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Praying for Love
Love in this World
World Lord can change
Change with His Love
Love Lord can bring
Bring in all hearts
Hearts be Transformed
Transformed with Love
Love, Peace, not Hate
Hate, evil, wrong
Wrong, sad, destroys
Destroys lives, souls
Souls, breaks hearts, men
Men need Praying
Praying for Love.






Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000






“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”
- Mark Twain-



~Author's Notes:
The 'Linked' is a poetry form or style created in 2008, by Erich J. Goller. (Vienna )





The Essence of My Thoughts

I don’t know you!

I don’t want to know you!

But I have to if I need to know why you loathe strangers like no tomorrow.

I’m a curious boy so I can’t stop poking my nose into the mess you made.


There’s a girl who lives in the British Isles.

She doesn’t know you!

You don’t want to know her!

Yet, you cut her open and call the cops on her so they can cure her wounds.


That is no accident. You fractured her soul on purpose and pretend it’s her fault.

Where is your humanity? Are you even human at all?

Who are you to call yourself an advocate for world peace?

So I say fuck your agenda. Your stupidity can't trick me into turning against the girl.


Just because the fire you started ain’t my business doesn’t mean I can’t chime in.

When a maiden as kind and sweet as she is in danger, it is everyone’s business.

Why do you claim to be in favor of equal rights when you have blood on your hands?

A good activist must always be a good pacifist. Never are their words used to perpetrate murder.


Who’s going to stand by you when the gravity of your actions come crashing down on you?

Who’s going to shelter you when the people you speak up for want nothing to do with you?

Who’s going to survive when your puppet shows concludes?

When you drop the mic that’s rigged with a bomb that blew up the city?


Look what you’ve done!! Look what you’ve done!! Look what you’ve done!!

You didn’t wake up to smell the roses that were painted by the blood spilt from your casualties.

The lone survivor is the girl who came close to death and there you are, continuing to break her.

You’d rather be comforted by your ego than brace yourself for the consequences of your miscalculation.


You don’t know the people you’re hurting as well as you think you do.

I pray now that the girl who survived the bombing buys an enchanted shield to keep you away from her.

My hypothesis is that nobody important in your life taught you that karma is a vindictive boomerang.

I’m not known for being a social butterfly, but I know an incredibly deadly viper when I see one.


by Jeph Johnson

one second of
is better than
one hour of
Author's Notes/Comments: 


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I Choose Love

If I am free to choose the person I can be
Then I choose love and kindness, love and compassion, love and generosity.

I choose love and happiness, love and acceptance, love and beauty in all I see
I choose love for every creature on the for all my family.

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       Kindness is like the nectar,


Kindness is like the affable virus,


Kindness is as soothing as the moonlit night,


Kindness is beautiful like the eagle’s flight.




Kindness is a part of civilisation,


Kindness is a godly sensation,


Kindness gives birth to elation,


Kindness is human in conclusion.



Kindness is like the flower,

Kindness makes us smile ever.

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Dayna Morales, ever heard of her? I didn’t until just the other day

She’s a waitress in New Jersey who wasn’t tipped simply because she is gay.


Not because the service was poor, the food was awful or there was a long delay

No, Dayna didn’t receive a tip for the sole purpose...she is gay.


In lieu of a tip a note was left on the receipt right next to the butter knife

Saying I’m sorry I cannot tip you as I don’t agree with how you live your life.


It’s interesting to note Dayna hadn’t a clue and it was only after the service was complete

That she noticed the non-tippers cowardly message on the bottom of her receipt.


Not leaving a tip because someone is gay is as illogical, I surmise,

As not leaving a tip because you didn’t like her height...or the color of her eyes.


Dayna doesn’t have a choice of who she is anymore than you or than me

No, the only woman who had a choice in that restaurant chose ignorance and bigotry.

I do feel sorry for Dayna and the bigotry she endured I deplore

But in some ways, because of her ignorance, I feel sorry for the non-tipper more.


For I bet she didn’t know Dayna was a former marine who battled unselfishly

So every person, even the non-tippers, could live in a land that is free.


Of course that shouldn’t have mattered. Dayna did not deserve her enmity.

She deserved to be treated as a human being, with respect and dignity.


Isn’t that what we all wish for? It’s not such a lofty aim

For everyone, no matter who they are, to be treated exactly the same.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people were accepting of others and were kind just for kindness sake?


And just so you know Miss Non-Tipper, that’s a choice every one of us can make.

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The Irony Of Possession




keeping someone locked 

inside a chamber or a cell

is not a punishment to them,

as much it is your own self made hell.


accept the delusion,

within your mind,

you will then be free,

and life will be more kind.


you're nobody different,

from anyone else in this game,

half of you is different,

and half is the same.


so we are all different,

and we are all the same,

but you seem not to want to accept that,

you still want to think your 100% special,


that, to me,

is a pitiful shame.



5:37 PM 7/18/2013 ©



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Love Is Different For Each Person





Love is a delusion,

And yet it is everything we see,

This delusion lives in you, 

And it also lives in me,

For no one has proven 

That it even exists,

This makes people angry sometimes,

And can cause to make them really pissed,

But 'delusion' is just a word,

To explain a point in time,

A marker, a place in space,

Like an unspoken word of the poet's rhyme,

Above is below us,

And this has been found to be proven,

So there is no sense in getting angry over it,

To be angry over it isn't even behooven,

It is wasted energy to be angry about nothing,

Especially a delusion, that has never been proven!!




Live your life trying to be love.

Be the change you want to see in your life,

and the world around you.

You will find it becomes contagious. 





Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about words and how they affect people when they are read without the heart present.

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Essences Of Love

Love, Romance







Rush not into the fires of passion,

Merely let them be, and embrace each moment.

Connect each glance and savor each breath,

Stretch every smile, even honor its death,

Embracing the fullness of each minute that passes,

Opening each cranny as it fits into life's passages,

Sharing the essence of what we're made of,

For passion is fleeting but this sharing is love....


2013 ©


Inspired by the beautiful words of CEVance




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