Bed Time

Unfocused eyes, a fading mind.
Eyes wide open frozen in time.
A pounding in my chest I fear to close my eyes and rest.
Marked for life and marked for death.
I can’t breathe, oh yea I’m holding my breath.
And morning comes once again, is this a battle without end?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hi all i'm new, not sure if i even qualify to post.

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You Qualify

From the heart has special definion for some of us. Life lived intensely is the only criteria - I wish you less pain and more joy. :D slc



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Bed Time

Don't worry about being new. You are most qualified to post. It was so hard for me at first, A friend encouraged
me to post, well I only had three poems. But he said let's try it, I will help you. Bless him. Today I have over 2,000
poems posted. They are in English, German, Italian and Spanish. One never knows what the future holds for them.
I encourage you to write your heart, never give it up. It is a talent to be used by you. You express yourself very well.
The battle ends when God wants it too. Live, love and be happy. hbw

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that is alot of poems , i have about 600 but from my younger days, they need alot of work and fixing up before posted. just need to find the time :)
thank you for you comment and your time, you are a great poet and i'm sure one can learn many things from u

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I have written since childhood. then I started with some little quotes. then my
english fifth grade encouraged me to read and write. just write anything. she
taught me to write (K.I.S.S.) Keep it sweet and simple. write your heart and it will be good. and some day you will excell in this craft. So I followed her instructions.
I am always rereading and editng my work. Never satisfied with it. never will be. Sometimes I feel inadequate. But I keep writing. have a good day. take care. your friend in poetry. heather

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watever, everyone with

watever, everyone with thoughts is qualified...liked the poem

i been there n back, Im happy to be back

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Thanks for the welcome. thanks for taking the time to read.