My Five Day Hallucination

It was Day 1 when it was scorching hot and we crossed paths.

I was looking for an oasis to drink from,

Though a hug from you was a thousand times better

Because afterwards, we went swimming in the lake and laughed at the gold diggers passing by.

Poor men were oblivious that they mined their last nugget in this desert.


It was Day 2 when we continued our journey.

You introduced me to your bitches when you brought me home.

One licked me silly while the second took a while to come around.

It was only trying to judge me to see if I would be a menace to your family.

I’ve always liked the playful, funny, and carefree breeds.


It was Day 3 when you showed me your larger-than-life garden.

You spoke of how your brother and mother had toiled day and night tending to it.

The garden was shaped like the number 5 and I couldn’t be happier.

You regaled me with stories of an ancient civilization that once existed in this land of the dead.

Every word from your tongue between breaths was like a missing page in a book lost in time.


It was Day 4 when I crawled on my knees after a beating from a two-faced sergeant

Looking for you so you could lift me back on my two feet and hold me close

But to add insult to injury, you held your scorn like you should’ve held my hands.

So I passed out on the floor and was left for dead out in the open.

How do indecisive weeds like you sleep at night?


It was Day 5 when I woke up expecting you’d be there, but your home was empty.

Your garden was withered and the magic was gone so it turns out that it was all a mirage.

You can rationalize your actions and demonize me any way you like,

But when you save your second thoughts for one minute before midnight,

It’s goodbye and good riddance to you weeds.


So I left. It was better for me to abandon you before you inevitably did the same.

The world is full of snakes and trojans as it is.

It’s best for me to give them a dose of their own venom as soon as I see right through them.


You should’ve told me earlier rather than at the last minute.

Or when I have fallen and can’t get up.

Then maybe we could’ve still been friends.

But now you’re just another silhouette that shears hearts like hedges.


If you’re looking to post an ad requesting company in a moment of loneliness,

Think again before you shatter another heart or wager your sanity.

A weed ain’t cut out for love, let alone a friendship

If it can’t make up its mind and let its loneliness fog its judgment.

Poor guy should’ve inspected the thorns before he picked the rose.


Now it’s my turn to wager a few things,

I bet you don’t even miss me.

I bet you feigned regret that you added salt in the wound.

I bet that you’ll forget all about me after the weekend I disappeared.

I bet you’ll cower in the arms of the two bitches you value most in life.

I bet you’ll start looking for another soul that you’ll pray to Aphrodite you won’t screw over.

Whatever happens to you, I am grateful that I have kin to keep tight

And an adventure I continue to embark on in the desert with or without you there for me.

You’re just another silhouette that shears hearts like hedges.

Green Night

Want a hit?

Alright sure

Another blow?
Don't mind if I do

How's it going?

It tastes good

Wanna choke?

Sure, why not

Inhale it deep,

Do it right,

Enjoy it all

Okay I can do that
Is it hurting yet?

Yeah I think so

Good job then


Don't feel ashamed

I'm not

Your eyes are closing


Your leg is twitching


You knocked over the table


You can't stop laughing


You're talking too much

I know

How are you now?

Are you feeling relaxed?


I forgot what it's like

To feel forgotten

Abandoned and sad

Let's go for a drive

Drink wine and eat s'mores

If we die

Then we die

And if we live

At least we'll have chocolate 

Green Mile


Smoke the marijuana walking down the green mile
Focusing all your attention towards the green scenery
A forest of leaves intensly green as the trees
Mp3 player listening to Jimi Hendrix rest in peace

Stoners around the world celebrate the day 4:20
All smoking a joint, becoming out craving for a munch
Rehab in session recieving a hit from the bong
Water bubbling mellowed in the sound floating along

Mind drifting above, thoughts hightened we sore
Through the window hail half baked represent Jim Brewer
Scar faced, dazed and confused mellowed down not bored
Fuck man, high as a kite senses hightened smokers allure

Pipe the rest of the crystal shake
Cause us to laugh, cause us to bake
New revolution of hippies to take over
Peace and love man, high with Mary Jane we salute her

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Weed and Unity of those who want it Legalized.

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Future looking at the past

I look upon these children and see them make mistakes
I recognize it, But it will be soon too late to forsake
I tried to warn them, resenting it will be our commonality
It'll be a shock when they grow up like when I saw reality
Nothing is ever given, you give and take what you've earned
You're making the decision and you choose to be burned
I'm a bystander watching you get abused by drugs
The drug game isn't as fun as you think just ask my buds
They're lying 6 feet deep, It'd be smart to use my wisdom
Next time you see your dealer, I'm saying refuse his blunt
Get your life together or you'll wish that your life was done
I use to be like you thinking I was cool smoking with my cousin
Look at me now, cleaning while I'm watching a reflection
You'll be out on the street, I guess we're all a collection
The guys are struggling and the girls are on planet whore
I'm a lucky one, but you won't listen to me, I'm just a janitor.

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About a man that is centered inside a smoking bubble,
with view obscured and his thoughts expansive and loose.
He does very little breathing at all, and instead
he chews on the walls of his cage to rid his mouth of taste.
The bubble has a door, but he doesn't care to reach
and intrude upon the people that often stand outside.
Instead he learns about pointless things and people
and ignores the ignoring that seems like it's everywhere,
all the time, no matter how long he waits in bed.

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Tree of Thought

Unique Poems

Once I grow a thought it shares da characteristics of a tree // rooted to da ground & spreading to every leaf // da thought carries itself so I can feel free // so I watch as my thought sails overseas // ina way its own abductee cuz it's shares no reality // a thought so strong it's like a ever lasting song // it gets trapped in ur head so u feel like there's no wrong but all along u dnt kno where it belonged // u jus agree as it manifest & feeds // killing other thoughts like u overdose on weed // hops in a banshee & goes on a killing spree // but dis thought ain't evil it's pure minded in fact // an abstract of art thats ready to a attack & subtract everything thats ready to sidetrack // it acts & reacts to every counterattack // counteracts to everything that trys to distract // precise & exact // it extracts & transacts // every other thought dat seems intact // becuz dis thought is it's own artifact // so until this thought is guaranteed it's rooted in da ground inside of me ~


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Surprise, surprise! I fucked up again.

My life's headed in a downward spin.

I smoked some weed

And the police got a lead

They went after my ass

Got a hold of my stash

Handcuffed me right there

Trying to give me a scare

I didn't tell them shit

But they still didn't quit

They patted me down

And took me downtown

I've got two citations

And I'll be on probation

My situation really sucks

So with any kind of luck

I'll never again

Have to see those fat fucks.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Septemeber 5, 2004 is when i got arrested...  just basically tells about my experience.

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Mary Jane

My new bowl is clean

So i stuff it with the green

I pack it even tighter

And blaze it up with my lighter.

It's the one that I stole...

"Fire in the hole!"

A big puff of smoke

And suddenly I'm cravin' a coke.

My mouth is dry

I'm guessin cuz I'm high

But no one will know

I'll just keep with the flow.

Walking on the line,

I feel kinda blind

Not everything's straight

But I still feel great!

Then, on down the street

It's Mary Jane that I meet.

I greet her once again

She's my new best friend.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The only problem with weed is that it's illegal.

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