Monthly Archive for May 2013

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Witching Hour Poem SoulKritiC ghost and ghouls May 1st
SOFTLY INTO ETERNITY Poem heatherburns35 May 1st
SOFTLY INTO ETERNITY Poem heatherburns35 May 1st
SOFTLY INTO ETERNITY Poem heatherburns35 May 1st
SOFTLY INTO ETERNITY Poem heatherburns35 May 1st
Memory Poem hgsrthjdrtjrea 2 agony, Faith, father, memory, mother, sad, youth May 1st
"Berlin" Poem KyleJCo 2 free-verse, Imagery, Independence, night, silence May 1st
Soul Critic Rise- Poem SoulKritiC subliminal May 1st
A Sad Boy’s Love Poem Poem hgsrthjdrtjrea 2 May 1st
If some people were to explode, even the crater would be shallow Poem Faded_shades 6 May 1st
Remind Poem SoulKritiC last date May 1st
Another Dr.'s Appointment (a sprinting sentence) Poem HCE circles, death, Dr., Old, Pain, sad, Young May 1st
Will there ever be? Poem cassyjerrett 8 May 1st
Someone Came to Craft a Ballad Poem new_wave_franky A love poem May 1st
Sincerely of Love Poem new_wave_franky A love poem May 1st
Western Wear Poem ray_strickland 1 May 1st
soldiers pact Poem punkpoet May 1st
Retribution of the White Rose Poem onetear2007 3 Happy 9th Anniversary May 1st
blinding power Poem Snow 3 blind, power May 1st
The Sidewinder Poem orYans_belt May 1st
THE SLEEPERS OF EPHESUS Poem emmenay Spiritual poem with a reference to true love. May 1st
THE LAST DAY OF SPRING 2013 (A bittersweet love poem about my first love: Daphne John) Poem emmenay Undying love May 1st
T.R.M. Poem cassidy love soul distance hate May 1st
The Creature Pain Poem TheShadowKnows May 1st
Nervous Love Poem TheShadowKnows May 1st
the journey Poem cassidy love day night May 1st
Search Your Soul Poem KingofWords a lovely soul May 1st
Duo Triangles Poem TheShadowKnows 3 May 1st
Tainted Poem Brokenshards blood, innocence, lost, pure, Reality, sad, scared, snow, tainted, virgin May 1st
Powerless Pawn Poem Brokenshards 3 Abuse, anger, dangerous, Domestic Violence, Faith, Fear, game, hurt, love May 1st
Bitter Poem SoulKritiC misinterpretation May 1st
morrigan take me Poem oneinthegrave May 1st
wood rots as the light flickers out... Poem oneinthegrave May 1st
Blessed By Dreams Poem Anonymous May 1st
Love is on its way Poem SoulKritiC 1 destiny, love, patience May 1st
Fairytale Creatures Dance Across My Subconcious Poem DazedByLife 2 childhood, childhood memories, dreams, Fairytales May 1st
***** Poem NightPollen May 1st
Problems Suck Poem Anonymous 2 May 1st
I want..... Poem NightPollen May 1st
Don't Bully People Poem Anonymous 2 May 1st
Edgar Poem nelgenielark 2 fiction, man May 1st
Barely Breathing (A song by me) Poem DazedByLife 5 abandoned, crying, heartbreak, love, love song, tears May 1st
Wandering Through The Desolate Forest. Poem DazedByLife 3 animals, forest, nature, wildlife, wonderful May 1st
Footnote: By Way Of Preparation, 2 Poem S74rw4rd May 1st
The Song that Everybody Knows Poem RoC 1 May 1st
memories Poem mrcalif #BreakUp #Relationships #Love# Sad #Heartache #Lonely #Alone #Depression May 1st
Kiss of Death Poem DazedByLife break up, breakup, Heartache May 1st
Remember Poem nightlight1220 7 Life, love, Memories, rip May 1st
CHAPTER 14: DAPHNE (Let Her Be A Mystery) Prose emmenay A biographical love novel May 1st
A Fight For August Prose Kiddo fights, freedom, friends, running away, short stories, youth May 1st
Excavation Poem nightlight1220 balance, joy, love, meditation, Paradise, Peace, War, within, World May 2nd
Endless Poem Desperado Broken heart. Lost love. May 2nd
I'm Crazy Poem justanotherscreename 4 May 2nd
may you Poem cassidy 1 4 elements hope love peace happiness May 2nd
