Giant's Journey

I stomp around the woods at night

Like a giant with a drum

Forever chasing a distant light

Squished between my finger and my thumb


As it moves across the sky

My fingers do the same

Serenaded by the sound of wolves

And the locals gone insane


One day I'll finally reach you moon

You've never lead me astray

This world is not meant for giants

Please whisk me away

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Writing prompt based on a picture

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You made me hate myself 
Made me think 
that I was
Not good enough
Not perfect enough 
To be your daughter 
I wanted to leave 
But you told me stories,
Made me terrified of the world so I stayed 
However things got worse 
And we both got in a fight 
And you kick me out in the middle of the night 
I felt broken and I was scared 
But I didn't let this destroy me
I found a place 
Where I felt comfortable and safe 
And I'm doing just fine
I still hate myself
But that's alright
Because one day
Your words will mean nothing to me
Just a thing of the past 
And I know that I will be able to say that
I am good enough
I am perfect enough 
And that I love myself


Decimate my long, thin body

Take me to my grave and forget my entire existence

Let me be swallowed up by anything that decides to feed off of me

I will soon be part of many other things

I will soon be only myself

Let me lose track of time and space

Unbind me from the will of my body

Soon enough I will be purely alone

Soon enough I will be on my own

Unbind me from the will of my body

Find a clear separation from the space around me

The goal is to be impermeable;

A very Unnatural state for the human body.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a moments writing.

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you don’t have to be here

you don’t have to be here

By jfarrell



Where you are now, you don’t have to be;


Trust me;

Everywhere I go is a legitimate terrorist target;

I ask “do you want chips with…” your hot dog at Wembley,

As I watch two grimly held machine guns walk past.


Everywhere I work now, a bomb might go off;

But, I ain’t here;

Here’s your hot dog, and did you want chips with that…

I may say this to you….


But behind my eyes,

I’m watching adam sandler movies, lord of the rings;

The BBC 12 part tinker, tailor, soldier, spy;

And listening to all the music I ever heard.


I’m dancing to ‘aint no stopping us now’

‘oops up side your head’ ‘soul man’

I seriously am not here, as I hand you your hot dog;

And don’t look behind you, at the scary machine guns


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i have a big, bright, shiney red button that's marked "do not  push!"

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Great Escape

Sometimes I feel like.

I might say fuck it and hang back.

Live in cape and grab myself a 12 pack off the rack while I sit around and vape.

Say fuck my dreams and lack on food stamps while I'm living on the streets.

Sit around on the concrete with the rest of these hicks and smoke a blunt with my dad Rick.

Why do I still write? I should just jump off the bridge and take flight.

Fuck, I still might. Sometimes I hate life.

Sometimes I just need a hug but I always end up kicking the welcome rug and wishing I had a rope to tug.

Thinking about being a thug and sitting with that old man who just got mugged.

Every time I walk up my street I just feel fucked.

My mom tells me I'm out of luck.

Why does my life always have to suck.

I sit in my bed untucked lovestruck by Rock and Rap.

But I have to tap into my adrenaline and run some laps.

Think about popping caps, taking a nap or plotting my own map.

Deep inside I don't want to be like everyone else and sit around to fap.

I don't want to be mediocre and slap my wife while I sit around overly fat watching TV.  

Believe me. I don't have a lead on success but I must confess that I can't help but feel pissed.

Goodwill was all I could afford to dress with.

Maybe I should sit around like a dropout and smoke some meth.

My friend has 4 out of a fifth. A bag he stole from the thrift shop.

Told him to fuck off. I hated being held liable to read the bible on christmas eve.

Couldn't even breath without someone judging me.

Don't you see? In order for me to succeed I have to believe.

I have to blow off my steam.

But before I leave I have to make amends.

Steve we were a team.

Our futures seemed to gleam.

But now you’re mad hot. Give that a thought.

Now we act like robots. Attitudes always conflicting.

Paths always connecting. Is there anything I’m missing?

Would you stop dissing for a second?

I’m missing you man. Why did Scott threaten and leave us in this wreckage.

Like a nuclear weapon. We caused an Armageddon.

This feud was so unexpected.

How can one girl that seemed like a blessing cause us to start pissing?

Pissing on each other right in everyone’s presence.

But I just want to check in man. How’s it going?

This whole situation has left me sickened.

This confliction has taught me so many lessons but it's left me guessing.

Will we die at the same time and meet each other in heaven?

Doubt it. To god I’ve always been a peasant.

I hope this sets in. We’ll see each other soon I reckon.

But as for cape. That won't relate.

Music is the only thing that helps me concentrate on my great escape.

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She told me she met this wonderful man
“he’ll take care of us”.
I later met this man
I wasn’t a fan

His name was Wayne.
He brought a lot of pain. Don’t know how I wasn’t slain
He seemed like a nice guy at first
But that was just a curse, I would soon pray for a nurse

Cursed. my mother wasn’t home.
He threw me to the ground,
Kicked me around
Round and round till he would use his 400 pounds

Break all my toys like a hound. I was abused, bruised, leftovers and I was told I loosed.
Religion was used. Careful not to blow his fuse
Brought down Emotionally ,
I couldn’t take it physically,

Felt like I was screwed mentally
He got to both our heads
we were used
What is true? Are you? I still cant believe I grew

Enraged. I would never be waged
They were past engaged. All those lawns for his pocket.
I wasn’t even tabbed
Grabbed a screw driver and stabbed my mother with it.  

