You Broke Me *up for suggestions*

I had built a wall up,

up around my heart.


I had protected my heart,

until you showed up 

in my life. 



I let my guard down,

exposing my wall to you.


I fell hard and 

I fell fast for you.


Instead of taking care 

of my heart and wall,

you decided to do otherwise.


You broke my wall down,

causing my heart to

be crushed and broken.


I gave you access 

to my heart

and you broke me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Let me know what you think!!!

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everything.... Everything..... EVERYTHING!!!

Pain and Heartache

They're going to take it all away!

everything... everything... EVERYTHING!

We tried so hard to pay to keep u---

(Trying doesn't matter I need money)

Give us an extension Mister!! Please we beg yo---

(No more extensions pay now)

Don't take our stuff away we nee-
(I run a business not a charity)

I know you run a business but please have merc---

(Are you serious? Do you have the money or not?)

No, we don't have the money but we ca---

(You can what? You're homeless what can you possibly do?)

We'll figure out something just give us some ti---

(I don't have TIME! Get out if you don't have it!)

Please sir EVERYTHING we own is there don't do thi---

(Whatever is in there is mine now. Have the money by tomorrow or else)

But pay day isn't until Frid---

(I don't care!!! If you want your stuff I want my money!)

Okay! Okay! We'll try because if we lose this we'll have

nothing..... Nothing..... NOTHING!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a train of thought poem so it may seem a little disjointed and choppy at parts

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Help is on the way

Help is on the way

like a calm before the storm
Ima bout to blow
the fucking top off this world
carry the wounded and broke
the fallin from long ago
that have been the ones left alone
to feel the cold
I'll Give you the strength
to get back up on your feet
Sick of seeing people walk on by
Kill the dreams
hate on the fallin
feist on the weak
dont worry !
I'll move mountans
build bridges
put the wieght of this world on my shoulders
i only ask for one thing
Thank you!

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Today would be the day,
If I did not woke up from fairies tales.
This is no day to died,
I am going to delay my sins,
What happens? Silly me!
Letters, words, calls,

I guess, we all wanted to go to Hollywood,
The smell of decay felt like achievement,
Today could be the day,
But I shall die another night,
And seating still, I kept silence,
Watching you, craving for success…

Close your eyes and you might see me,
Keep open your senses,
And play the part,
We know, who pulled the trigger,
And I survived the betray,
The bullet never came!

Few syllables penned on a page,
But no letters drifted in my loneliness,
Potentials turned to bullets,
So I close all exits!
To find my way to freedom,
And so, I shall die another night…


Author's Notes/Comments: 



When In Doubt

Promises are made to be kept
To show our love and respect
Dont promise if you cannot keep it
It hurts and does not pay

We both made promises
To forever hold
That we would love forever
And never let go.

We would travel the world over
No matter the weather
That you would be strong
Protect me forever

You said you loved me
And would never go
That we would stay together
Work it out

I have kept my promises
I love you and omly you
I gave you my all
Im giving you my care

Your breaking your promises
You want to be free
Because I cant do one thing for you
Instead of holding on, your letting go.

I know now it will be the end
Your leaving on a whim
I will never see you again
Just a broken heart and promise.

Dont promise me a house
Dont promise me a ring
Dont promise to love me forever
Dont promise me your vows.

I dont need any of it
If I dont have you
Your the center of my attention
Not promises that are not true.

Together we no longer will be
No dreams of you and I
Our love is broken
No longer to be.

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