*A Baby Boy*

Summer 2000 
Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Wow! A bundle of joy 
Great times 
Gorgeous smiles 
You're having a baby boy 


Give the kid hugs and kisses 
Have a great time with your baby 
Soon he'll find a misses 


So share this time to talk 
To share secretes with 
Take pictures 
Because soon he'll be crawling 
Soon that'll be a myth 
Bacause soon he'll be walking 
Memories are forever 
You'll never want them to end 


A baby boy 
What are you going to name him 
Once he hits one 
He'll have lots of toys 


He will have temper tantrums 
Yes your little sweet boy 
So remember to pamper him 


Soon he'll be a big boy 
He wont be your little one 
Make sure you take him to the shore 
One day soon he'll come home with a lady 


Give him all the love 
Don't worry he'll always want more 
You're his one and only mom 
You're the one he'll adore 


A baby boy 
Thats great news 
Make sure you make a shelf 
For all his shoes 


Have fun.... 
With all the crazy times 
Because with your baby boy 
Joy will never be done 
He'll look like you 
That's not a false statement 
It'll be true 
You watch 
When he is born 
You two will be a perfect match 



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Righting Wrongs

you're a hundred unfinished poems taking up space under my bed 


you're a million pictured memories collecting dust inside my head

you're the voice I hear singing in the dead still of the night

when everything is wrong, you're the only thing that's right. 


My Horoscope told me to plan a getaway, 
posting pictures of my dream trip 
around my room. 
I want to know, would it be wrong, 

if those pictures were of you?  

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Autumn Leaves Of Gold (Leaves, Gold, Autumn)

The sky is a clear blue
leaves blow gently in the breeze,
Fall does take its toll
as leaves fall with ease.

Reds, oranges, yellows, and gold
leaves being blown everywhere,
cold days are certainly coming
the trees will be naked and bare.

Swaying in the wind
tree branches bend and bow,
not looking forward to the cold night
watching the sunset's evening glow.

Clouds of purples, pinks and reds
reflect the sun's radiant beams,
the moon is ready to smile
its light gives a brilliant gleam.

Autumn was slow to arrive
nights are starting to get cold,
I enjoy this time of year
looking at Autumn leaves of gold.

Copyright © Cynthia Jones

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have a picture, that I took, that goes along with this poem. That's what inspired me to write this.

Smiling generations.

His smile stern,
barely seen,
so much pain,
so much love,
a world he’s felt,
so horrid,
so beautiful.

So innocent her smile stretches oceans,
bursting with joy,
so ignorant of evil,
so easy to love,
she makes you tear,
for your last love and hope.

She’s more skeptical,
it hurts,
she starts seeing the clues,
the little things,
the horror,
the trickery,
the human.

He could run circles around you,
he can jump up and down for hours,
with no rest,
he might fight you,
but in the end he’s going to hug you,
unconditionally love you.

Her smile subtle,
only he smiles less,
she’s seen,
she’s felt,
but she hopes,
she prays,
she believes,
she is.

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