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going to local rock shows in the Dallas fort worth metroplex. hanging out with my friends. doing drugs. drawing my satirical demonic horror comic book that i hopefully might get published someday, writing poems, songs and entries of sorts, singing my songs onstage or for my friends, i've even got a rap. shocking the regular folk. i'm the agent of anarchy, creator of chaos and mistress of mayhem... what's funny is that i tell people this and they're always shocked when i prove it later. whatever. i don't care. i'm weeding out the weak. only mother fuckers allowed in this girl's life is the ones who actually belong here. and if no one belongs here, well that's fine too, i'll just go to a live rock show high outta my mind and have myself a bad ass time. then go back to my solitude til next meeting! fuck it!

the things i write aren't always what i'm thinking or my actual feelings, opinions or beliefs on the matter. i'm a character actor kinda personality person. i don't have multiple personalities but i do play multiple characters. being able to do so enables me to write in the frame of mind of someone else in a different situation. i dunno why i do it. it's just something i do. also sometimes my hand writes and i read it later not having remembered putting it there. of course i try to remain under the influence or drugs or alcohol at all times. i'm not as much a drink as i am high all the time. drugs also have alot to do with where my head is when i write. all i know is "i want the world to hear it, every rhyme and lyric, cause i'm in the spirit, has it gotten clear yet..." expert from what now... my rap. ok read on. hope you enjoy. hope something grabs you. hope you like it. even if you don't. i'm still curious to know what you think. see if anyone can guess the hidden meanings, symbolism's, metaphors and such... i love critiques. all kinds. so come on with them!

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