Sleep Dealer

Just For Fun

Sing to me sweet angel

A child's lullaby

As I lay my head upon your lap

And dream of days gone forever


Can it be

Do I espy

A scintillating smile

Behind sweetly spoken lies


It's no surprise

I idolize

The pools of lull

Within your eyes



Sleep dealer

Be my fix for


You're my favorite drug

Go to Sleep

Go to sleep


You are weakened

from the week and

you feel like you are in need of

a whole weekend

of good treatment

or just taking the whole week off!

your achievement

for the evening

is that now you can just dream of

anything that

you believe in

close your eyes and try to think of

an appeasing

memory and

that's the best therapy!


Don't count sheep,

just go to sleep

and dream of life how it should be

with your eyes closed

 you can see

anything easily!



When I close my eyes

I see to my surprise

the mind behind my blindness!

Where I can find good guidance!

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Simple Love

I love rather simplistically.

Finding beauty in character,

I perceive with my heart,

yet my eyes have an opinion.

To comply with my heart 

Is to love as a blind man does.

Yet my eyes have an opinion.

If eyes could speak, We could not.

Speaking from the heart involves no eyes.

So love, love rather simplistically.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't recal when i wrote this poem. I do remember the emotion as i read it back. I hope you like :)

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Creating Space

After a late dinner I took a walk down to the dock by the lake,
Lying down on the dock, outstreched, I could feel the coarse wood on my legs,
A warm breeze wisps by, grazing it's breath upon the nape of my neck
As I hang my body down off the dock to reach the the water,
The smell of fresh cut grass permeates the air, and the lake is black as coal,
It is smoothe and shiny in the moolit sky, so calm and quiet,
I gently touch the water to form a ripple
That continues outward into the lake for yards and yards
Until my eyes can no longer see it as it melds with the stillness,
Consumed by the tranquility of the water,
And the resounding effect of my own vibration returns to me,
Refreshed and renewed, expanding my awareness
Into my own well within,
While I lift myself up into a sitting position,
And enjoy the subtle romance of the night.
I walk home, with nothing but the sound of my tennis shoes
As they pace me onward down the dirt path,
The distant streetlights forming tall shadows that shrink as I walk by each lamp post,
As I pass the lilac bushes, now in bloom,
The smell is so fragrant and it contributes to my placid mood,
So I pluck one of the flowers to place under my pillow.

I am asleep within minutes and awaken to the songbirds outside.

I like this.


8:26 AM 5/4/2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

creating space.

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Take my hand, it won't be far -
let's walk together into dark.
Reality can't cage our hearts,
I promise you it's just a start.

Are you afraid of word 'forever'?
Forget the meaning life has given.
The place I'll take you to is better -
be brave and break out of this prison.

Create a world anew from scratch,
mold its shape from void and silence.
The bluebird won't be hard to catch,
it's our home - the new asylum.



Anger destroys a person.

Anger doesn’t care

Anger hurts.

Anger is selfish.

Anger is pompous.

Anger kills love.

Anger is like a volcano’s wrath.

Anger is like a demon trying to get out of prison.

It’s never easy to conquer anger.

It’s never easy to make peace in the throng of anger.

Peace is the power to stay calm in times of anger.

Lucky is the man who have peace

In the midst of conflict, problems, chaos and troubles.

Lucky is the man who find peace

In this troubled world.

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Ooh Beautiful Sea!

Ooh! beautiful sea,
When I sit by the beach, I feel so free…

Ooh! mighty sea you can cool the mind,
Just by looking at you, the stress within can unwind!

Ooh wondrous sea, a special attraction you transmit!
Be it a child, youngster or old person, you make anyone absolutely fit!

Ooh sea you move on and on,
You touch the beach for moments and soon your gone!

Ooh sea your cycle is to keep sending a new wave,
Ooh sea sitting on the beach, is a moment I just want to save!

Ooh sea you’re a visible god on earth,
Ooh sea you’re a blessing for any lifestyle,
Ooh sea you are De-stressing and a refreshing aisle!!

Ooh sea you have a trademark for yourself!
That says Beauty and Relaxation for the self!

A sea is a symbol of divinity and bliss!
As by observing the sea deeply, you will understand what life really is!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sea! Sea! Sea! sitting by your side I feel so fresh & so free!

Salute to the divine form seen as The Glorious Sea!!

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Whisper to Me

The whisper winds
upon the shades,
lay me there
neath their sounds.

The lovely shade by aged oak
lovely sound and sweeping wind
brush my face and leave my peace,
to end the day in even thought.

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If you lived like me,
you'd be like me,
and if you'd be like me,
you'd die like me,
and if you'd die like me,
then you'd be like me,
and then there would be two more evils.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my twin.

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