Dream vs Reality

A realm where you can overpower anyone and fear nothing, all you have to do is look it in the eyes.
Murder, sex, money, fame it’s all yours, think of it and it appears, like your own Matrix.
In your dreams nothing matters, no consequences.
For you are out of reality and the real world does not exist.

It could be something full of darkness, evil that you didn’t even know you had inside you.
I sink deeper into thought.
Without dreams the world would be condemned for all.
Our dreams are an escape, a place where we can release our darkness to allow it to roam without consequence.

Let your mind wonder.
What if the darkness inside each of us was set free into our reality?
Laws of man and morals of humanity is what save’s society from destruction.

Think of a world without dreams.
I think eventually without dreams the darkness in each and every person would escape.
Rape, murder, extermination, enslavement, and much worst would be all over the streets.
Truly without dreams this world would be the devils playground created by..... by US.

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I don't doubt this one bit. all our anger and flusterations are released in our dreams.
In dreams we can be anything thing we want to be go anywhere we want to go. Be
with anyone we wish, do what we please. and I do. it's an escape from this life, so
is writing. I love this poem. dreams/reality. hw

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Glad you enjoyed, i knew where i wanted to go with this poem, took me a bit to get the words right and still think it can use some work,
thanks again