Summer Sunrise

I lay beneath a canopy,

as the amethyst sky shifts to golden rays.

The stiff wind caresses my face,

and the sun warms my darkened days.

I breathe deep filling my lungs,

tinging them with summertime.

Where flowers are red as drawn blood,

and the leaves shine green as limes.

I hear a whistled song sound,

as awakened birds serenade me.

And bright newflowers color the land,

as far as my eye can see.

I stretch toward the sun,

as the rays rub across my skin.

Eager to feel it on my face

before the season must change again.

My world shines like a golden star,

my body is it's outline.

I stare into the newborne day,

drinking the scenery like wine.

I run across my backyard,

like it was an open field.

Hoping that this day won't end

and that this weather will not yield.

The world is even beautiful upside down,

as I hang on a tree by my thighs.

And watch this glorious day start...

beginning with a summer sunrise

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