Ha Ha Ha

Ha ha ha Hee Hee Hee

I can’t believe you actually thought you really knew me

You only know what I allowed you to see



Ha ha ha  Hee Hee Hee

You are so funny

How could you possibly believe you know it all honey



I am a cancer, hiding the true me is my speciality





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This Is All I Can Say

I miss you, sometimes painfully,

And I love you so,

And it isn't the parts you think,

But the parts of you that glow,

It's the part only I have ever seen and loved,

I hardly know it, and yet it is the part your heart is of,

And somehow I am ashamed I never knew it,

Because to me, it's amazing...'sunlit',

Even though it's behind all your pain,

Somehow it sings my name, again and again,

But how can I ever know?

If you're afraid to let anyone in,

If you're afraid to grow?



7:44 PM 6/24/2013 ©

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It's hard to know

I know

It's hard

It's hard to know

It's difficult to bear this burden

It's not the mental pains

Or the physical fatigue from it all

It's the opinions of others towards me

They think I'm crazy




Being decietful

Having fantasies


And most of all

Others being assumitive


The ones who not know

Think me not of my knowing

But believe in my lack of it

They think I don't know

They think they know what I don't

They are wrong

I know

I am a genius surrounded by idiots

Not for my intellegence

Not for my wisdom

For those don't matter

It is because I know

They don't believe me

They pass it off as mediocre


another "phase"

It's more than a "phase"

It's my life

It's my thoughts

Everyone else is a four

I am a eight

I know

They need to know that

I know


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I know

I know
I know what they don't
Everyone seems after me
Everyone seems upon me
All I see are people, going about their lives
Without knowing
I know
Everyday I look around, and see all these people
Everyday, the same thing
The same thing
They all have patterns
Routines, which they follow
Can they not know of this predictable lifestyle?
Are they ignorant towards the way I see them
Doing the same thing
Maybe they feign indifference
Maybe they know
I know
Everyday the same thing
The same thing
It almost seems as if I don't live in days.
But in an observatory
Watching everyone
They call me insane
They call me crazy to say I know
But I do know
I feel as if it's my job
To watch people
To know
To see the patterns
The patterns I know.
They pull me down
Restrict me as if I don't know
But I do know
They don't even take me seriously
I'm watching
As the other people who know manipulate
I know
They say I'm false
That I don't know
I know
I want to help
Use what I know to help
But they turn away
Today might not be the day
But there are other days
I will wait
And know
And wait for them to know
Wait for them to break the pattern
They claim there is no pattern
But there is
I know

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know thyself


if you think that
you know yourself
then it means you
stopped learning.
why would you want
to do that?




i hear people say
'know thyself'
and it makes me
feel a bit

and uncomfortable.
not because i am
with myself, but
because the thought
of knowing
everything there is
to know is sort of
a ridiculous one.
no one knows

there is to know,
not even about
themselves. but
when you are dead
i imagine you might
know everything
about yourself
that ever was,

wouldn't you





i used to

think that i

knew myself,

too. don't goes

away when

you wake up.



maybe set

the alarm.



then you can

live a more

full life.

have a good

one, whatever. 



© 2013


Pretty as can be
Power is all you can see
Smiling constantly
So, you thought you knew me

Inside I see and feel no beauty
Motivating myself daily to just be
But can anyone see?

Pretty as can be
Power is all you can see
Smiling constantly
So, you thought you knew me

My sadness and depression overflowing
The will not to live continually growing
But all you can see
Is all my glorious beauty

Pretty as can be
Power is all you can see
Smiling constantly
So, you thought you knew me

Fighting off Sticks and stones daily
Drowning hurtful comments constantly
Forced to listen to what people think of me
While I don’t even think of me

Pretty as can be
Power is all you can see
Smiling constantly
So, you thought you knew me

Worth no one’s love
Always alone and way above
Has anyone ever considered that I have had enough?
Life is just far too tough

Pretty as can be
Power is all you can see
So, you thought you knew me

Jealousy killed me

Written by Dlr

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