To be without love in your life is like being in the desert without water.
It is all you think about and all you want and need to continue on.
Without it you cannot think straight and start to shut down.
So if you think you are going to live this life without love you are sadly mistaken.
No matter the path you are on right now, it'll change, because ones path is never the same.
Love finds all but just remember sometimes you may have to fight for it, suffer for it, have faith in it, but most of all accept it.
You may think you are in love now, but if things do not work out that means it was not true love just another path to experience and learn.
So let all the pain you feel leave your being.
True love will finds you. Just remember love does not come easy so fight for it, look for it and most of all accept it.

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love poem

this poem is so true. there are many kinds o f love. we love for many different reasons.
we love many different people. But our beloved one only happens once in a life time if we are lucky
to find that person. great writing.