Sincerely of Love

Sincerely the world,

it still comes to scare me.

I'm stranded in crowds here,

in search of your grace.

Sincerely the cloudline

still fogs up my stare here.

The roadway to rainbows,

I still long to trace.


'Cause I have been given

this gloom through my sorrow.

Somewhere in the distance,

peace echoes its song.

Life's clearest reflections,

to find their connections.

Someway close beside you,

the place I belong.


Sincerely the colors

still rest in my eyes here.

These dreams kept in waiting.

My faith, though, be true.

I tried to convey it,

but fear came to fade it.

Each way of my heartbeat

still beats here for you.


But I've become lost here,

beyond all your warmth, dear.

New scapings of wonder,

arriving here soon.

Sincerely, I'm trying.

My hopes not in dying.

Someday close beside you,

our love in full bloom.

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