Monthly Archive for September 2011

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Small wonders, are seen. Poem Elfy Sep 1st
my love is... Poem adam1461 Sep 1st
The Messiah Poem adam1461 1 Sep 1st
the beauty of it all... Poem adam1461 Sep 1st
a christmas eve Poem adam1461 Sep 1st
Pale Winged Poetess Poem twincities 4 Sep 1st
Rambling Ivy Poem Sivus change, self Sep 1st
MY HOME Poem heatherburns35 my home Sep 1st
A WEDDING-(SOMEWHERE IN FANTASYLAND) Poem heatherburns35 a wedding Sep 1st
FIREFLIES-GLUHWURMCHEN-(GERMAN) -(SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 fireflies Sep 1st
deathwalk Poem adam1461 Sep 1st
my lover in the mist Poem adam1461 Sep 1st
HIM Poem babe1233 Sep 1st
Loving Yourself first Poem babe1233 Sep 1st
Lust Poem Elfy 1 Sep 1st
YOU FLATTER ME THUS.........# Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 1st
ode to dreams- a vigilante,a regret and a secluded mind... Poem adam1461 Sep 1st
The Hourglass Poem adam1461 Sep 1st
ode on virtue Poem adam1461 1 Sep 1st
to her acme.. Poem adam1461 Sep 1st
to his death- Poem adam1461 Sep 1st
FIREFLIES-LUCCIOLE-(ITALIAN) -(SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 fireflies Sep 1st
FIREFLIES-LUCIERNAGAS-SPANISH --(SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 fireflies Sep 1st
I Wrote your name.. Poem RealMenDontSparkle95 Sep 1st
TOGETHER-JUNTOS-SPANISH-(SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 together Sep 1st
TOGETHER-INSIEME--ITALIAN- Poem heatherburns35 together Sep 1st
Congratulations Poem merkaba11 Sep 1st
All of a Sudden Remembering You're Gonna Die Poem merkaba11 Sep 1st
And Just Being Another Drop In The Ocean Poem merkaba11 Sep 1st
Look At Me Poem metaphorist 1 Sep 1st
Qaalude in Summary of Galaxy Poem merkaba11 Sep 1st
Quail Poem merkaba11 Sep 1st
Place of Peace Poem metaphorist Sep 1st
My Favorite Girl Poem seastar3372 3 A LOVERS LONGING HEART Sep 1st
TOGETHER-ZUSAMMEN-GERMAN-(SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 together Sep 1st
Southpaw Equators in Rapid Fire Poem merkaba11 Sep 1st
"STOP BREAKING MY HEART” Poem RealMenDontSparkle95 Sep 1st
“YOU SAID YOU LOVED ME” Poem RealMenDontSparkle95 Sep 1st
If You Lose Your Soul Poem lindsaw1 Sep 1st
Waves In A Heart Breaking Sea. Poem ChristinaConduit 1 Sep 1st
The Standard. Poem ChristinaConduit Sep 1st
VEILED EROTICISM * Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 1st
VIBRANCY'S VIBE Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 1st
IF I WERE BUT YOUR LOVE Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 1st
Crossword in Chutes and Ladders Poem merkaba11 Sep 1st
LIKELY A FEW INAPPROPRIATE MUSINGS Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 2nd
A river worth searching Poem Erica_R 2 Sep 2nd
WHAT HAVE YOU WRITTEN FOR ME LATELY?* Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 2nd
a dream i dream Poem Erica_R Sep 2nd
Lost and Never Been Found Poem humanpulse 3 Sep 2nd
invisible anatomy Poem Erica_R 1 Sep 2nd
Just Another Heartache Poem teresa Sep 2nd
green leaves in october Poem Rebasand Sep 2nd
Optimize Poem Rebasand Faith, optimism, trust Sep 2nd
Crush Poem Rebasand my new addiction Sep 2nd
Light & Dark... Poem BlackHole Sep 2nd
Tell me.. Poem i_Am_GraziE 2 letting go, love, Pain Sep 2nd
CRYSTAL EYES---OJOS DE CRISTAL--(SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 ccrystal eyes Sep 2nd
CRYSTAL EYES--OCCHI DI CRISTALLO--(SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 ccrystal eyes Sep 2nd
