ripping through the guts,

out of the body,

something is born,

ready to leave its legacy,


It cannot be stopped,

your death is necessary

for it to evolve,

the species will perpetuate,


humanity has overreached

too far into the darkness,

it cannot comprehend the horrors

that are yet in store,


Like the dinosaurs man

will become extinct

but no will know what happened,

because no one will be there to care,



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New Species

In the shadows it hides,

and when you find it,

it will be to late,

nothing can escape

its hunger, this parasite

will not stop,

it has made itself at home,

deep in cold space,

no one can hear your screams,

except yourself,

your death will be forgotten,

but it will live on,

and breed;

it is the new species;

man is obsolete,

man is dead,

the alien lives,

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by the Alien Movies

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impregnated by the black goo,

unknowing of what is due,

inside something grows,

an evolution of its host,

the offspring of hell,

a spawn for mans fall,

the species will perpetuate

raping all unaspiring mothers,


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by the Alien Movies.

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One afternoon, Rebecca and Clark pretended to be the princess and the prince, the evening came, and Clark’s mother pass by to go back home.
- 'Give us more time, Mommy! Please, he begged.
- 'Yes ma’am! ... Why don’t you let him sleep here tonight? She smiled.
- No guys! You have been playing for a long time, now you have to rest and recharge for tomorrow.
- ‘Can I come tomorrow, Mommy?
-¡Sure, My love! Now, say goodbye and let's go.
-¡Ok! See you tomorrow Rebecca.
-Until tomorrow, Clark.
-Goodbye Mr. Gerard.
-Goodbye, Clark!
Clark 's mother and he went home again.
Rebecca lived alone with her father; her mother had abandoned her when she was born so she did not know how the love of a mother was.
-Daddy ... can you sleep with me today?
-Baby, I have too much work.
-I can join you in the living room?
-All right, but you'll sleep.
Rebecca accompanied her father all the night ... but what happened on her dreams was:
-Come on, Rebecca! Why can’t you believe we are real?
-'Yes, if you want tomorrow we go down to Earth and show us Clark, and can tell him that you love him.
-¡You’ll hurt him! Why would I introduce him to you?

But in her dreams, Rebecca was older than in real life.  
These beings were rare, with six eyes in the back, four hands and their fingers change of color continually.
After 8 years, Rebecca was already a beautiful girl, smart and funny.
'Come, Clark! Do not be afraid, nothing will happen.
-You say ‘anything’?! In the middle of the night, in the woods, where we do not know anyone, YOU AND ME ALONE ?!
 'I can tell dad to come with us
-¡Definitely not! I do not want anything bad to happen to you.
-¡What happens is that you are a chicken!
-¡No I am not, I’m trying to protect you!
-¡I can take care of myself!
-'Then go by yourself!
Clark was very upset and he was leaving.
-Clark! She approached to him- Please! What is it that you fear?
-All right, I fear that those things that you've been dreaming therefore, appear.
-'They are only nightmares!
- What if they were real?
- You'd be there to take care of me, right?
-She sighed - Okay, we will go.
Thank you, Clark! I love you.
 After that she kissed him on the cheek and hugged him, he replied with a smile.

-Me too.

They went to Clark 's house to prepare bags, then go to Rebecca’s.
-Clark, where is your mom?
 - She is at work.
- Do you told her about the trip?
-I’ll tell her when she arrives
-Will she let you?
-Yes, I'm sure.
All right.

They go to Rebecca’s house for her stuff, and then they took Clark's car and went to his home to ask for permission.

- Come on, mom! I have done everything.

- 'All right! When will you return?

-Sunday, ma'am.

-'I want you to be punctual!

-Sure, they said.

Clark and Rebecca were in a cabin in the forest.

- Rebecca, why don’t you go to sleep?

-I’m ok. Why don’t you go? You seem tired.

- What if an alien comes and does something?

 She laughed.

After some minutes, they heard strange noises.

-Wait here, I'll see what happens.

-Clark! Come back!.

She ran to him, both were shocked at what their eyes saw.

-This is what you dreamed?

- Well, they had only four fingers not eight.

-This looks like an alien

Then the "alien" speak.

-I told you that someday I would meet Clark.

- What do you want from us? Clark said

- Nothing!

