Waterfall And Cave

as the waterfall's silver
with its flowing stream
and rising steam
hides the cave behind it
so does maya
block meditation's

saiom shriver

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Haqueian Verse


Like Buddha,

They want to do,

To attain,



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Zeroes and Ones

Zeroes and Ones

                           By Jfarrell


   (“shame on us, doomed from the start,

     May god have mercy on our dirty little hearts”

                          From Nine Inch Nails )


The pain makes me scream, mouth wide open: zero

The music makes me nod up and down in rhythm: one

Exhaled; empty husk; drained: zero

Inhale deep; refresh; life anew: one


Dying from the very start;

From my very first breath until my very last

I was born to die;

Shame on me for never realizing - here and now is all I got.


My very first breath, I screamed mouth wide open: one

My stress makes me jump up and down everywhere: zero

This breath, here and now: one

The pain I use it to bury: zero


All my hopes, dreams, envy, despair…

Shame on me, for the energy I’ve wasted on those

This binary life has more ones than zeroes

I just gotta switch on - not off


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"the digital won't let me go" :-) - gorillaz

14 Poems: Mookie Wilson, Quelling Mentation, Seas Of Self, Delicious Decadence Etc

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14 Poems

-saiom shriver-

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Mookie Wilson alighted on earth in

February of 1956. He was the first black

to play in the baseball team of

his South Carolina college. He

was also for a while the only black in

the entire stadium of players

and fans. He went on to play

for the New York Mets. He

became a king of stolen basees

and was part of their World Series

win. His positive attitude, fearlessness

and great talent are now called on

in his ministerial job.

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Into the Seas of Self,

those who deepest


cannot be diverted

by the mind's diversity.

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violet grapes

dipped into

vegan chocolate

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In the depths

of ones seas

the waves

are not heard.

Deep meditation

quells mentation.

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He held onto nothing..

not even the glowing

thought jewels

which flowed by

in the stream

of his mind.


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When he


love letters

from God

were written

on his heart.

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How did he


He dove deep

into the

seas of his Self.


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What was his recipe

for spring lamb?

That unmolested

all of them

 frolic and leap

and spring.

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Radiation as an alleged cancer treatment

1. blinded patients
2. caused sterility and infertility
3. turned organs into black goo
4. has caused people to lose limbs
5. has generated cancer where there was none
6. has been effective only for localized cancers,
   not those which have metastasized
   (Surgery often helps cancers metastasize
    by breaking down cell walls which kept the
    cancer isolated)
There are many more lethal side effects of
radiation, as of surgery and chemotherapy,
the unholy triad called 'Cut Burn and Poison'.

The cancer industry is not interested in telling
the public the primary cause of cancer, which is
the consumption of animal products.

Countries with the highest meat consumption
have the highest rates of intestinal cancer.
Countries with the highest fish consumption
have the highest rates of stomach cancer.
Countries with high dairy product consumption,

especially when female hormones are given
  to the captive mammals and birds,
  have the highest rates of breast, prostate,
  uterine, cervical and ovarian cancers.

PBS is currently running a series based on the book
The Emperor Of All Maladies, by Siddhartha Mukherjee

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Clams and their shells
close against seaswell..
Reflected in tidepools
Jupiter's light dwells



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Criminal Monsanto

has made a cat-cow

in their drive for world control

of all cash cows.

Demand Monsanto

be dissolved now



A partial list of Monsanto connected foods to avoid


Aunt Jemima
Betty Crocker
General Mills
Duncan Hines
Hungry Jack
Ms. Butterworths
 Pepperidge Farms
Aurora Foods
Kraft/Phillip Morris
Post Cereals
Interstate Bakeries
Best Foods
Nature Valley
KC Masterpiece
Delicious Brand Cookies
Famous Amos
Keebler/Flowers Industries
Green Giant
Healthy Choice
Kid Cuisine
Stouffers Lean Cuisine
Marie Callenders
Smart Ones Power Bar Brand
Chef Boyardee
Loma Linda

Uncle Ben’s Rice-a-roni/Pasta-roni
Tombstone Pizza
Orville Redenbacher
Pop Secret
Proctor and Gamble
Coca Cola
Minute Maid
Ocean Spray
Prego pasta sauce
Ragu sauce


202 224 3121 Congress ...

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How to serve a suffocated
First cut off his fin
It's his steering wheel
Then chop off his lungs
He can't breathe without
his gills.
Then gouge out his eyes
for he no longer needs to
And scrape off
inedible diamonds:
.. his diving suit scales.

of the size of his tail..
and how you left
in the water
a wake of bloody trail.

