Fairytale Creatures Dance Across My Subconcious


I remember a time when I was strange,

at the old, young age of thirteen.

I'd read myself a story, turn out the lights

then I would dare myself to dream.

I flew the skys of Neverland with the Lost Boys

Then I'd kiss that silly Peter Pan.

I'd be the Mad Hatter's Psychiatrist,

and chase the White Rabbit across the land.

Then I'd be dragged away to the land of Oz

and sing on the streets of Emerald City.

I'd smile at the mean old Wicked Witch,

and tell her that she looked pretty.

I'd hook up that Cowardly lion,

with the Old Lady who Lived in a Shoe.

and send the Grinch on a magical trip,

to sail across Calamazoo.

I'd run across two books to Humpty

and make sure he didn't fall.

Then I'd go and join my friend Mulan

to battle bandits on top of the Great Wall.

I'd smile and gossip with Red Riding Hood

and feed the wolf that's Big and Bad.

Then agree to build Two Little pigs a house

if i saw they were looking sad.

I'd hop in Cinderella's magic carriage

and wear a gown to the Ball.

Then I'd shop til I dropped in her hometown

Oh yes, I'd do it all.

I'd marvel at dancing pots and pans

while singing with Beauty and the Beast.

I'd join the Prince who kissed Snow White

and invite her dwarves to a feast.

I'd gather Fairy Godmothers and Pinnochio

we would go and grab a bite.

Then I'd tell my new friends that I must wake,

and wish them all a goodnight.

Then my alarm clock would sound,

with its loud annoying beep.

I'd spend the day imagining new adventures,

until I could go back to sleep.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Childish in a way, But I fell in love with it while writing it. So enjoy Tongue Out

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impyshideout's picture

Enjoyable read. I'm a sucker

Enjoyable read. I'm a sucker for fairytales. :)

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Thank you! And same here :)

Thank you! And same here :)