Dying Species (from the inside, out) Poem nightlight1220 dying, fantasy, Humanity, integrity, love, man, real, Smiles, species, Strength, woman May 2nd
Elder Manifesto Poem hgsrthjdrtjrea femenism, heart, Men, Rhyme, silence, truth, women May 2nd
Voice of a cutting tree Poem ravikantroy May 2nd
Alone Poem bvthompson 2 Love Lost sad alone pain heart May 2nd
Don't Let Anyone Take Your Peace Poem LittleLennonGurl 2 May 2nd
One In A Million (Stand Strong) Poem LittleLennonGurl May 2nd
Good Riddance (enjoy BC) Poem running_with_rabbits 4 May 2nd
To Be Free Poem LittleLennonGurl May 2nd
The Fighter Poem Aslenn 3 hurt and anger building up May 2nd
His name on your tongue sounds dirtier than the worst Nikki Minaj song imaginable Poem running_with_rabbits 4 May 2nd
I am ashes Poem running_with_rabbits 2 May 2nd
Educate Yourself (Instead Of Hate Blindly) Poem LittleLennonGurl May 2nd
Sandy Poem running_with_rabbits 2 May 2nd
We parked over there Poem running_with_rabbits 8 May 2nd
A critique of a writer's soul... Poem running_with_rabbits 10 May 2nd
Emptiness Poem nighthawk21 May 2nd
WITHERING LEAF (Crest Fallen) Poem pbenarumairaj Youthfulness vanishes at one stage or other like the change of seasons May 2nd
What Life Has Taught Me Poem LittleLennonGurl May 2nd
Addicted To The Knife Poem ShadowWarrior May 2nd
Our Reality Poem LittleLennonGurl May 2nd
Screaming To Be Poem LittleLennonGurl May 2nd
HOPE FOR THE BEST Poem pbenarumairaj God always gives you best, No matter what you are May 2nd
American Friendships Poem Anonymous May 2nd
Date A Queer? Poem Anonymous May 2nd
Boyfriend Picking Poem Anonymous May 2nd
Share That Poetry Poem Anonymous May 2nd
Renewal Poem Beavis 12 May 2nd
‘DESTINY’ THY NAME! (A poem that narrates a tragic boat accident in one of the Maldivian Islands) Poem pbenarumairaj Football match, supporters went on a boat, the boat capsized and lives lost, while returning at night around 9 pm May 2nd
becoming a ghost Poem kitty-cat 1 May 2nd
Dark shadow of the Moonlight Poem ashleynicolej24 #sex #feelings #thoughts May 2nd
Better To Have Never Loved Poem JackieO 3 #love #relationships #alone #life #hate #sinking #wishing #heart #ache #sinking #saved May 2nd
Intertwine Poem Incompl 5 May 2nd
The Dark Side of The Sun Poem nelgenielark anger, Depression, Rage, War May 2nd
Spring Begins Poem FindingLife spring May 2nd
Musical Love Poem FindingLife May 2nd
A Means to Escape Poem FindingLife May 2nd
Pain Poem FindingLife May 2nd
Wise words Poem omgitskenon #drugs #fakeparadise May 2nd
This breath dies immortal Poem Morningglory May 2nd
Each Page That I Weep In Poem Silver__lining May 2nd
Whispering Lies & Kissing Poem Silver__lining May 2nd
Slow Week Full of Long Days Poem Silver__lining May 2nd
It's The Colors That Make It Poem Silver__lining May 2nd
I'm Your's No Longer Poem YautjaHuntress realtionships May 2nd
Gazing From the Looking Glass Poem YautjaHuntress Reflection May 2nd
Transcendence in Marble Poem Incompl 6 May 2nd
VCR Poem hgsrthjdrtjrea Beauty, Imagery, scars, Vintage May 2nd
Ash: The Color Poem Kellywelly4 4 death; grief; love; May 3rd
Desire Poem Brokenshards blaze, desire, fire, flame, love, Lust, Passion, spark May 3rd
Dark Knight Poem Brokenshards Dark, hurts, Knight, love May 3rd
let my heart break Poem punkpoet May 3rd
Thirteen Issues Poem hgsrthjdrtjrea 3 Lust, Men, sex, smoking, tobacco May 3rd
I Found God Poem hgsrthjdrtjrea convict, Faith, Gay, God, homosexuality, love, mother, relgion, women May 3rd
"No Other May Compare" Poem KyleJCo Free Verse, Imagery, nature May 3rd
The Metaphysicist Poem hgsrthjdrtjrea broken, love, Lust, Metaphysical, thought, wanderlust May 3rd
