There's something beneath my bones.

A red spark after we talked on the phone.

Prone to it.

But I don't get it.

My mom can't escape this house even if she had a loan.

Spawned some rhymes and pwned everyone and everything I ever known.
Over these years I've grown and weakness is all I've shown.

Heard my sister groan in the back bedroom and heard some moans.

Her and Seth were fucking I suppose.

Yeah, that shits gross.

Overdosing won't work.

When I walk in school all I see is pork.

Pigs rolling around in mud.

I met this chick and picked around for a flower bud.

But all I got was a nose drenched in blood.

Oh crud.

Her boyfriend ended up being a stud.

My head flooded and I saw a hog with horns.

The rain continues to pour

I continue to be fucking mediocre and poor.

Thrown out my front door.

I've never been cared about before until I met her

and like a cat my soul began to purr.
I only graduated because my math teacher gave me a curve.

My best friend Willy ended up being a perv.

Ducked down on a 5 year old girl and whirled.
Met up with him in a mental hospital and that shit had me shrilled.

My step dad said I had a demon in me.

I'm starting to believe it

because everything to me has me peeved.

When I was younger I looked up to Christopher Reeve.
Until I heard he became a cripple.

I started to feel like I couldn't achieve.

Until I saw Spider-Man and I gained the need to swing.
I've never cared about the bling but I've always wanted to sing.


Expressing myself is the only way to bring down the ding.

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I sat alone in the corner

The room around me was dark

Then you came and I saw your face

And behold there was a spark

A flame which flickered shyly

Afraid to cast a glow

But as you came to know me

The light began to show

It chased away the shadows

It danced upon my face

It turned my hole of solitude

Into a happy place

When you put your arm around me

It was like the thaw of spring

And the coldness slowly melted

As my heart began to sing

But soon the growing fondness

Turned into desire

And the spark that once had been so small

Became a raging fire

Now the flames grow ever higher

I think we’ve lost control

My body burns as the once small spark

Eats away my soul

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From the Ashes

With a spark we started the fire again and together we’ll last to the end.
Through the storm we have walked and together we have survived.
A new love is born from the ashes of a fire that was lit long ago.
Our path unbeaten but together we go on this journey, our lives now intertwined.
With the darkness comes the light and with the wind, rain and cold comes the rainbow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Still working on this, wondering how it flow so far?

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