The "Alien" throw a kind of spittle into Clark, so he get stuck in the ground.

-¡¡¡Rebecca!!! Help me.

She tried to help, but she could not. The monster was grabbing her arm.  

-¡Rebecca, he's not real!- Clark said.

"He's not real", circled by Rebecca's head, who tried to escape and confused by all, she leaves Clark there, and she ran to the end of the place, where there was a kind of red water that seemed like lava, or that was it. She fall down.

-¡¡Rebecca!! – Clark yelled

Then she woke up, she had been dreaming at Clark's car.

-What is it, Rebecca?

-The monster has advised you that we are in the woods?- he joked.


-¡You are not funny!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Diego Estrada

Gerardo De La Garza

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rain dropped


south blown breeze brings dark clouds across
green tinted city skyline..


rolling rumbles followed by silent volumes
which draw your gaze..
..into it’s mystery..
sudden craaaack announces its secrets to the world..


bright flash forks rivers of power
to crash against the earth..
air crackles with the chatter of the four winds
whispering awe..


bolt of insight reflected in your gazing eye’s hungry grasp
of the storm’s mystery..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the sweet drift of smoke from a vegans lips.. the irony of it all

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Alienate Beloved


There is a silence in the world

Since we didn't said farewell;

And your beauty with an alien speech

An alien tale would tell.


There is silence in the world,

Which is not peace nor quiet:

Nyarlathotep; a golden heart

Ever I seek to flee therefrom,

While I belong with Thee,

And walk the ways of the riot.


But when I hear the music moan

In rooms of thronging laughter,

A serpent-tongued Demon drives me forth,

And silence follows after.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem for Nyarlathotep.

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Their Men and Their Chalices

Men came walking who had clear chalices
made of fragments, all of crystals, with concise and crafted edges.
They had no juice nor held no wine and
bore no water of a kind;
just reflected all the waning torchlight.
They were foreign with large noses
and beards grown of accordance with feral laws of nature.
They didn't hold axes nor hatchets nor lance,
but the air about them smelled of the ether.
Most of them balding, and lost at the teeth;
most of them baring scars and the razes of a very dis-heartened, world-weary way.
With them they carried the sound of sticks swimming
beneath modest turbulence of mid-summer swell.
The voices they'd bellow seemed lost and unsure,
but their volume and strangeness would grab for our ears.
Their stares were wide and fevered; ghastly and far...
As if caught up in some great horror that only they could comprehend
that was oh so distant, but drawing quickly near,
set upon the thought of us between its snarling jowls.
We lay upon stillness and cool, handled quiet
as though as not to frighten - as though as not to harm.
In the end they chose to scurry down the corridors
that lead to marred and mangled landscape with no discernible horizon.
The resolution to absence that seemed distilled in them
was likely the only force suited to force them through such hardships.
We feared for their fates, but chose to build walls...
Lest they carry small and stealthy ne'er-do-wells from the outer reaches.
They haven't returned and we suspect they've found their end
at the hands of something well beyond the bounds of reason.
We'll await a distant glint, of light upon a chalice,
perhaps filled with the rain water of a distant province.

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The Other Side

The Other Side

Years ago, after the freedom,
On a map laid on the table,
Some colonial masters,
With forks of perfidy,
Put us apart on the
Other side of Zakiganj.

Kushiara swells abound,
In my veins, but my
Heart aches in pain,
To toil the land in vain,
Still my roots remains on the
Other side of the stream.

Years later like a nomad,
I don’t find my roots,
Can’t hold anymore,
The strains of existence,
With so many identities,
Here on this side of Zakiganj.

On this side of the land,
I don’t find my roots,
My language, my songs, and
My tongue annoys,
So many who hates,
To see me survive,
And live after so many days.

On this side of the land,
The soil is only for her sons,
I find not a voice to listen,
I can’t call a place my own,
I hide even my whispers,
To earn respect, and
Lest they call me an alien,
I just sing their song.

Baharul Islam | Guwahati | 20 July 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The poem depicts the ‘rootless’ feelings of people of a small part of Syllhet district (Bangladesh) who were divided at the time of India’s independence and now live on the other side river Kushiara that falls in India. The voice here laments the division and feels like an alien. Zakiganj is a town on the side of Bangladesh, Karimganj is the town falling on this side of India in the state of Assam.

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