my ode to Bro Radio



greetings Bro Radio how do you do

just had to write a poem to you

loving your great tunes

and on fridays giving away food

Must tell you what i do

I can help your listeners too



i'v been staying with my olds

they are ancient dont you know

been struggling with the cold

so had my van, needed a tow


I normally live far from here

parents struggling, i stay near

would like to do this with no fear

my meagre resources see myself clear


something happened at christmas time

which added to my skills sublime

im a human holistic healer sometimes

found out i can do the equine


came across one crazy horse

in a few mins quiet as a mouse

i asked my angelic healing force

to go to work on the horse


within a minute or two

the horse was so quiet: true

the rider was ungreatful too

me clearing up the horsed spook


have done it again since too

on the telephone, another horse blue

can do it for listeners too

to them a challenge i now issue


find me the crazyest pet or horse

ill calm it for nothing of course

then your listeners can feel the force

healing angels part of the course


i can also find water too

many springs in the vale: True

farmers water bills cause them blues

angels wont see you thirsty too


between both amazing gifts i have

id like to think cottage industry perhaps

then i can stay, look after mum n dad

if i cant gonna be well sad

its evident the last year for my dad


helping pets and horses in the Vale

and finding water, forget pales

high pressure and good quality

and my finding never fails


proper maps of the regions springs

dotted about, praises i sing

better than water tap bringing

costs a fortune when cattle drinking


big love from Daz the Druid

expert in rhyme, crazy animals; fluids

natural, both things, i can do it

need help, ill be round to do it?


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