It's hard to know

I know

It's hard

It's hard to know

It's difficult to bear this burden

It's not the mental pains

Or the physical fatigue from it all

It's the opinions of others towards me

They think I'm crazy




Being decietful

Having fantasies


And most of all

Others being assumitive


The ones who not know

Think me not of my knowing

But believe in my lack of it

They think I don't know

They think they know what I don't

They are wrong

I know

I am a genius surrounded by idiots

Not for my intellegence

Not for my wisdom

For those don't matter

It is because I know

They don't believe me

They pass it off as mediocre


another "phase"

It's more than a "phase"

It's my life

It's my thoughts

Everyone else is a four

I am a eight

I know

They need to know that

I know


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I never realized how much

I never realized how much this sounds like a childish temper tantrum until now....