Justice Or JUST US

******Justice or Just US******


Ask yourselves, is there Truly justice here in the US so-called America, a Stolen Continent since 1491 [Anahuac]!

America was founded on LIES, Murder, and THEFT......

Justice or JUST US!?!

The Haves and have NOTS!




Drug Addiction


Religions filled with LIES

In the land of PLENTY, Plenty WHAT

America LAND of the Free, but Free WHAT!?!

Justice or JUST US!?!

Children losing their minds due to fear and anxiety over going to school.

Who will be gunned down today?

Justice or Just US

Lenord Peltier is still incarcerated for 46 years for a crime he did NOT commit!

While Nixon and Trump walk free! Along with many other government officials past and present!

Justice or JUST US!?!

The Haves and Have Nots

The Color of Justice in America

No not White, Black, or Brown

The color of justice in Amerikkka is GREEN [In God We Trust] on every dollar Bill!


Chicahuac Necahuatl

Strong Left Behind Survivor


The land of Oz

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Peace Love and Healing Light 

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Justice [Fiverse: Poem of Five Lines]


Know hereby

Justice will prevail

Injustice will be thrown


Like a cyclone full blown

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The streets are clean 

But only by the street sweeper

Our hearts are open 

But only for the surgeon 

Our minds are sponges 

But only for social media 

Our passions are set for justice 

But only for the social warriors 

9 rules of temperament 





Self -control 






10 perfect laws tempered with mercy 

Is all we need 

To create a world really worth living in. 


I wish you could see it with me instead of against me.

We are the same but our eyes see differenly.

I love you.

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Blowing up women and children

Blowing up women and children

By jfarrell


If you wanna blow up women and children -

   - in fact, hurt children in any way -

If you wanna drive a car into a crowd of pedestrians;

You would be kept alive and awake with drugs

As we cut the skin from your screaming body;

Alas, no pain relief

You would be kept alive,

Screaming, dripping

Literally a bloody sight

I don’t know if it’s possible for skin to grow back,

After being so completely removed,

But, if it does, great

We get to skin you again and again and again

And stream it on live tv;

Terrorists? You with the bomb

You’re no different than my dad,

He could only hit the wife and kids, such a big man;

I should fear you?

Come, sit with me, talk,

See the visions my god shows me

Then you will know terror


Author's Notes/Comments: 

hurt kids, you answer to me

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Nothing, Like You

Nothing, Like You

By JFarrell


I am not the messiah

I am not a celebrity

Not wealthy, not important; I am

Nothing, like you


I am not particularly intelligent

Nor talented, special or anything other than average

I am a nobody; I am

Nothing, like you


I am a faceless, voiceless, meaningless statistic

A number on a piece of paper

It is cost effective to give me

Nothing, like you


Nothing; empty; space; absent; irrelevant;

Nothing; zero; zilch; sweet F. A.

I am absolutely

Nothing, just like You.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

just because i dream i exist, do i have to choose to believe i do? :-)

Criteria Of The Fallen (An Affected Poem)

Criteria Of The Fallen





We are judged, not by how softly or

well meaning we have dealt with

each other's foibles alone



But we are immeasurably judged anyhow by -

the companies we join, families that we have,

friends with which we tag/go along



Almost assuredly our minds are

measured too, by some type of



But I would never understand

the mind of corruption,

the ways of crime, perhaps



People fighting off their men.

In the future, chopping off their heads—

if the right conditions shall be given



Over pedophilia, war profiteering,

orgiastic incontinence;

as if gluttonous craving.



—Only God will judge;

—in heaven.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Criteria Of The Fallen", an admittedly affected poem, was written on 04/19/2017 at around 02:29 A.M.  Compared to the raw/original version in my Twitter platform, this one is an edited version (just the form/stanzas having been tweaked a little bit). Thank you for looking!



By JFarrell


The rich get richer

While the poor starve;

Politicians and columnists

Blame immigrants and benefit ‘scroungers’;

Councillors pocket fat brown envelopes

While they sell off the country at bargain prices;

Our leaders condemn the war in the Middle East

While selling guns and missiles to both sides.


I used to wake up and get drunk

Get stoned, blind myself to what was going around me;

I was part of the disorder, the chaos

I was happy to waste away, become part of the ever-growing detritus;

Now, I am awake, I see and I am very very angry.

This is not how the system should be;

Especially here, in the West.

We have a responsibility, a duty

To make an ordered system that works

For everyone;

Not just the privileged.


I am responsible,

We are responsible;

As insignificant as I am

I have to get involved;

Even if it’s just handing out sandwiches to the homeless,

I cannot sit back any longer;

I must act, I must do something to change the system,

To bring proper order to this system;

I must act

To stop the entropy.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

we can do something

A Change is a Coming

A Change is a Coming


(inspired by a Bob Dylan masterpiece)


Can you feel it in the air?

A subtle change in temperature;

A noticeable change in the wind;

An electrical charge in the atmosphere;

Change is a coming.


North Korean nuclear tension;

An Arab spring, turned to ISIS slaughter;

Right wing groups, vocal, and on the rise;

Young people stabbing each other to death;

A change is a coming.


The West feasts until it vomits, to feast again,

While the rest of the world starves;

The West closes its borders,

Abandoning the world;

Change is coming.


Change is coming;

But, is it the change we need?

It’s not a change I like the look of;

The world does need a change,

But a change for the better,

For all.


Change is a coming.


Author's Notes/Comments: 


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As a young boy I always wanted to be a soldier
Counted the seconds as I got older
Then came the day and I joined the ranks
Not for me working in shops or banks
Then they sent us of to War
My Mother cried as I closed the front door
I shot a Taliban who killed a soldier
Now I rot in prison accused of murder.

© Tony McNally

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