wishful thinking

"Just Another Day"

Just a thought!

Hmmm...Monday morning, you're still here, with no

Earth shattering accomplishment to bestow upon us...

We know this simply because the tragedy of your

passing hasn't hit front page news yet... No news

in the browser... No new statue erected in your honor...

No new Holiday has been declared, and we don't see any

new face on the coin in our pockets, so...just

another day in paradise for you.   Never fear...

"There's always hope for a brighter tomorrow!"


                    Signed, "The Cynical Poet"


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Just another Day"

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The One

Love & Romance

I've not known love in such a long time

to have a person in my life, I can call mine.

One who puts my happiness before their own

someone who's heart; will never roam.

If I had a love; someone like this

then my life; would be nothing but bliss.

Time spent together; would be nothing but fun

how could it be anything else? If they are the one.

we'd never argue or fight, choose instead to talk

and never would we have a subject we'd balk.

at night after dinner, we'd sit together

and we'd snuggle real close; in the coldest weather.

When we have sex; it would be so much more...

We'd make sweet love; until we were sore.

Then in the morning; we'd make love again

being that happy, I cant remember when!

When we go out; we'd walk hand in hand

when others see us; they'd say; "Ain't love grand?".

Yes; its been to long since love found me...

will it find me again, only time will see.


by: Paul (Chrywizard) Posney 1-9-2015


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this... Because I miss having someone in my life!

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My Horoscope told me to plan a getaway, 
posting pictures of my dream trip 
around my room. 
I want to know, would it be wrong, 

if those pictures were of you?  

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If I had one wish.....

If I had one wish to make,
I’d wish to be with you,
To have you here right by my side,
For nothing else will do.

For when you’re gone so is the sun,
My world is dark and grey.
And as I walk the road of life,
I stumble on my way.

But when you’re here, I see the light.
I know which way to go;
The rose that once was dead and dry,
Now starts again to grow.

For I am only one, you see,
And love requires two.
So, if I had one wish to make,
I’d wish to be with you.

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