That night before my first day of 7th grade
They walked into my room with a bucket and a broom
Demanding to know what I was hidin.
Acting like I had shrooms or somethin

Stored them in the garage
Had to be a mirage.
Sneak and pray I wouldn’t get barraged
Close to death row. Began thinking my mom was a hoe

take some of the toys back.
Take em off the rack
Hopefully he wouldn’t find a track back to me
But I wasn’t going to slack.

After I took my meds I would give them to  kinzie
Who would throw me in a frenzy
Treat me as a friend but would make me dizzy
I stuffed a few in my shoes. I would get a bruise

It would cause a ruse. Id be taken on a fist filled cruise
If I couldn’t use them other people could.
I was forced to attend church. Wearing a bunch of Good Will merch
and take notes on what the pastor chirped as he was pirched

Every Morning was way too boring
The rain outside was pouring
Read the bible out loud.
Wish I could be touring

Wish I had a talent but I am sitting here mourning
Im not even dead. But I wake up depressed in the morning
Every Afternoon. Shame. Forced on my knees  
I was the one to take the blame

pray to a god I didn’t believe in
Only thing that came
Was the thought of future fame
Dinner was always dramatic

An extra roll of bread made me ecstatic
His talk was always erratic
I wish I could cry in my attic
listen to him complain

I knew he was insane
Where are you kinz?
I thought you promised to keep me away from the pain
Multiple nights I banged my head

Against the wall to be dead
Wrote a letter to her
overdosing on asprin, couldn’t crush my skull
Fuck it  I paid my tull

Grab a clothes hanger.
Get the closet poll
Fell to the floor.
Couldn’t break my neck

I only knew danger.
My friends left me cause I was getting stranger
I was a stranger. Jesus was never in a manger.
found out the banging was me,

found my letter and
scared me till I was white as sour cream
he beat me till I started to scream
Got married on my birthday

It was on a Thursday
My presents taken.
Where they at? I couldn’t say
He even gave cinnamon away.

This continued for 5 years.
A Nightmare
A Broken mirror.
I hated my aggressive stare

I lost all my hope.
No intention to care
In the school bathroom
Found a hand held radio

changed the station until I found 99.3.
I hid the radio and some earbuds Kinz gave me.
At night id await.
till I heard him snore and I would embrace my fate

Put one bud into my ear and listen to the world of hate
Managed to convince him
let me join the cross country team  
made some friends

All their futures seemed to gleam
Treated me as if I was a normal human being.
Last day of freshman year
A courtesy award was near

Wayne bought me a suit and took me to it.
The only time in my life that I looked fit
I was one of the last people called to the pit
I wanted to run and pretend that I had to shit

Earned the Central Courtesy award.
Wayne was shocked. But he was cold as a rock
On the ride back he would nack.
Explained how I didn’t deserve it

how I should have sat in the back
Two Weeks later
another group of doctors
had me do some “tests”. Said I wasn’t a tater tot

They thought I was but now they thought I was not
I was Normal. No longer a bot
Doing pushups,
I was no longer defeated

At this point I was already heated.
I stood up to him.  I was 16 and I was done being cheated
This was my life and I was tired of it being depleted
Yelled at my mom. In the office she was seated.

Then it was time to go. We retreated

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The Wind is Never Too Late

Wayward Motions

The Wind is never too late
Minutes and hours may pool into an endless shadow clock
but She cares not for the tick tock tick tock
She has been cast into many worlds
With no hope to ever unfurl

Ravaged with unrest
We seek Her company but know not what is best
For Her

She curls Her arms in a lover's embrace
We reach out in hope
We leave with despair

To Her
we are a ghost of live's past
we are a measure of time She cannot understand
we become dust in Her shapeless lands

And yet... the Wind is never too late
She casts Her endless touch
Hoping        needing        yearning

She is here
She is now
She is always
(The past cannot present itself
when the future was never there)

Sadness beckons, widens, and burdens
And like a loose cannon
we shoot out into the distance
reaching out for anything

To hold
To conquer
To master
To love

But, The Wind... She knows
She is never too late
She catches our follies when we become one with the daisies
She carries our songs which blankets those worlds
She chronicles our stories and heralds them across endless sands

The Wind is here
The Wind is now
The Wind is always

For us
For Her

Author's Notes/Comments: 

After returning from a trip to the mountains I am finding myself in unrest. I miss the wind across my face. I miss the serenity of the forests. I miss many things and yet I aim to adjust the sails of reality and move forward. Hopefully, soon.

Hiding is Not Possible

Some try to hide in the jungle,

Some in a bunker,

Even the caves are also used as a hiding place,

Is hiding from the Almighty possible ever!


Kiraman Katimin do record every deed,

That we do each day,

Be it a good work or a bad one,

None can escape, so to say!


Who do we hide from whom in fact?


Escape is not feasible from His universe, perfect!

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Hiding Out


Maybe a vampire

Maybe something else

Hiding out

Behind the pillars

For none to see.


Blood at loss

Tired of escape

I am hiding out

Supernatural being.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Someone is hiding out...

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