Find me Poem Livingtree64 1 apathy sadness doom depression Sep 2nd
Mimes Poem Avantgarde Sep 2nd
AN ARGUMENT WITH LOVE * Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 2nd
IN THE WOODS (SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 in the woods Sep 2nd
BEWARE (SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 beware Sep 2nd
MY HEART--(SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 my heart Sep 2nd
A lover, says goodbye. Poem Elfy 2 goodbye love pain Sep 2nd
CAPTIVE--(SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 captive Sep 2nd
RELAXED (SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 relaxed Sep 2nd
MEDITATION (SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 meditation Sep 2nd
PLAYING GAMES (SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 playing games Sep 2nd
OUR LIVES--(SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 our lives Sep 2nd
oh, juliet Poem gabz never meant to be Sep 2nd
a word Poem gabz start of something Sep 2nd
Footnote: Spring Poem Starward Sep 2nd
PROTECTION--(SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 protection Sep 2nd
DEAR GOD--(SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 dear god Sep 2nd
TRUSTING LIFE--(SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 trusting life Sep 2nd
MIDNIGHT--(SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 midnight Sep 2nd
YOU AREN'T ALONE Poem emmenay Promise to a friend Sep 3rd
Pathetique Stream of Consciousness & Unconsciousness Poem Rebasand Sep 3rd
Rainbow Coffin Poem Rebasand 2 Sep 3rd
I wonder Poem anneesor.magbanua Sep 3rd
VENUS AND MADHUBALA Poem emmenay 1 romantic poem Sep 3rd
What a Perfect Moment I'm In Poem SpiltMilk Sep 3rd
Almost love Poem Goldado Almost love Sep 3rd
Still God Over All Poem trumpet7 Sep 3rd
Little men Poem ketanpedgaonkar fantasy, Life, pessimism, sad, World Sep 3rd
the Head Poem wtfoctopus anger, headphones, Music, Passion Sep 3rd
ACTION AND REACTION? Poem emmenay Life, science and truth Sep 3rd
What is, was, and will forever be Poem clutchforbalance Sep 3rd
Once Upon September. Poem ChristinaConduit Sep 3rd
Don't be Blind, When You Have Your own Eyes.... Poem Dmack8104 Sep 3rd
one word Poem gabz power Sep 3rd
her unknown Poem gabz life changing Sep 3rd
My Witching Hour Poem LunaFalena Darkness, Moon, night, witch Sep 3rd
Never Stop Poem angellove Love hope Sep 4th
You are All I See Poem bromathomas Sep 4th
COURTLY LOVE * Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 4th
SPEAKING OUT UNDIPLOMATICALLY Poem emmenay 1 experiences, feelings, Friendships, Life, love Sep 4th
(to all poets) head in the clouds Poem poetlou Sep 4th
I Remember Poem angellove Passion, still Sep 4th
"WHY ME' Poem lf030272 Sep 4th
Rusted Swings Poem phil_carcione 2 Sep 4th
TWISTED FROM THE SICK Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 4th
Page three Poem johnnyboy21 Sep 4th
Page two Poem johnnyboy21 Some more little ones Sep 4th
LIFE'S HIGHWAY(SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 life's highway Sep 4th
GAME OF LIFE (SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 game of life Sep 4th
I hate MRS. Oleson Poem randyjohnson 1 funny Sep 4th
I miss Poem asalga Sep 4th
Anything Poem asalga Sep 4th
i don't like making titles Poem 420skater Sep 4th
Bengi Poem gabz frindship, Goodbye Sep 4th
under the sun blog Poem spiritallover girl, Girlfriend, Girls, love, romance Sep 4th
Page one Poem johnnyboy21 Randoms Sep 4th
Magazine Poem tealbutterflies Sep 5th
Who are you? Poem tealbutterflies Sep 5th
