Barely Breathing (A song by me)

V1: I'm still alive, but I'm barely breathing

Trying to get away, tryna fight this feeling.

My heart feels like its taking a beating.

But I'm holding on tryna stop the bleeding.

Why won't you just try and make it work?

If it's already over, what could it hurt?

I hope this is a nightmare that I'm just dreaming,

Contemplating ways that I could just get even...


Sometimes I feel like the pain is too much,

when I'm missing you and yearning for your touch.

And when I'm falling apart... Oh I'm falling apart...

But you're just too far away from me,

Is that where you really wanna be?

Leaving me stranded and all alone,

Forcing me to remember what its like,

when you have to walk alone.

V2: What do I do when you won't see reason?

When you change your mind more than we change seasons?

When you don't even care that my soul is bleeding?

and that I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing....


V3: Oh, what do I do when I'm drowning in pain?

When I'm crying inside cause things ain't the same?

When I'm screaming and shouting, calling your name?

But you don't even care that you're to blame....

I'm still alive but barely breathing!

Tryna get away, tryna fight this feeling.

When all in the world wants to keep us apart,

but i need you here to repair my heart....

Chorus x2 then fade out:

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based off of breakeven by The Script but its a rewrite/ remake by me. Its song on the same beat, rhythm, and tune. Its not the best but I love it!!! So yeah hopefully you do too :) I'll post myself singing it when I get a camera :)


Here's the video(by the script)/ Instrumental links:

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shtimpleshtump's picture

As I read this I wondered

As I read this I wondered what the tune was and then, to my surprise, you said it was breakeven. I then scrolled up, reread, and liked it even more.

DazedByLife's picture

Thank you! :)

Thank you! :)

Morningglory's picture

Would love to hear you sing

Would love to hear you sing it! :)

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DazedByLife's picture

I'll try! But my only

I'll try! But my only instrument would be cups :P

Morningglory's picture

Haha.. I'd LOVE to hear it

Haha.. I'd LOVE to hear it with cups! That would be awesome!!

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