De-gut him, thinking..his
guts are more putrefied
than the rest of his flesh.
Then grill his gills
and fry his eyes
and bake his mad fish muscles
and maybe wish on his bones.

How really to serve a fish:
cast your bread upon
the waters in which he
freely swims.


(to fish protector M Haldane)

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Indiana has said

restaurants may

refuse to serve

clients who are gay

Indiana already

is beginning to pay





"    “I think Governor Pence has done the right thing,” said Jeb Bush, who is expected to run for president in 2016

Governor Pence is holding the line to protect religious liberty in the Hoosier State,” Ted Cruz said.

Predictably, other potential candidates like Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former Sen. Rick Santorum, and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson were firmly on Team Okay-to-Discriminate."


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Some pawnbrokers

are dreambreakers

all bounty hunters

are heartbreakers


Solitude is peace.


You don’t have to listen to others.


When you’re alone,


You can shut out humanity’s corruption.




Nightfall holds no meaning.


If you’re at peace, let be.


Sunlight holds no meaning.


If you’re at peace, let be.




How peaceful it is to be alone.


To be alone is to meditate.


To meditate is to see truth.


To see truth is to be at peace.




You don’t have to listen to others.


A family isn’t needed for peace.


The light that lives inside,


You’ll see it even better when alone.




Reside alone with only the light.


With the light by your side,


You will feel no loneliness,


Only solitude, only peace.




If you seek the light,


You won’t find it in people.


If you seek the dark,


Finding the light will be easy.




If you find the light,


You won’t need people.


You’ll have the light,


And you’ll know peace.




Should you forget about people?


No, even though you don’t need them,


Remember this,


They might need you.




Live for peace.


Live knowing death.


All life dies, yet lives on.


Death comes and peace remains.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hope people can make some sense of what I was saying. Sometimes I just spill my emotions onto a page and end up not sure if it's even logical.


I felt like writing this because in the past few years I've dwelled on the darkness I see in myself and other people - the corruption. I see so much of it that I tend to lose sight of what's good. For a while I dwelled on the darkness and felt content with hatred. I hated the human race. I wanted to watch it die because in my mind everyone, including myself, deserved it. But now I've found peace in solitude and prayer/meditation. Even though I still easily see bad things in myself and other people I've become a little more numb to them. I'm more able to highlight the good things in people. I've done this by turning not to people themselves, but to something higher, much higher. I crave solitude and time alone so that I can reflect on this, and so that I'm not so sickened by the world around me.


A new day, another

just like all the rest

except that as I lay my eyes upon it

I can see the sunrise with clouds just so,

hues that never quite existed before,

and I breathe a breeze

as new as the skin in which I stand,

although it still feels just like it always has


as far back as I can remember.  

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The Revelation of the son Christ


The seventh level of the seventh dream

led me to the fourth realm

and in this realm I came upon the back of God

for I was not worth to see his holy face

and the light was so great

I had to close my eyes so as not to be blinded

and as I looked into nothingness

I felt the presence of the Christ as he touched

my shoulder and as he spoke

I became warm with rays of peace and tranquility

and of all things I was shown the mysteries of heaven

the knowledge of earth

and those from beyond the seventh gate

of the realm

beyond the milky way

wherein I saw our past present and future

and before the earth I was taken up held in the arms

of the masters

and given the key to knowledge of all things

in the glory of God and the son Christ

and the mother Heaven and God said let there be no

more secretes revealed unto you until the time of my return.

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Earth, sky, universe, why?
God, spirit, under lies.


Words cried out in such defense,
Like theives, replace our innocence.


Ocean, mountains, beautiful tree,
Why is it there's no harmony?


Wars, symbols, meanings astray,
I wish all except unity would just go away.


Learn to find the silent inner space,
And experience what you have been calling 'grace'.


6:07 PM 5/1/2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the silent world within.

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My ode to Meditation



My Ode To Meditation


Meditation, breathing heavy
Only sometimes, to re-inforce
The state of no mind


Meditation, Posture too
An old body, won’t help you
In the state of no mind


Meditation, No mind

And it does matter
Cos mind, is only designed
To tell you what you did


Meditation, higher mind
Is designed
With the future in mind
All of the time


Meditation, empty mind
To give it elevation
Paths of least resistance
A sat nav sublime


Meditation, the future
In and out of mind
At the same time
Confusing sometimes


Meditation, a must
To achieve higher mind
But when you think
Your higher mind sinks
Then back in this worlds grip

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My Ode To Meditation
By: Me
Written on September 15th, 2011

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