Picture Poem tealbutterflies 1 Sep 5th
MY PANTHEON Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 5th
THE LONG PANORAMIC GOODBYE Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 5th
DEPTH OF CHARACTER UNDER SIEGE Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 5th
Abused Poem phil_carcione Sep 5th
Faith Poem TheVeiZ Faith Sep 5th
Lame sad one Poem Rebasand 1 Sep 5th
Medley of my insanity 4 Poem i_Am_GraziE desperation, insanity, Loneliness Sep 5th
The Urinal Cake Poem Newamba beat, Humor, politics, Satire Sep 5th
A Row Rowed to Row Poem Protaun Beach, misc., Row, tongue twister Sep 5th
Their Men and Their Chalices Poem Sivus Alien, Foreign, strange Sep 5th
broken hearted Poem adamnealferguson Sep 5th
Found Poem wishful_thinking Sep 5th
Perplexing Love Life Poem crimsonangel24 1 boyfriends, confusing, headaches, Love life Sep 5th
Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away Poem dancergirlrox rain happy sad sunny mad Sep 5th
Pocket a Coin Poem Sivus Chance, People Sep 5th
Reason Poem tealbutterflies Sep 5th
Shattered Poem tealbutterflies Sep 5th
NC-17 Poem tealbutterflies Sep 5th
Coming Out Poem ramonathompsont Sep 6th
HURRICANE Poem chris Sep 6th
KHELIA Poem chris Sep 6th
Just Because I am Bisexual Poem ramonathompsont 2 Sep 6th
I Wanna Marry A Woman Poem ramonathompsont Sep 6th
RIDE ON TRAIN AT THE MALL Poem chris Sep 6th
A NEW TOY Poem chris Sep 6th
VIDEO ARCADE Poem chris Sep 6th
wrapped in moon's carcass Poem grahf Sep 6th
Suicidal Poem TheVeiZ 2 Dark, Suicidal Sep 6th
forget the world here Poem gabz 2 Escape Sep 6th
I Do It For Allah Poem ramonathompsont Sep 6th
When A Nation Turns Its Back On God Poem ramonathompsont Sep 6th
Upset Haiku Collection Poem thelovelyswampm... Sep 6th
Three Simple Words Poem mariano Sep 6th
A Truth Of Life Poem cbarnes52 charity Sep 6th
Bo Peep Poem Junip3rb3rry Sep 6th
That's Me Poem afewobservations Sep 6th
AWOL With the Day Poem afewobservations Sep 6th
A Meaning Poem afewobservations Sep 6th
first time, both are together Poem alkaharuno for friends Sep 6th
Those Eyes Poem angellove love, pure Sep 6th
In My Little Room Poem vilmazab 3 reflections Sep 6th
The Bull And The Little Girl Poem angellove Fear, Nothing, scared Sep 6th
Love goes by (But faith lasts forever) song not poem Poem William-Mitchell Sep 6th
Star of my Life Poem motoxgurl2009 Sep 6th
YOU'LL MISS ME Poem chris Sep 7th
The Theorized Space Poem Sivus book, Concept, Idea, Novel, Science Sep 7th
THIS IS GOODBYE Poem chris Sep 7th
Lonnie Sucks Poem Icanpiccem Sep 7th
Talking To Myself (part 1) Poem Icanpiccem 2 Sep 7th
Marathon of Love Poem wishful_thinking Sep 7th
Damaged goods Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Sep 7th
Saving Vernie's life Poem randyjohnson Dark, Pain, Suffering Sep 7th
scales Poem sic justice Sep 7th
Life Vs Death Poem poet610 2 death, forgive, Reality, spectral, stretching Sep 7th
To Etched What's Left In Stitch Poem vilmazab 1 Sep 7th
Poet610 Poem poet610 4 friend, Life, poet610 Sep 7th
Get It? Poem Icanpiccem Sep 7th
কুলভ্রষ্ট রজঃস্রাব Poem shawon1982 Sep 7th
Down the Road Poem exthias1983 Brotherhood, Faith Sep 7th
Bed Time Poem poet610 6 bed, sad, sleep, time Sep 7th
Anomaly of worlds Poem poet610 4 Anomaly, Human, nature, worlds Sep 7th
Home Poem poet610 2 Fogo island, HOME, island Sep 7th
A SECRET HAVEN Poem heatherburns35 2 a secret haven Sep 7th
You Don't Trust Me? Poem seastar3372 hurt Sep 7th
I SAID GOODBYE Poem chris Sep 7th
MISSISSIPPI RIVER Poem chris Sep 7th
