half my heart in pennsylvania


they say

I’m not supposed to be

split in half

I’m supposed to be

whole on my own


but what if I want to be

cut open


spit out and

you hold me close


waking to an open window

in a city you don’t sleep

and the lights only

flicker on when you’re a match

then I can see them


pull me north

where I can land

without falling

just falling for

another day we can call ours

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 9/17/21


To My Wife

I would say I miss you

But you no longer care

You left long before your body

And left me alone with yourself


I'm always thinking of you

Everyone says you aren't worth it

Maybe they're right...

But I thought you were


I wish we could be “us” again

But do I truly miss you

Or simply the relationship we had?

I guess I'll never know


You've kept me at a distance

So far I'd never reach you

Now I suppose I've finally decided

To stop trying

Missing You


I don’t want to miss you like this,

But whenever you’re gone

I wish that you were here.


I ache for your touch

Just to remind myself that you’re real.

I want to ask you not to go.


I could fill the ocean

With how much I miss you.

I need you to come back soon.


I took seeing you every day for granted.

And now that you’re gone

I only wish for a minute with you.


I will take any time that I can get

As long as I get to spend it with you.

I miss you every minute you’re away.


I hope that you miss me too.

Sunsets aren’t the same without you here.

I miss you more than I thought I would.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 6/14/17

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Have my soul

Consume me whole

Drink me down

Please, don't drown

I'll be your life raft

You can make me laugh

Don't get lost

I'll keep you around at any cost

I'll map out the endless rivers;

& oceans that lead back to me

I'll write you all the fucking poetry

Because I know you'd do the same for me



Have my heart

My art

My poetry

My everything

I'll even sing you to sleep

Whatever you need

I truly want to see you succeed

I see what you don't see

A remarkable fucking human being

Striving, surviving

Talent, endless potential

The same caramel skin as I

Living dead, but alive



You can have my thoughts

Untie these nooses

Throw these pills away

Mother fucker, you are here to stay

I don't want to admit it but...

I need you

You're my life line

I'll untie my nooses too

Throw my pills away with you

There's no "too little to late"

Distance, you're in another state

You're still here, guy

You. Are. Alive.

We survive



You can have my secrets too

I'll bleed into you

You can have my sleep

My voice

I do this by choice

Please, stay

Don't go away

I need you




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My Stand

To edit

This is not how I wanted it to end. 

You used to be my closest friend.


We loved and lost, but always together. 

Until one day you changed the weather. 


I think of you now with both love and hate. 

And sometimes I wish I didn't remember the date. 


Time and time again you've come into my life. 

I hope this was the last time. 


Self-care and self-loathing go hand in hand. 

But this is something I would expect you to understand. 


I educated and taught you the ways of the world. 

But you threw me away once you found your own swirl. 


Now I grow and have philosophies to show. 

I have my own path to help me know. 


I suspect no other can join me on this journey.

So I must let you go for eternity. 


I cherish our past time together. 

But I have passed through nether. 


An experience I don't expect you would understand. 

Yet this is my own plan. 


My, own stand. 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is just something that came to me this morning. I would appreciate any comments. I would like to expand and improve it. Thank you all!

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you lost a pearl while playing in the sand.

you lost a pearl while playing in the sand 2015




time is stands still when you're sad yet every one is going way to fast


you stand there long after she's gone and thinking i thought it would last


but your lies were like a festering boil to her and it was too much to withstand


her last words to you made there point you lost a pearl while playing in the sand


all you did was play with her feelings and that is something she couldnt take part


over and over she told you she wanted more but all you did was break her heart


slowley her feelings changed all because you didnt give in to her demand


you distanced your self and now you realise you lost a pearl while playing in the sand


all you ever did was make promises and broke every one and slowely she gave up


so because of your fear of commitment you lost the girl who could have been the one


and now your standing there all alone all because her feelings didnt matter none


so now you must move on with out her and feel an emptiness you can not stand


and now forever you'll know that you lost a pearl while playing in the sand






Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one out of experience with a guy who was not ever home  hope you like it


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My view is nothing but a sky as blue as waves and dwindling trees. Moments like this I crave to share; my presents is my only company that time wishes to give. My hand reaches for your ghost, that beautiful essence vanishes; I'm left with white noise. Sight gives in, and dawn creeps along the edges of the tall leaves. Life falls silent, almost like wind; I hear the Earth growing. Beneath my feet, lies fall short. Heart grows weary and heavy. Never has living felt so close to death. Wanting nothing but the touch of warmth; those gold eyes ponder in my soul. Times ticking; I yearn for your love I know you can give; the distance drags my spirit so low. Let me fall in your arms; Gravity is dragging me down. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To the only man that gave me true love 

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The Ticks and The Tocks

The land we are diverged by creates the bond that binds us,

literality, our spirits personify our painful excitement,

explained, but only comprehended as by being so close, yet so far.

Every tick of the clock empties another part of my soul,

but with every tock I am closer to you.

With others I put on the falsest of faces for I am not what I am.

I am secretly afflicted by the most infectious of diseases,

and it seems I have spread the epidemic through the linking of my heart to yours.

It is a malicious joy, and a hidden, self-inflicted pain to feel for you.

But, I admit to being a masochist, as my feelings for you will not waver.

There is not a second in the day I don't think of being with you,

though nor a second I am with you.

So we must appreciate every word exchanged,

until we can hear those words spoken unscripted and unedited, unfiltered with our own eager ears.

I love you, and cherish every moment we have,

but the whole in my heart, the pit in my stomach, will not be satisfied until more ticks and tocks go by with you than without you.

Although the acknowledgeable and ironic truth is that with you in my arms, the ticks and tocks will go by without my notice.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for my girlfriend Hannah, who currently lives 2,610 miles away from me.

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All For Chad


I would travel to meet you

I would take a trip from Washington state

To Florida just to meet you


But thankfully your not that far away

Yes there are difficulties because of the

Distance but I defiantly know that it wont be forever


I would change myself to be with you

Not my personality, you like it

But how im living, I would


I know you don’t ask for much

But anything, and I do mean anything,

If you ask me, I’ll do


I have fallen so hard that I can say

That I do love you

With every one of the pieces of my


Broken heart, which is now healing

Because of my love for you

Is defiantly true



Written on


October 12, 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I would have traveled for him, to be with him. 

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