Tell me..

i always wonder about you,
what youre doing,where you go.
cant help thinking,are you really the man i used to know?
what going on? whats happening to you,
is this all just a game? coz i really dont have a clue.

im here worrying and you dont even give a damn,
my minds all messed up,and youre acting like youre all that numb.
tell me where to go,explain to me why,
if you want me to leave,ill go but please say youre fine.

how can i move on if i cant help but think of you,
am i the joke here? to you,am i just another girl to screw?!
am i really that stupid.. to imagine you even care?
damn, im just fooling myself all along,this is just so unfair.

should i really have to erased every memory i had about you?
pretend like we never met,bury every smile i had with you?
hurts like hell and i think you should know,
but im not mad at you,i shouldnt have let myself fall.

it'll take time for me,and please allow me so,
it was a happy moments for me,to just easily let it go.
but just before i go and put everything behind me,
tell me youre doing fine,tell me everything is the way you wanted it to be...

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A lovely poem of why..............

I truly hope it helped your aching heart but to be honest with you, trust me here, no way did this guy deserve you. As much as it hurts be your own best friend and tell yourself he really lost out on a really great girl. He may not learn that anytime soon in this life time ah but one day when the physical flesh falls away he will weep for the love he so stupidly passed up and in a broader sense when it doesn't work out it happens simply cause it was not meant to work out. God has a warmer, deeper, better love for you in your life. You will look back on this one day and think wow I bawled over his pitiful crumbs taken away when if I had only known a whole entire loaf in another would be mine for the taking where I didn't have to try or work so hard for it was just there and why? because that love was meant for me. Take it from a middle aged lady who knows the ins and outs of crushes, infatuations, in likes, in loves and deep abiding love, a much more suitable love when your time is right will not only look your way but will run after you too. Listen on you tube to Aaron Neville's song 'Everybody Plays The Fool' that will help your heart so much if you listen carefully to his lyrics. Trust me my dear, your path is more beautiful than you know. Roll with the punches and enjoy being young. So very sincerely, Melissa Lundeen.
P.S. and no matter what keep on writing. Poetry is the greatest cheapest personal therapy that there is......... plus others ( like us here at post poems) adore reading your joy, wit and angst..........

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thanks melissa,

i agree when you say "Poetry is the greatest cheapest personal therapy.." cause im the type of person who dont usually talk about whats deep inside me.. so,wrote it,in a way that i hope somehow it reaches the heart of the person i want to talk to.. unlike personal talking some tend to shut you up or they dont actually listen to you..

about this guy in this poetry.. i dont know,but somehow i really really care about him..i want to know if he's doing alright.. coz lately after our break-up he gets deppress to the point of him.. taking heroin just to ease his pain.. i dont know what's gotten into him,when we decided to broke up,he didnt even held me back.. he even acted like he never care at he's gone crazy,esp. when he learned that many asked me for a date.

in someway's i think its my fault that i broke up with him,but why did he let me go if he really loves me? its kinda confusing.. but to sum it all up.. i still care.. and i wanted for him to be alright.. ugh! i just dont know where am i standing to him right now.. :(

"Dont judge me by my past, i dont live there anymor