The game of love Poem clutchforbalance 1 Sep 7th
Expectations Poem Deathcomestosunsets Sep 7th
Friendship Falling Apart Poem Deathcomestosunsets Sep 7th
Human Poem Deathcomestosunsets Sep 7th
I WANT TO BE Poem chris Sep 7th
in the distance Poem nighthawk21 2 Sep 8th
Spirit Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 1 Sep 8th
The Right's to Me. Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 1 Sep 8th
Seeing What's Not There. Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 1 Sep 8th
Thank You. Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 1 Sep 8th
WITHOUT YOU Poem heatherburns35 without you Sep 8th
WITH EACH STEP Poem heatherburns35 with each step Sep 8th
WINTER'S GOWN Poem heatherburns35 2 winter's gown Sep 8th
Bits & Pieces 3 Poem Daratrazanoff Sep 8th
Bits & Pieces 2 Poem Daratrazanoff Sep 8th
As Darkness devours the lights Poem Daratrazanoff Sep 8th
mourn right through the heart. Poem Daratrazanoff Sep 8th
When all illusion seems real Poem Daratrazanoff 5 Sep 8th
Scattered Roses Poem Daratrazanoff Sep 8th
Skipping Rocks Poem poet610 4 Sep 8th
The Fallen Past Poem Daratrazanoff Sep 8th
Cinderella Poem Daratrazanoff Sep 8th
Bits & Pieces 1 Poem Daratrazanoff Sep 8th
WILL IT EVER ARREST? Poem heatherburns35 will it ever arrest Sep 8th
WHEN DID I? Poem heatherburns35 when did I Sep 8th
WEAVING MAGIC Poem heatherburns35 weaving magic Sep 8th
Twilight Poem poet610 3 demise, fading, hide, twilight Sep 8th
A STAWBERRY AFFAIR Poem heatherburns35 a strawberry affir Sep 8th
A SILVER CORD Poem heatherburns35 a silver cord Sep 8th
A ROSE BOUQUET Poem heatherburns35 a rose bouquet Sep 8th
A PLACE IN TIME Poem heatherburns35 a place in time Sep 8th
A NAME Poem heatherburns35 a name Sep 8th
A MISTY VEIL Poem heatherburns35 a misty veil Sep 8th
A LADY IN RED Poem heatherburns35 a lady in red Sep 8th
I Think If You Found Yourself(You'd Find Me There) Poem lyrycsyntyme Sep 8th
Twilights Dawn Poem WNV God, Life, Lonliness, love Sep 8th
Dream vs Reality Poem poet610 2 dreams, Escape, Reality, World Sep 8th
A HEART (SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 a heart Sep 8th
I SHALL SLEEP-- 'DEAD' -- IN YOUR ARMS Poem emmenay love poem Sep 8th
A DRINK OF WATER (SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 a drink of water Sep 8th
A CUP OF TEA Poem heatherburns35 a cup of tea Sep 8th
A CHILDISH HEART Poem heatherburns35 a childish heart Sep 8th
A BRIEF ENCOUNTER Poem heatherburns35 a brief encounter Sep 8th
BETWEEN TWO DREAMS (yours and mine) # Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 8th
growing up Poem divysia 2 Sep 8th
Wet Earth Dampened Poem sanctus Sep 8th
We Tiptoe Poem sanctus 1 Sep 8th
" STEEL " (For Terry aka Buttercup) Poem raven_hair 1 Sep 8th
how i want you success Poem fletcherjr86 Sep 8th
SEASON OF REMEMBRANCE (SEPT. 11, 2001 TEN YEARS LATER) Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 8th
Mirror and a Hammer Poem seastar3372 2 Sep 8th
NEBRASKA FOOTBALL Poem chris Sep 8th
WINTER'S GOWN Poem heatherburns35 winter's gown Sep 8th
WITH EACH STEP Poem heatherburns35 with each step Sep 8th
YOU LOOKED AWAY Poem heatherburns35 you looked away Sep 8th
Matthew Poem mariano Sep 8th
Love Poem poet610 1 breakup, love, relationship Sep 8th
Pink Asylum Poem misunderstoodshadow 1 Sep 8th
SILENCE (SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 silence Sep 8th
BLUE EYES (SENRYU) Poem heatherburns35 blue eyes Sep 8th
CAPTURED Poem heatherburns35 captured Sep 8th
Promises Poem angellove broke, promises, trust Sep 8th