Evicted From Sleep In The Dumpster


The baby raccoons huddling
in the corner of a dumpster
not wanting their sleep
remind of the woman at an
AA meeting who spoke of yelling
at people to get out
of her bedroom before
she realized she was
on the floor of an elevator.



There are many apartment buildings
whose dumpsters do not have secure lids.
They are full of food which attracts the
raccoons. It is a form of entrapment for
which the raccoons have suffered
poisoning, being ground up alive in
garbage trucks, being crushed by
things dropped into dumpsters etc.

The raccoons never harmed the

volunteers getting them out of

the metal prisons before the

killer trucks came.

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I met you in I you

had light blue uniform: a dress and pants


She was always worried about something

to do with religion and you were always having fun


Friends forever: and now we are here and 

friends and both married to the love of our lives


People pretend that they know you and me

you and me

you and me

Having dated the same guy: knowing we know

the same guy: you had two nights, I had almost a year


I have been celibite for a while now, and my husband

and the guy are friends too

you are married and your husband and the guy

are trying to hustle me


Out of this little money I have

I didn't know you were Somali

or that she is black or from

you know those place he talked about so much


You know the places he complained about so much

and now you know my sister and you are recognizing each other

after a long battle and my sister does not want to do

anthing with us.


She was always busy. We were always talking

about other things and she was alwalys with people bigger than her.


La La La di da da

I am here and adopting a kid

she and everyone expect me to come

back so we can all talk and be friends


I am here now and I am staying. 





Author's Notes/Comments: 

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I [Haqueian Verse]

Haqueian Verse



Make you proud,

I will take you,


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There is a word more 

powerful than any other;

written in Mythology 

romanticized in poetry .

Men fight for it,

live and die for it,

in hopes to possess it,

treasure it, seek to find it.

It has been whispered and screamed

dreamed of and schemed for.

All I ask

Is don't tell me;

Show me


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Was I Narcissus?

Was I Narcissus?

No, I was not!

I was never busy with myself,

Something you wrongfully thought!

Something did not let us be one,

Something kept moving us apart,

As a referee moves two shouting players,

Lost I was with an aching heart!


Alas! You lost a diamond then!

A unique person among other men!

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Towards the Stars I Go!

Towards the stars I go!

As far as I know,

Since the sky is my target,

With or without life I must arrive at!


At times like a healthy horse,

Is the pace of course,

While sometimes the brain gets infertile,

Since the pace is as slow as the turtle!



Yet the stars of the night call me!


They want me to march as a warrior aptly!

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 I like Nelson Mandela would stand frontward and behind,


Against injustice,

 Like Mahatma Gandhi worship peace,

 And as Mother Teresa dedicate myself for humankind.


I like Martin Luther King Jr. would be bold,

 In my words and deeds,

 Seek guidance from Abraham Lincoln if my heart needs,

 I like Raja Ram Mohan Roy shall equality hold.


Like Nazrul and Shelley I shall be rebellious ever,

 And humane shall I be like Dalai Lama and Shakespeare.


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I Love You

The world is full of flowers

The night is full of due

My heart is full of love

For no one else but you


You came into my life

And took away my pain

And now the joy I feel

By just the call of your name


You’re a blessing to me

This I can’t deny

For this feeling I have for you

Keeps burning deep inside


I thank God for you everyday

And whenever I go on my knees and pray

This is what I’ll say


The world if full of flowers

The night is full of due

My heart is filled with love


For on one else but you

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Monsters In The Dark

Now listen to what I have to say

For the wicked hide in the shadows of this day


You know nothing of what is of me

You may know the color of my eyes

But not of what they are capable to see


Now here, I've warned this upon you

For not every smile is ever true


Everything is not set in stone

You may say there is an answer

When nothing is completely known


Close your eyes, please understand

That what you may rely on is a blood-thirsty hand


Unknown of what they truly are

Watch think before you turn and talk

Someone so close to you can be so far


So remember before you go on and say

"But why would anyone do this to me anyway?"


Human nature can be full of evil and greed

Unwatched, A monster born within the shadows, full only of self pleasure and need.