Sound Like That


You say I need to point my voice like a sword point

deliberate as a firework

and I watch the forest go up in flames.


I don’t want to sound like that.


I need to shape my words to fit your mold

when every letter is drawn through spikes

and gifted with a king and crown.


I don’t want to sound like that.


I hear so many vows on street corners,

nevers and forevers.

It’s so easy to promise things in a bottle

before you can see the contents.


I don’t want to sound like that.


So I cower in corners

I am stained red with truth and mistakes

and I walk like everyone who never sees me.


When I say that love is kind of like a lookback

like you can regret things that haven’t happened…

loving me is kind of like reaching with a short stick.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/21/17

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Sunken Promises


Selfish eyes; projected

Honesty no longer your guide

Perceiving the veracity within you

Filthy laundry you cannot hide


Your lips; they wisp so softly

Distracted ears will never heed

A slithering snake so diluted

With only your vast ego to feed


Over time you were allowed

To take your amenities and wildly run

No longer will the wrecked wave on

All the dirty deeds you’ve done


Crossfire rains around

A frail structure that’s left to sink

No life jacket is thrown to salvage

Everything gone within a blink

"Time Comes a Knockin"

Just a thought!

When "Time comes a knockin", will you beg for more...

Will you cringe in a corner, when he rattles your door?

Are your affairs in order, will you plead, "one more day"...

Is there some unfinished task, to prolong your stay?

Did you make any promise, where you broke down and swore...

Would a day make a difference, if granted one more?

A lifetime for changes, yet you stood like a rock...

There's a rap on your door, guess who?... KNOCK KNOCK!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Time Comes a Knockin"

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Stones Covered in Chocolate Frosting

We were once teammates
That grew close to one another
When we shared our darkest moments.
We worked together to help others
And to help ourselves lift each other up.
Our team was broken up
Almost as fast as it began.
But we held each other close
And we never knew our bond would follow suit.

You wrote me a letter through your heart.
I smiled because it meant so much and I felt the same.
I thought when you made the promise
You'll be there when I need a shoulder to cry on.
I felt like I could never be alone again.
But where were you when I struggled?

You made a mistake that changed your life
And every memory, every moment we spent
Was gone forever.
You drift apart like a plane taking off.
That is when I saw the stones covered in chocolate frosting.

Now you regret everything you did with me.
You even regret writing this letter.....
So it was all a lie?
The very letter that meant so much was just a curtain.
A curtain that covered a knife that left an open scar.
I continue to pick up the pieces of this mess to this day.
While you need your space.

How long will you need it?
A week? A month? A year?
How long will it be until I disappear and it is too late?
Enjoy your life while you still have it.
I won't be here when you come back.
I'm sorry.....

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To Love

I yearn to love, a love with a passion

Joining hearts, a fatal attraction

To be fondled by your words alone, holding on to promises by your lips

To savor the sweetness and emotion that drips

Let us hold together, let our eyes slowly find and meet

Let all time stop, with nothing but our heartbeats

Deceitful Rain

How deceitful is rain? 

like on a hot summers evening

when the drizzle looks ice cold

but upon walking outside 

you find it hotter than the air. 

Or when the droplets look like satin 

falling gently to the earth

but when they touch your skin

it feels like you'll be left with bruises. 

My favorite is when a storm rocks you to sleep

then jolts you awake with a crash of thunder! 

Rain tempts my deceitfulness as well

because even though a nighttime storm is my favorite lullaby, 

I pretened it scares me to death so that I can cuddle up in your arms

and curl against your warm body, that protects me from my "fears." 


Maybe that's all the rain really wants, 

to be cuddled up and protected…


but then again, how can you trust rain? 

Our Promise

The first time we met, our eyes laid upon a shooting star

Your eyes were glowing brightly as the star itself

Perhaps that is had me drawn to you

I loved the way you glanced over and smiled at me

That night glimmer enchanted me


Your smile always warmed my heart

The first time you spoke to me, I thought I would melt

Different sensations rushed through my body uncontrollably

When you came close to me, I was ready to burst

I never experienced the feelings I did with you


There was something about you that resembled an angel

Perhaps you were one, disguised as a human here

I was very drawn to you; I wanted you all to myself

To hear you, to see, and much more

You showed me that it’s okay to love and hold onto it


You gave me the feelings that I missed as a child

Giving hope back to me within people and friends

I thank you for everything that has been given back

I am so happy to be with you now

I don’t care what others think of us


If someday the friends and families we come to know,

If they decide to go against you for whom you are,

I will be your protector; your knight in shining armor

I never want to part from you like before

I would go mad if something were to happen to you


The horrifying nightmares you spoke of,

Send chills down my spine and make me unease

I want to make you a promise to and for us

Stay with me, at my side

We will meet again here at this garden


I promise you that I will be here

These fields of flowers that resemble an angel’s wings

Will be the witnesses of our promise

Hold onto the ring that I hold dear to me

For now you are the one dearest to me and love

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Four white stallions
galloped across the landscape
in tow a lovely lady riding in a
make-believe carriage.

The day was filled
with promises, assurance for a
more enriched tomorrow, suddenly the
horses became annoyed.

Refusing to yield to
the lovely lady holding tight
the reins, her task at hand corral their
energies, so she did.

copyright by heather burns

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