Skipping Rocks

The birds flying low to the ground.
The sound of the sea crashing among the rocks.
Feeling the wind blowing against your face.
The smell of the ocean shore lingering in the air.
The taste of salt ever so clear.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a memory

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skipping rocks

you must live close to the ocean. Reminds me of our vacation in Florida.
I loved every minute of it. nice writing. the smell of the ocean shore
lingering in the air. true, I remember it too. lovely. hbw

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this makes me want to see the

this makes me want to see the ocean, I have never been

Much Love


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missing ocean

I always grow up on an island so its always been there. its a great places as am sure a place without the ocean would have such beauti also just in a different way. but if you ever get a chance its worth see and diving in for a swim!!

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it's on my bucket list love
and don't you worry I am not the kind of person who has a bucklet list to dream about, I have it to remind me what to aim for next. So it will be done

Much Love