Debase Myself For A Lover Poem hgsrthjdrtjrea heartbreak, love May 3rd
Chaos 67 Poem hgsrthjdrtjrea death, love, mother May 3rd
The Magic in the Stars Dying Poem HCE 1 dying, fire, magic, stars May 3rd
Strong Man Poem xio1818 #love #relationships #marriage #complete #true love #romantic #romance, Ages of Man May 3rd
Remembering You Poem xio1818 #BreakUp #Relationships #Love, Happiness May 3rd
Jonah Poem life_used_to_be... 4 May 3rd
Nothin' Comin' Poem nightlight1220 2 choice, fill heart, life dream, love, Nightmare, nothin comin, reluctance May 3rd
an intimate distance Poem nightlight1220 Cold, Darkness, distance, Empty, ice, intimacy, intimate, melt, night, skin, warmth May 3rd
Ring Pop Promises Poem Anonymous May 3rd
Liberty Bell Love Poem Anonymous May 3rd
You Think I'm... Poem Anonymous 6 May 3rd
I Fell In Love With... Poem xMercuryx #Love #Fall May 3rd
MOTHER OF MINE Poem pbenarumairaj 5 Moon and the Earth and how Mother Earth warns; and by the same time shows forbearance to human who disfigure it by committing Nuclear crime, sun, The writer brings out the relationship between the Star May 3rd
Get Off Me! Poem ramonathompsont 1 May 3rd
Mind's Landscape Poem TheShadowKnows 2 May 3rd
Fester Poem Incompl 4 May 3rd
Something Like Love Poem Incompl 5 May 3rd
Burning in my soul Poem Bluemeeeeeee 4 May 3rd
the river Poem asperugo 1 May 3rd
How Soon? Prose hgsrthjdrtjrea monologue, Mystery, prose May 3rd
One Year Later Poem metaphorist May 4th
no control Poem asperugo 5 May 4th
A Shared Struggle Poem Incompl 5 May 4th
The Play Poem Miiranda31 4 May 4th
RRRRIIIIIIP Poem AngryLaughter 1 May 4th
Love and Light Poem Miiranda31 May 4th
As I Stare Poem Arjon 2 May 4th
DON WHINO Poem AngryLaughter 1 May 4th
What You've Done Poem Envy 2 May 4th
Integer Poem hgsrthjdrtjrea May 4th
The Mothers Poem hgsrthjdrtjrea May 4th
Today’s Exodus Poem trumpet7 May 4th
From The Desert Poem trumpet7 May 4th
All Lies Poem Arjon May 4th
Forgiveness Poem Arjon May 4th
Seasons Poem Arjon 2 May 4th
Sweetly Dangerious Poem Arjon May 4th
you Poem osiriss- 2 May 4th
IMMACULATE BEAUTY! (A tribute to my wife) Poem pbenarumairaj 4 Not so beautiful outwardly, yet she is immaculately beautiful because of her forbearance and caring May 4th
We Are All Part Of The Human Race Poem LittleLennonGurl May 4th
My White Pony Poem fallXfromXgrace May 4th
My White Pony Poem fallXfromXgrace May 4th
Giving Head to a Shotgun Poem fallXfromXgrace May 4th
If Them Come, They Will Go Poem DatDemi May 4th
Letting Go Poem fallXfromXgrace May 4th
Mountain & Girl Poem Sivus May 4th
Smile, I Wrote You Poem fallXfromXgrace May 4th
All Hail the Fragile Poem fallXfromXgrace 1 May 4th
I Sin to Win Poem fallXfromXgrace May 4th
Te conoci pero extraña- Poem SoulKritiC unforgiven May 4th
Soft Skin. Poem ADAPT 3 May 4th
I know Poem YxYx 1 I, know May 4th
It's hard to know Poem YxYx 1 I, know May 4th
A New Land Poem JackieO #heartbroken #love #traveling #land May 4th
DONDE VAN LAS MARIPOSAS ? Poem heavensunrise May 4th
Creating Space Poem nightlight1220 calm, lake, ripple, Tranquility, wave May 4th
All Your Smiles & Blushing Poem Silver__lining May 4th
One Day You'll Love Me Only Poem Silver__lining May 4th
Never Listen To A Word You've Heard Poem Silver__lining May 4th
Smile So Memorable Poem Silver__lining May 4th
What Is It About Me? Poem Silver__lining 10 May 4th
Enjoy The Time Poem Arjon May 4th
Can you hear me? Poem Arjon May 4th
living a lie Poem JustJin May 4th
What Could of Been Never Happened Poem Arjon May 4th
Thanks Mom Poem TheShadowKnows 1 May 4th
Summer Sunrise Poem DazedByLife May 4th
Getaway Poem The_Carpenter crush, dream, getaway, Hope, horoscope, love, pictures, relationship, together, Wish, wishful thinking May 4th
