No regrets and no concerns
For the talks all around
Internal pride boosts
A million times more,
Then the criticizing words
Reached the ears
As pots and pans.
A choice made
After great labor of
Food for thought
Yet the move,
Fringe benefits might not be good
Still no regrets and no concerns.
A game of life worth playing
Read and realized 
As each setback
Found heavy on the heart.
Though, humble beginnings taught these all,
the fleshy body wouldn’t keep quiet.
It is good time right time to retrieve self
Let the rustic mind be
Stay hunger and stay foolish.

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Reality is really 

Terrifyingly incredible


To exist as a 

Conscious Being

And to be 


Is a weird phenomenon


An emergent property

Of Chance and Possibility 


When it dawns on you

That you exist 

As part of a whole 

It’s almost haunting


Knowing you are Matter 

With its own Will

And Self-awarenes

Is truly Mind boggling


The scale of the Micro

And of the Cosmos 

Questions about 

How it all works 

Of what came before

You were Awake 

And what will happen 

After you go to Sleep 


All this 


To just 

Astonish Me 


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Thoughtless Freedom

It is a wide belief that knowledge is power,

Knowledge is freedom,

Only an idiot ignorant to thought might think himself free,

Looking above we deem it a cage,

A waste of human worth and price it so,


He without education or passion,

Unworthy of our riches in society is he,

Even still we see this fool take a claim in society,

Does this system we created mean flaw?

Who is the keeper of worth.

It is he

He is me






                                          The corridoor was noisy,like any other day. I had company ,and I was mad and we, were walking hand in hand.Someone was passing.

I felt me lips arching into a smile.

                   "do you really have to smile at strangers?" ,my friend asking me the first question for that day.

                     "what?!WE ARE ALL SHARING THE SAME BREATH "

The time stood still for a second,our eyes hooked in each other's ,my eyes enjoying her eyes tasting a new light,and her's falling in love with the ones she was looking into.  

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a poet need

I thought of

what skills

I need

to be a good poet?

Is it truth, or words?

Which one shall I breed?

All that matters

is that I’m trying,

to make

your blind eyes read.

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Pen A Tin Cherry

Have you slipped a cog? 

Do your gears grind? 
Are you not right?
Are you not firing on all cylinders?
Has your Goat been Gotten?
  Was the Sacrificial Lamb of Imagination
on sale for 50 cents a pound that day?
  Was Clarity of Mind picked clean
by the time you reached the rummage
sale of Purpose?
  Has your Train of Thought de-railed
and went over the edge 
hitting every branch of Broken Reason 
on the way down,
only to sink to the Ocean Floor of
  Did you then make every attempt 
to rebuild that train
with the rusty tools of Mediocrity, 
only to realize what you re-assembled was
the equivalent of stanzas of Mechanical Gibberish?
  Have you stubbed brain-toe
on the wooden leg of the chair of Profound Vision, 
only to visualize foot-in-mouth does not taste 
anywhere as bad as it sounds?
  Have you ever been diagnosed with 
Incontinence of the Mind, which is only any fun
if you've already been diagnosed with 
Diarrhea  of the Mouth? 
Have you been caught forging Checks
of Inspiration and found guilty 
in the Court of Flaw, and sentenced to 
serve time in the Penitentiary  of 
Useless Contemplation? 
Locked away
Bars barricading a 
bleak ramshackle brain.
Prisoner of mind.
  and then you hear the sound of a shofar 
A grand vision.
The city limits,
on the cellular level; 
an anthill.
Abandoning the colony 
for a crumb.
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You're still lost within the time
The ultimate crime
That you couldn't really hurt
but now you're gone and just inert

You try to find meaning in the days
That it wasn't just a phase
That you could just lay in the sun
and never say you jumped the gun

and you lie wide awake at night
Hard at thought, ready to write
You wrote on a piece of paper "I think this time, I'll be okay"
But you don't really know, your thoughts never stay

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The Waves

The waves... so calm...
The rocks below, black and jagged. I readjust myself out of discomfort, the last few years finally taking their toll on my untenable shoulders.
The ominous clouds above crack their whips in uncontrolled multitudes. They rain down their fury in sheets, steadily drowning the world around me. 
The clang and banter of rain against the grounded ships surrounding me quickly became deafening, my thought overrun by their insistent knocking at my minds door.
The ropes above me swayed violently in the wind, their movements random and inconsistent, like those of a ship lacking a sail, a man lacking sense.
Everything in chaos. Everything overwhelming. Everything out of my control. But in the midst of it all, I looked out into the bay, I looked out at the waves...
so calm...
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the evolution of thought





information comes in,
information goes out,
bits and pieces of thoughts 
caressing queries and doubts,
minding my business,
and wasting my time,
life is my muse about

how where and whys,
halfway to the bottom,
but close to the top,
if i figure this out,

may as well close up shop!!





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