Unspoken love

Through your eyes i see the moon

i feel the cool air of this autumn nights gloom

you shyly smile and pull away

with a caressing touch i urge you to stay

i know who you are and i know that you're broken

know that i love you even if left unspoken


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"This is it,

the last time.

Not my last time,

for there will be many more,


but before I go,

take a second.

Or two.

As though leaving a humble abode


for the last time.

Or realistically,

one to be proud of,

one no need for humility.


A tendency to be crass, 

the one-stop coffeeshop 

that was the first building

foot stepped in,


the exact final destination

of a journey

across from

one Ocean to the next.


First impressions,

wild differences between

vernacular and tone,

'shaka brah', 


and an immediate inquiry

as to where the hell

I come from.



but immediately warm

the very first contact

turned out to be,

only to observe


more than a year of stumbles,

pieces scribbled,

baristas in and out,

one to be a brother


calling this location


locomotives blaring by

in a flash of red




the count not of years,

but of poetic conveyance,


written in the soft glow

of this shop,

this shop the subject

times so often giving


detail to who,

what, where,

and how that one girl,

that one time,


smelt as she walked by.


the time spent 

since the Spring,


but some things never change,

and that's how at home

I feel in this booth.

Bottoms up,


here's to you,

one last brew,

one last time. 

No more lines


to be written


skate to the next place,

though it won't be the same."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Home, closed down... I'll be wandering around town on a longboard for awhile. Two books written here at Brash Coffee, the local coffee shop I walked in the first hour of being in Chattanooga.


Cheers, Brash.

Watch you, Watch me

My Everything

You watch me,

Dilated eyes

A hunger,

A need


I watch you,

Widened eyes

A craving,

A plea


The space surrounding

Grows to a dim


Just you and me

And this Wednesday whim


You feel me

Shameless hands

A journey

A design


I feel you

Stirring hands

A show

A crime


The space surrounding

Grows to a dim


Just you and me

And this Wednesday whim












I'm Untouchable


I'm untouchable

Floating in the midst

Of my perfect existence

Becoming radiant

In all of my everything

Shining like the sun

Defeating darkness

Cause I'm shielded from all

This green armor stands

I'm reasoning

The underlying understanding

Of everything that passes

So subjected

To the bouncing emotions

That feed my soul

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Roses Against Weeds

My Everything


Our love is a rose

Smelling of sweet seduction

Beautiful, standing out in a bed of thorns

Cherished for being exactly what it is


Bold in its ways

Buds of truth, strength, and loyalty

Seeds of hope and faith

Stemmed from the roots of life


Blossoming with each day

Defeats the persistent weeds

A rose for every season

Our love never wilting

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The weeds will only marvel at what we've made.

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Partners in the Night

My Everything

I watch you sleeping. So silent, so still, so perfect. An incredible sight to behold. My eyes fill in marvel; driving the longing for your speckled blues that dance in life with mine. Until morning breaks I'll cherish you. With the ever so quiet night as my partner in our secret adoration.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The hum of night surrounds us. As if time siezes and everything is struck by your beauty.

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Driven snow, pure and untouched

Sprinkled on the grass

The headlights of the distant cars

Cast soft lights as they pass

How beautiful the whiteness is!

How innocent it seems!

For cruel reality has not appeared

To rip apart her dreams


Only fate would be so wicked

As to touch the spotless snow

 Only fate would ever dare

To taint the virgin’s glow

Then life paints a crimson stain

That blots the sheet of white

A coat of shame, a blanket of pain

Lies hidden by the night

Tarnished, it is beautiful no longer

 It is admired no more

And so I bow my head and weep

For the loss of something pure

Black & White: The First Dream


The first dream with the most strange colors,

Which are no colors: black and white.

Why they erased the colors in my dream?

On this I had no answer.


Surrounded in the most bright white,

Was I, cloaked in positivity.

Pure and perfected,

As the most innocent child.


Cloaked in shadow, blackened,

Was the halo of Nyarlathotep.

The unknown, the mysterious;

Being stuck in His web...


Being together the Yin & Yang,

One in darkness, the other bright in light.

O, Nug and Yeb together,

The inseparable twins alive!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some thoughts about a dream I had.

Natures Dance

Natures Dance

It dances elegantly,
Flashing as if smiling with stunningly white teeth,
Engulfing the air around it with its attractive nature,
Deadly, subtle, and wildly sporadic,
It shows no fear, no remorse, only glee,
Dancing furiously without slowing,
Without stopping, without thought
One cannot control it,
As it is uncontrollable,
It uses its force to feed,
To heal, to survive,
And even to advance biological history,
Found ages ago,
Changing little, but guiding life
As if it were conscious of those wielding it,
It is purposeful and needed,
But cannot always be predicted,
It is the life giver

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