This I Know


Though I was born into sin

My Savior, He died

To bring me back home once again

And Heaven did shake

And the saints they did cry

For salvation of sinners and I


Now this I know

From the scars in His hands

That He died, with me on His mind

He died then He lived, and He rose up on high

The gifted eternal is mine


Now someday soon

The Bride and the Groom

Will join in the sweet by-and-by

The angels will sing

And the trumpets will sound

As we join our dear Savior in the sky

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First two verses and a chorus of a hymn, perhaps I'll return to it someday.

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If life was like a letter

And reality a dream

If love was somewhat better

Alive but less extreme


If the past was dead and rotten

And Death was just a door,

Then I could bear your loving scars

For now and evermore

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By JFarrell


I suppose,

We all have scars;

Visible ones,

Not the ones that scar our hearts,

Our minds,

Those are important too.



The scars on my wrists,

Are what draw my attention.

Ugly white lines,

Whiter than my skin;

Healed now, it was many years ago.

What should be ugly white lines,

Looks more like a tally score,

The scars from the stitches,

That stopped the life,

Pumping out of me.


The visible pulse of the artery

Brings a strange kind of life to the scar,

Makes it smile, as if laughing

At the eternal joke that is life.


I still remember that night,

My feelings,

The darkness of my thoughts,

The pain that drove me.

How can I not,

It was the last night I lived.


Until recently.

Someone, an angel, my queen,

Breathed life into me,

This long dead corpse.


I cannot say “Don’t do it”

That would make me a hypocrite,

After all, I did it.


There is always hope.

Please, be strong, believe;

There really, truly is HOPE.

And it is beautiful.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

there is hope, dont give up, please

Scars (day 88)

When I sweat my scars until they run off my chest like a landslide,

paint them on a canvas in galaxy colors,

they look an awful lot like magic.


That is, until I can’t paint them anymore

because they’re sewed like boulders to my flesh

and I can’t loosen the fist clenched around everyone and everything I’ve ever left behind.


How I walk is how you watch me,

the words I speak are unapologetic,

I’m not trying to hold on by the curve of my standout speech,

I’m just a lantern at the edge of the sky.


What I mean is maybe loneliness is exactly what makes me dance in a crowd on a blazing summer night,

even when my heart is freezing from the inside out

and my hands are burning up with everyone they haven’t held.


I believe promises are together

and together is alone

and alone is drowning in a flood of your own unreached finish lines.


But I love my scars,

scratched like sandpaper,

throbbing to the rhythm of love lose lost,

falling to the ground in a dust storm only I can see.


There’s a certain beauty to be found in bruises, but only if you’re looking from the right angle, with the perfect amount of darkness in your vision.


My scars look a lot like learning when you hold them up to the light.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/23/16


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*Look At Me*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Look at me

Look past the clothes

Look past the skin

Look into the soul

Tell me what you see

My heart does not play around

Hurt my feeling you made a sin

God brought us together

He is the one that found

The beautiful relationship to be 

The one that will last forever

God knows it will be him

A broken heart....In pieces...Never

In this passionate love we will swim

Trueness is forever

Fate brought us to one another

Hearts intwined are even better

We will wear on us a heart to show our love

It replaces the scar-let letter

Our relationship will fit tighter then a glove

We will never neglect

True romance will reflect

Treat eachother with respect

Promise truthfully we will never part

Promise I will not get a broken heart


Look at me

I hate the way I must be

Can't you see

I liked you from the start

I would not want you to leave my sight

If we disagree

Lets not fight

Promise you'll keep away the fears

Help me with the hurt

Keep away the tears

Do not be a tease

Playing with my mind

My love is what I will freeze

Trying to hurt me is so unkind

Be sweet to me 

You'll see what you find

Let our spirits free 



Look inside

sick of paging

Hope you had not lied


Such sins

Finding out the truth I've cried


It just begins

Leaving eachother

Look at me 

Look beyond

Can't you believe

That we have a special bond

So I guess this means I have to leave



What is Okay?

Tell me, is it ever really "Okay?"

At times I wish I could disappear, away from the day.


Tell me, was it really all a mystery?

Or was I really something plagued by history?

Judge me, try to reason my scars,

Yet, were you there for  my unreasonable wars?


Did you ever set foot in my shoes?

Taken account of what brings the blues?


Tell me, does it really matter?

If I was any more the sadder?

Perhaps it's just my business, only my trouble.

Not another place to intrude into my bubble.

I'll solve my self alone, and myself alone only

Not for you to break my silence, maybe tonight, I'd just like to be lonely.


Blame my shortcomings for my scars if you dare.

For me, it just occurred, the past isn't something I ever chose to wear.

and i also love your scars

Love, Romance







remember the days

you lost your cool?

and screamed at me 

like a thoughtless fool?

remember the day

you forgot your 


and i sat waiting 

in the restaurant til

you went home 

and got it?



think me crazy,

wrinkle that brow,

and i know i never 

told you this until now,

it's not just how 

you gaze on me 

like one would 

at the stars,

it's because

i love you, 

and i also love 

your scars.



you're always 

so diligent,

at being the 

best you can be,

and i know 

you won't change,

at least i hope 

not for me,

because if you

only knew,

how i see through 

that act, 

and it's why

i so appreciate

all those things

you think you lack.


so go on,

think me crazy,

wrinkle that brow,

and i know i never 

told you this until now,

it's not just how 

you gaze on me 

like one would 

at the stars,

it's because

i love you, 

and i also love 

your scars.



the cute little 

way you admit to 

your wrongs,

the way you look

at me when i 

sing you a song,

that twinkle 

in your eye

that can get so 

very dim, but 

lights up like a 

diamond when 

you see me walk in,

wouldn't be so 

amazing if i 

never knew 

your pain,

and it nurtures

this love so,

as sweet as a cello,

i know it will

always remain.



so go on,

think me crazy,

wrinkle that brow,

and i know i never 

told you this until now,

it's not just how 

you gaze on me 

like one would 

at the stars,

it's because

i love you, 

and i also love 

your scars.



4:33 PM 7/13/2013 ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by the love of my life.

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Hide - February 21, 2013

Chapter One

Conflict's repitition leads to progression severed;

a life in which the enemy you're no better.

Outrages, rampages, fights beyond any cause

lead to a world in which you're no better off.


The only resolution to a problem so unreal

is to find a place where you no longer feel.

The pain of others on your life already cold,

forces you to hide to cover up what you're told.


I need to escape from all these lies;

these indescribable pains, all the time..

I need to recover, to get a hold on myself.

I will discover what truth is left at all.


I sit alone in the blackness of reason;

a pathetic target for the others to tease on.

I don't want to face the pain of publicity,

but I cannot stand the pain of no honesty.


Cover me in paint, lock me in my coffin,

never let me see, let not any light in.

I need to be concealed, need to be away

from the lies, scars, and pains of every day.

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Courageous is the man who speaks openly
Of his afflictions, his addictions,
Who is under the 'dark night of the soul',
And can corraberate his admissions
Exposed in gratitude, to understand the path
That led him to his personal hell,
And bring meaning to his suffering
In a way that raises his spirit to higher ground.


Through the journey of tracing the scars
Carved upon his soul by his weaknesses,
He procures and acclaims his strength
As the gracious hands of wisdom
Untether the ties that bound his sapience,
And he learns what it means to be free
Whilst donned in the shackles of the flesh
Binding him to an earthly existence.


1:26 AM 5/5/2013 ©

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