Love in the Mist Poem Mone being in Love May 4th
Jewel in the bedrock Poem Anonymous 5 May 4th
Surrender to the mammoth Poem Anonymous May 4th
I give to you my beliefs in a pretty package Poem Anonymous 1 May 4th
One for the road Poem Anonymous May 4th
this may is cold as january Poem kitty-cat 7 May 4th
She is... Poem AquarianMale 3 May 4th
Humanity Is... Poem nightlight1220 7 Humanity, Is, isn't, not to be, Space, time, to be, universe May 4th
Free! Prose AngryLaughter 1 May 4th
'God' - Not so important, I then said so! Prose pbenarumairaj God is the one who controls every man through his conscience May 4th
mr. Poem osiriss- 2 May 5th
Distance. Poem raee03 lesbian love May 5th
INTO THE DESERT Poem PUSHKVA spiritual May 5th
Disease. Poem raee03 doctor, Health May 5th
Lost Again Poem Veryen 1 lost May 5th
Politics, bluntly. Poem raee03 May 5th
Oblivion Poem Miiranda31 May 5th
when i think of you Poem osiriss- 6 May 5th
undying Poem nightlight1220 9 love May 5th
Loud Ghosts Poem itsthesmallthings 1 May 5th
Rants Of A Little Sister Poem nightlight1220 4 little sister, siblings May 5th
Summer Dove♥ Poem Miiranda31 1 summer love together dove fly soar May 5th
The Love That Breaks A Heart Poem cathycavalcante 2 May 5th
religion Poem cassyjerrett 3 May 5th
The Moment Poem Miiranda31 2 past present future illuminati love May 5th
Misery and Love, One in the same? Poem Dmack8104 2 May 5th
Touch Poem Miiranda31 May 5th
Priorities Poem LittleLennonGurl May 5th
Flying through an empty space Poem jonfeb 2 May 5th
Love and lines of string Poem jonfeb May 5th
Half a minute! Poem jonfeb May 5th
I spend my life waiting Poem jonfeb May 5th
I climb up walls Poem jonfeb May 5th
To Be Normal.. Poem LittleLennonGurl May 5th
Shattered Pieces Poem Emunique 2 May 5th
Emancipation Poem nightlight1220 2 Courage, free, liberty, scars, Strength May 5th
Silent Praise Poem nightlight1220 6 child, Children, future May 5th
Remember Your True Friends Poem LittleLennonGurl May 5th
See With Your Heart Not Blinded Eyes Poem LittleLennonGurl May 5th
rubbish Poem Anonymous May 5th
The Universe IS profoundly daft Poem SSmoothie 13 Daft May 5th
New pair of shoes Poem NicolaN 10 May 5th
Election Bingo 2013 Poem Nifty 1 business, election, Political May 5th
The Greed Machine Poem Nifty Banks, corporate greed May 5th
Far Away Poem Nifty love, personal May 5th
I float through clouds Poem jonfeb May 5th
the times we live in Poem jonfeb May 5th
approx. Poem jonfeb May 5th
Action Ship! Poem jonfeb May 5th
Beautiful Poem itsthesmallthings May 5th
game over Poem itsthesmallthings 2 May 5th
today Poem osiriss- 1 May 5th
sunday thinking Poem punkpoet 2 May 5th
to my daughters Poem punkpoet 3 May 5th
Glad I Met You Poem Arjon May 5th
COME OVER MY LOVE Poem truedreams love May 5th
THE GROWING LOVE Poem truedreams love May 5th
The Downing of the Elephant(dedicated to literary lion Chinua Achebe) Poem truedreams elegy May 5th
Really? Me? Poem VerbalVerbatim 2 Dreaming, Hope, wondering May 5th
THE SUNSHINE SHADOW Poem truedreams May 5th
THE BLUE Poem truedreams emotion May 5th
The Words. Poem DazedByLife May 5th
paintbrushes Poem osiriss- May 5th
Head vs. Heart Poem lovelife123 4 May 5th
I'm Sorry I'm A F**k Up :( Poem DazedByLife bad, loser, sad May 5th
Fighting with Fate Poem jonfeb May 5th
days like these Poem jonfeb May 5th
Novel Poem jonfeb May 5th
The dark and his temptresses Poem thatoneguyJON 2 Dark Gloomy Friends God May 5th
undecided Poem osiriss- May 5th
Amoral Indifference Poem trumpet7 May 5th
Runner's High Prose itsthesmallthings 1 May 5th
IN THE MORNING #2 Poem heatherburns35 May 6th