Fairy Tales

Just a thought!

Fairy Tales have wings, and preside in a granite castle

with seven towers, a drawbridge and a mote.
There are four glass walls with Emerald halls,
White sands and a great wooden boat.
The waters are calm and clear as the sky
The light dances off a blue coral reef
Shimmering Rays as the sea grass sways
A diver sighs in disbelief.
Spun through the yarn are little sea creatures,
Buried treasure and magnificent whales...
What brings enchantment to you, in a celestial view,
Are the Fairy fish, trailing Angel tails.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem brought to you by "Aquariums are Us"

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Childlike Perceptions

    Life is a contradiction: Life is a contradiction within itself. After every storm there is sunshine, every tragedy brings opportunity for new life and with it, change, struggle, triumph and disappointment. We choose the depth and heights of our joys and sorrows as we live, by how we live. Hope is indeed a blessing for every journey we make, and through it's presence we learn that the villains that lurk in every fairytale are indeed very real. They are real on the outside, and they are real on the inside, and every once upon a time's happily ever after has a new once upon a time with the same characters in each stage of the play, but with hope, we learn that continuing transformation of the self can endure anything that life dishes out. It is nothing like it is in the child's mind. Indeed cruel is the picture they get. 

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She Who Was Born With Wings.

She Who Was....

There was once a girl,

born with wings.

who flew with falcons,

and oversaw all things.

This beautiful maiden,

with hair like golden silk.

lips like that of plush peaches,

and skin like a glass of milk.

Her wings shone white,

against the sky.

And to watch this girl soar,

could make grown men cry.

She only wore white,

the sheerest of gowns.

Her feet slightly dirty,

a light shade of brown.

She looked like an angel,

Or a Goddess maybe.

Who could dart past a plane,

quicker than the can see.

She Who Was Born With Wings,

was a legend among men.

Who sang them songs of old,

and laughed among them.

However alas she couldn't set,

her feet upon the ground.

For if she did her wings would implode,

without a single sound.

So she was forced to fly alone,

for 20 years in days.

Until she was blessed with a mate.

At least thats what they say.

His wings were black as night,

and turned blue when she was near.

And every night above your head,

their love song you could hear.

These two beautiful beings,

cursed as they were to forever fly.

Were happier than any on the ground,

or those within the sky.

They wished their children,

not to have the same.

To be able to walk among men,

and indulge in child's games.

So when children came,

they were laid on roofs.

Thought to be a an orphan,

which had a ring of truth.

But alas the golden winged girl,

grew old and died with her mate.

But their legend is still spread wide,

up until this very date.

And though we may not believe,

or ponder at such things.

There are still those solemn few,

who dream of She Who Was Born With Wings.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem that goes along with my "She Who Was...." poem and fantasy series. So yeah enjoy and give feedback

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Fairytale Creatures Dance Across My Subconcious


I remember a time when I was strange,

at the old, young age of thirteen.

I'd read myself a story, turn out the lights

then I would dare myself to dream.

I flew the skys of Neverland with the Lost Boys

Then I'd kiss that silly Peter Pan.

I'd be the Mad Hatter's Psychiatrist,

and chase the White Rabbit across the land.

Then I'd be dragged away to the land of Oz

and sing on the streets of Emerald City.

I'd smile at the mean old Wicked Witch,

and tell her that she looked pretty.

I'd hook up that Cowardly lion,

with the Old Lady who Lived in a Shoe.

and send the Grinch on a magical trip,

to sail across Calamazoo.

I'd run across two books to Humpty

and make sure he didn't fall.

Then I'd go and join my friend Mulan

to battle bandits on top of the Great Wall.

I'd smile and gossip with Red Riding Hood

and feed the wolf that's Big and Bad.

Then agree to build Two Little pigs a house

if i saw they were looking sad.

I'd hop in Cinderella's magic carriage

and wear a gown to the Ball.

Then I'd shop til I dropped in her hometown

Oh yes, I'd do it all.

I'd marvel at dancing pots and pans

while singing with Beauty and the Beast.

I'd join the Prince who kissed Snow White

and invite her dwarves to a feast.

I'd gather Fairy Godmothers and Pinnochio

we would go and grab a bite.

Then I'd tell my new friends that I must wake,

and wish them all a goodnight.

Then my alarm clock would sound,

with its loud annoying beep.

I'd spend the day imagining new adventures,

until I could go back to sleep.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Childish in a way, But I fell in love with it while writing it. So enjoy Tongue Out

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Dying Religions

These fairytales of life we buy like shattered bits of humble pie,
They convolute and twist our minds far into a world where the true dream is denied,
We hold them high above what's real,
The wheel of life and what we feel gets wasted
In the dream beyond the chasms we create...far from love, and it's chasteness.
The dream is now, the only one, the stories we weaved,
Withered and dying in the gutters of the fold,
The time arrives for every man to unravel his mess within,
And let go the fairytales of old,

...allow this future to unfold.


7:59 PM 4/20/2013 ©




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Transformations and new worlds come to be only through the acknowledgements of many hands joined. Religions are not working in the world because the focus has not been on the religion, but on the power the religions can have. Just a poem.

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The Sailor

My Love

They say the longer the waiting, the sweeter the kiss
But you know that I hate to leave you like this
I know that you need me, and you I will miss
But the longer the waiting, the sweeter the kiss
I have to go to become worthy of you
And I don’t know what else to do
But if you’ll wait for me, I think you will find
That fairytales happen, so never you mind
You look so beautiful, please don’t you cry
I will come back; now leaving is nigh
You have to let go of me now my dear
But I’ll come back before another year
Know that I kiss you every night
Sweet, loving dreams make life alright
Yes although you have to let me go
I’ll come straight back to your arms, I know
I’ll be waiting, and wishing till I see you, and then
I’ll hold you and never let go again
But I have to go, and soon you will see
A man where a boy used to be
Who’ll be able to take care of you for all of our days
And who’ll never leave you, together always.