Love hope

Day Dream

I smell the essence of your being

On the warm summer air

As the wind tickles my face

Like small strands of your hair


The breeze carries the sound

Of your beating hearts song

As mine finds its rhythm

And joins right along


I imagine you close

And your touch I almost feel

Wishing this beautiful illusion

Was something more real


How I long just to see you

And kiss your soft cheek

Even though our parting

Has been only a week


That blissful moment we spent

Still fresh and so clear

A moment to be kept

And forever held dear


So I’ll stay in this daydream

And be reminded of you,

Until our next moment we share

On another day bright and new

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Never Stop

I will never stop dreaming
Hope is just beginning
I always believe in you
My love never ends
Cause I will always care
I have them all
I have you
Happiness is deep inside of me
It is the light of your eye
A ocean will never be any deeper
Then my love for you
Friends are many
Precious like silver and gold
My success is bright
I will pass one day
But you will still be with me
I respect you
I love you
And you have my all
I enjoy it all with you
No one could ever stop me from
Loving you. Not even if I died.
My death will only mean
I love you still and always will
Until you join me
And I still love you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my special love

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