The Good Side (January day 13)

I want to hate this beauty

because I can’t hold it in my hands

I can’t share it like I want to

by flying to you,

one of those airport moments

I can’t turn over the things I’ve forgotten to say in other people’s dreams

if they don’t tell me anymore


But as we sit here slightly frozen

let’s believe we have at least a few percent of this figured out

I can forgive you because I have not made too much of a mess of us yet

As we sit here slightly frozen

let’s pretend we are all still human

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/13/21


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Like Paul

Like Paul in Sons and Lovers I want to go,

To the direction where the lights glow,

Since optimism runs intensely in my veins,

Since I can feel the positive zeal in my brains!


I like the way Paul closes his fist eventually,

That does flaunt his strength of mind utterly,

He is not to give in,

He is all set to prove, to win.


He sets his target to be an eminent painter,

The sign of his tribute to his departed mother.

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Looking Up



And I push the boundless limits

To reach the unreachable, within

Leaping amid countless thoughts

With time that forever bends.

The outline of voices fall deeply,

On wishing ears so eager.

No longer a sound quite perfect.

Tainted retentions, left meager.

Out of tune with the non-existing.

Out of range with the remaining.

The stars; directing my following feet

Endlessly looking up, but straining.

I swallow my deepest terrors

And let the light shelter skin.

Once more, voices like puzzles,

Will be whole again.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Theres not a day I don't think of the people that are missing in my life. One day Dad, I'll see you again. You've got me always looking up.

If I Am to Lose These Eyes

If  I am to lose these eyes

Strip me then now of these lies


Take me to this darkness wonder

In harmony of the black of slumber

Forever to stay shut, anchored in a sea under

and yet though, I do not believe in such thunder


You can take me away from one thing

But I will find a way to still chirp and sing

You can take my legs and swallow love's promised ring

But I'll still find a way to flap a broken wing


And if I am to die..?

I can walk away, with open eyes.

Same Book Different Cover...

Anger, loneliness and boredom have consumed this empty vessel as the lust for life lingers on year after year, birthday after birthday.


Physical beauty has reared its ugly head once more as the generation of looks has stunted the real beauty as people develop the perfect image on the inside but resemble the characteristics of an animal on the outside to the general populace.


My immediate future destroyed by what once an innocent child was enjoying life to the full has damaged ones chance of enjoying young adulthood, when life becomes worth living.


Living life behind a shroud of jokes and smiles as you inflict false joy on the world and excrete the image of clown a jester someone who use paint and costumes to interact with the world. I use a smile.



I’m only in the late spring of my life so optimism and hope have crept their way back in my life as I know any amount loneliness can be fixed by love as this heart is ready for a new chapter.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Literally did this in a matter of minutes, as I've always thought I was right to do poetry so I thought I'd give it a go.

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My World. (Cynical vs. Hopeful)

I live in a world where you may die if you don't run.

Where even when alone you must trust no one.

In my world each day may hold your doom,

Where life is always terrifying without protection from the womb.


I live in a world of beauty that shines like the sun,

Where troubles cannot touch a life until it is done.

In my world love flourishes like a flower in bloom,

Where ideas settle on the tip of your tongue, an.d where greatness looms


I live in a world covered in blood and despair,

Children murdering mothers, and vice versa, without a care.

In my world gunshots are the fireworks of everyday,

Where we fear the unknown, and yet we cannot seem to stay away.


I live in a world where babies laughter spreads everywhere,

Where peace is the only solution with so much love in the air.

In my world we believe no one tells lies and believe what they say,

Where our world is one of colors not Fifty Shades of Gray.


I live in a world where homes are engulfed by flame,

Where a child may die before it can say its own name.

In my world people tell lies and shout out blasphemy,

Where more pain and hunger claim the earth than the eye can see.


I live in a world where hope is there and everyone is the same,

Where people have nothing but fun and life is like a game.

In my world the bird hums the chorus, and the wind picks up the melody,

Where nothing bad can hurt me except the stinging of a Honey Bee.




















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Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle
To: Love bug
Alcona, innisfil, ontario
March 18th 2013
Today I release a message in a bottle, from the shores of Internet sea. Pass it along with hopes of finding its way to her. When she sees it she will know its for her. Will my message arrive? When? By who's hands will it be delivered? So much mystery. Thinking of you always....

I love her eyes

But it's no surprise 
My death was inevitable
They have changed
Her view is deranged
I'm no longer lovable
I could get her back
Rebuild qualities I lack
Even alone that would net a gain
If I sit tight
I could win this fight
We may be a family again
I want her to say
Before my dying day
That I am father of the year
I love our son
He is the one
Who will change the path I steer
What I thought wouldn't cease
It was just a tease
What I could have if I was a better man
I made my mistakes
Again and again for gods sake
Why can't I just stick to my plan
I tried my best
To be better than the rest
But always caused myself to bleed
Held on so tight
Tried to make it right
Wonder if ill ever succeed 
I want to tell her my thoughts
How I love and miss her lots
Hard to do what is best for me
We both made our choice
Despite all the noise
Of others opinions spoke in harmony
Chased her for years
Tried to take away her tears
I need to let her love me
Love me for me
Not what I make her believe
When I try so hard not to be
An actor who shows
Her what she already knows
Is inside my heart of stone
If I put on a play
Plan everything  I say
All fakers end up alone
Ill step back a minute
Watch her go fight and win it
I need to get her out of my head
Climb from the hole I have dug 
Free to fly my love bug
No longer tangled up in my web
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Maybe this peom will reach her in the distant future. She is on Facebook but I am not. I could just message it to her but I cant get over my butterflies. I am too nervous to send it to her directly. 

A New Path

Leaving behind the trace of misery.
Throwing away the burden of melancholy.
I am done believing in holding onto fragility.
Washing my soul from the sticky dust of tragedy.

A new beginning came and held my hand.
A blank sheet of optimism is clear ahead.
Standing on my feet upon thorns, I am no longer depressed.
The flowers are just over there, no I will not cry on bed.

It is now, I am here and no back downs or pains.
I fell from the moon, but I landed atop the stars.
Faith will always be the crown of my dreams.
I will follow my new path; no more haze.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

My newest poem ..

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Job Search

I feel like I'm missing something
A keyword, phrase, or title
A location, a preferred setting
An advanced search subscription.

Reviewing the last many years
To put in a page or two
Summarized experiences
Skills, hobbies and interest

Browsing a close-up picture
Making a title they call a Headline
But perhaps a catchy Tagline
A self-marketing phrase

I am searching.
The diverse things I tried in the past
What's common or not
For that is what shall I look for in the present
To feed me, and cause me breathe for the future

Yes I am searching for a job.
For the young overachiever
For the envied and politicized employee of the year
For the poor generalist, and master of none
For the daughter, sister, and breadwinner
For the lover
For the dreamer
And me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

While searching for jobs over the internet, one cannot help but feel the emotions of an unemployed. An unemployed right before Christmas.

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