"Demurric Charity"

by Jeph Johnson


She is a seraph by her empathetic feel
Making me believe she's real
The rest of my reality cannot be instated
While her language of angels is enunciated
It takes a miracle for one to appear
More cherubic inside the mirror
But somehow and some way this heavenly being
Has both the Creator and Devil agreeing

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Jessica, 2013 

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Sullen Sorrow


Sullen Sorrow

Weeping eyes dwell within--
temples of sullen sorrow.
Falling tears on earthen dust,
mold the visions of  their morrow.
Crumbling clumps of drying clay,
awaited destine of mournful shrines.
Woeful children in sanctum's hold --
sip cups filled with bitter wines.

Tainted brews of despairing fate,
stirred by willing hands of shame.
Each small portion greedily poured,
not one server accepts the blame
Abundant treasures in kingdom's hoard,
benevolence for hope ever denied.
Weary temples topple and fall--
consumed by tears that they've cried.

 Sanctums arrive imaging God;
blind pretense curses them all.
Uncaring depths of shallow souls,
turn about to suffering's call.
Wail of children beyond clear sight,
considered burdens few pretend to see.
Self-indulgent hail the pennies pledged,
loathsome smirch to each dying plea.

 Tending touch brings eternal's scorn,
death creeps inside bedding's rest
Makeshift pillows of sordid dread--
mocks the comfort of mothers breast
Trembled lament pierces the sky;
cradled in arms is the child she bore.
Shell of misery splattered with tears;
a bit of clay crumbles once more.

Haughty fascists with defiled hands,
heaping measures gathered to own.
Pity the tumbled without a hope;
come all forward off your throne.
Children cry from hunger's keep;
life is lost to trickles shared.
Lesson the sorrows formed in tears,
sanctum's temples all be spared.

 © C.E. Vance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A work that I'm not fond of. It's too preachy, which is not what I wish to convey in my writings. Also, it's too similar to my work, 'Dust for Winds'. However, everything that I put to page sounds the same to me. It's just a continuance. All in all, they're just a handful of words and nothing more.

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I drew back my hair like a curtain,

Cleansing myself of selfish and greed,

Now that im saved im sure i am certain,

Tension builds up of excitment,


Showering affection of joy and pride,

Now i know to put myself aside,

The sweet glory of giving,

Sure to never lied,

I can deal with living

Author's Notes/Comments: 

sitting in my class we was learning about muslims and i thought it was very intresting how people pray different and do different things and i thought of zakat please comment

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The Irony Of Possession




keeping someone locked 

inside a chamber or a cell

is not a punishment to them,

as much it is your own self made hell.


accept the delusion,

within your mind,

you will then be free,

and life will be more kind.


you're nobody different,

from anyone else in this game,

half of you is different,

and half is the same.


so we are all different,

and we are all the same,

but you seem not to want to accept that,

you still want to think your 100% special,


that, to me,

is a pitiful shame.



5:37 PM 7/18/2013 ©



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Love Is Different For Each Person





Love is a delusion,

And yet it is everything we see,

This delusion lives in you, 

And it also lives in me,

For no one has proven 

That it even exists,

This makes people angry sometimes,

And can cause to make them really pissed,

But 'delusion' is just a word,

To explain a point in time,

A marker, a place in space,

Like an unspoken word of the poet's rhyme,

Above is below us,

And this has been found to be proven,

So there is no sense in getting angry over it,

To be angry over it isn't even behooven,

It is wasted energy to be angry about nothing,

Especially a delusion, that has never been proven!!




Live your life trying to be love.

Be the change you want to see in your life,

and the world around you.

You will find it becomes contagious. 





Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about words and how they affect people when they are read without the heart present.

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Charity gives you wings

Charity gives you wings
Well at least to me
I've always wanted to fly somehow
Just never knew how
But I do now
Most charity is bought
You may think it's a lot
Though its not of most value
Best charity is givin through time
The kind you can't find

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A Truth Of Life

Life is not an empty dream,
it gives you back what you put in;
To grasp the joy that life would give,
you must give and give and give again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There are givers and takers in life. The takers think that they can get ahead by taking first but don't realize that by giveing they allow the LORD to release the blessings to them.

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The Caller

Arrived with head hung low and hand stretched out
Begs for gasoline and the glow of light
For food, the finest quality no doubt
Never expecting the Godly to fight
Might I, may I, in this earliest hour
Make demand of your cheerful sympathy
Never to hunt but to gather is ours
An imposition on your charity
Persistence is the key to my success
I work too hard to be in the employ
Contributing only to this great mess
Your wisdom shared I will not enjoy
I have learned to make such a small living
At the expense of my own dignity

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