently raped when I was 5. Who would?


Like yesterday, I remember too much of the first 10 years,

And increasingly less of the years after;

And, as for the last 10, memories fade;

I tell myself, this was yesterday, its gone;

But, each morning I relive it again.


So much for thinking positive :(


Author's Notes/Comments: 

be positive, aewsome, yeah

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*Keep Your Head Up*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Things may look impossible

Think of the positive

Hold on the the possible

Hold onto the love

Let go of the hate

Give yourself that extra shove

To get you out of this state

That keeps you holding onto the bad

Believe in fate

Let go of being sad

Believe at any rate


Keep your head held high

Fight the stress

That wants you to die

Forget the mess

That makes you cry


Things will get better you'll see

Live the life you want

Let the worries go by

Don't let your struggles haunt

Push them away set them free


Keep your spirits held high

Don't waste your time on what people want

Let your strengths fly

Keep your stand let it flaunt

All you can really do is try



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We rise, we rest.

We are partners.
Paired - but not out of need.
Attracted - but not out of fear.
Complete - in our individual wholeness.

The calm we feel
is only equal to our passion
for ourselves, our life and the thirst for more.

We give
to ourselves what we need,
to our partners what we want,
and to the world around us
love to heal.

We are not perfect
but we don't expect ourselves,
our partner,
to be.

We are merely
and powerful
in our commitment
first to god
then self
then each other.

For us
that is the only way.

We rest calmly
in the glow of our own godliness
our own frailty
and our own compassions.
What a glorious light
we have.

Positive Epiphany

Caught in the moment,
Sometimes we forget to breathe:
A simple thing to forget,
When life drags you by the knees.

They say that life is all perception,
An individual vision to direct and command.
Expect the unexpected,
Make the most of what you have.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Simple but effective methinks.


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