Monthly Archive for August 2012

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
quite Poem redpyramid9000 Aug 1st
Death Poem 13thMidnight alone, death, grief, loss, sadness Aug 1st
Darling Poem sparks 1 Aug 1st
Midnight Sun on Hollywood Blvd Poem SoulKritiC nocturnal people Aug 1st
Not a poem Poem xio1818 Aug 1st
Soul Digger Poem xio1818 Aug 1st
Old Poems Poem xio1818 Aug 1st
Smaller Things Poem xio1818 Aug 1st
This Poem is a Song... Poem SoulKritiC songs Aug 1st
A careless thought, thought carefully. Poem SSmoothie Aug 1st
Especially if this song keeps coming on my IPod Poem running_with_rabbits Aug 1st
I use to hate coffee Poem running_with_rabbits Aug 1st
Fear Poem RavenLor Aug 1st
together Poem RavenLor Aug 1st
Enough Said Poem Fitzgerald 13 Aug 1st
Fiercely and forever Poem dgun Aug 1st
His World Poem joewillard love, power, sex transmutation, success, wealth Aug 1st
His Obsession Poem joewillard Beauty, desire, Infatuation, love, obsession Aug 1st
Desirable Friend Poem joewillard 1 friendship Aug 1st
Losing Love Poem joewillard breakup, heartbreak, Lost love Aug 1st
Bikram Yoga in December Poem joewillard Bigram, Fitness, Health, Yoga Aug 1st
Adulthood Poem joewillard adulthood, maturity, parent appreciation, parent resentment, self destruction, self discipline Aug 1st
I Am the Devil Poem MissSaigon 4 relationships Aug 1st
ENGULFED Poem emmenay Haiku Poetry Aug 1st
AUTHORING YOU (BE YOUR OWN SHAKESPEARE) Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 1st
I am Poem Betty_charlene Aug 1st
Mama You Are Poem Betty_charlene Aug 1st
Contrary Love Poem battlepink Aug 1st
Hues Poem kwagner89 failed relationships Aug 1st
I Will Haunt You Poem kwagner89 Aug 1st
Still With Me Poem kwagner89 2 summer love Aug 1st
ineptitude Poem SSmoothie 5 Aug 1st
Space Between Us In The Dark Poem Silver__lining Aug 1st
Leave You With Your Stuff Poem Silver__lining Aug 1st
The incredible chicken Poem randyjohnson funny Aug 1st
Can't Be Concerned Poem Silver__lining Aug 1st
I Just Want You Poem Silver__lining Aug 1st
Growing & Learning Poem Silver__lining Aug 1st
Fake Thoughts Are Something To Share? Poem Silver__lining Aug 1st
A Crime That Isn't Even Mine Poem Silver__lining Aug 1st
Somehow Poem Silver__lining Aug 1st
Secular Butterfly Poem joewillard 3 butterfly, caterpillar, religion, secular Aug 1st
MISTY HOPE Poem emmenay 1 Haiku Poetry Aug 1st
LIGHT OF TRUTH Poem emmenay Haiku Poetry Aug 1st
LIFE AND LOVE Poem emmenay An allegorical love poem Aug 1st
Being Myself Poem Callesimo insecurity Aug 1st
Rest Poem Callesimo fear of isolation Aug 1st
SNAP. CRACKLE, POP Poem battlepink Aug 1st
HELP! Poem Seraphim 1 Angels, Apathy, broken, death, Demons, Depression, Desperate, failing, falling, God, help, Hopeless, Life, Loneliness, lost, love, Lust, save Aug 1st
My Heart Poem MisguidedButNot... Aug 1st
Apply Thyself to Reading Timothy Poem blumentopf Aug 1st
Another Unknown Soldier Poem SoulKritiC Suicide Aug 1st
Man's Three Priorities (Procreate, Protect, Provide) Poem joewillard 2 Man's priorities, procreate, protect, provide Aug 1st
QUIZZICAL EXPRESSIONS Poem beaconzbard Aug 1st
The One That Got Away Poem metaphorist Aug 1st
A Woman with Heart Renewed Poem metaphorist Aug 1st
Birthday Wish Poem metaphorist 2 Aug 1st
The Truth Poem cheater Aug 1st
You Choose Poem Reglion Aug 1st
stained feet (a year in a day) Poem redpyramid9000 Aug 1st
In the wake of suicide Poem Shadow_season America, death, Facsim, freedom, liberty, neglect Aug 1st
Tumble Elocution Poem Sivus conversation, love, People, romance Aug 1st
Mastodon Poem mrpoofs 3 Aug 2nd
LIVE MAS Poem AirAm Aug 2nd
So Far Poem Silver__lining Aug 2nd
All I Want Tonight Poem Silver__lining Aug 2nd
Mission Accomplished Poem Silver__lining Aug 2nd
I Miss Her The Most Poem Silver__lining Aug 2nd
With An Emotion This Strong Poem Silver__lining Aug 2nd
As Long As You're Fine Poem Silver__lining Aug 2nd
Over The Millions of Heartbreaks Poem Silver__lining Aug 2nd
Puppet Poem Snow 1 puppet Aug 2nd
Love to kill Poem Snow 1 kill, love, to Aug 2nd
Snakes By The Fire Poem SoulKritiC trust Aug 2nd
Unspindled Poem thelohaspiral Aug 2nd
Fallin for you Poem Snow Fallin, Hate, love Aug 2nd
Synthesizer Music; Animals are Free Poem SoulKritiC 1 be careful what you wish for Aug 2nd
Unspindling Poem thelohaspiral Aug 2nd
the price you pay Poem SSmoothie 1 Aug 2nd
Dunivant. Poem CaspertheUnfriendly 2 bitches, History, whatever. Aug 2nd
Too late for Apologies Poem ADAPT Aug 2nd
the right way Poem SSmoothie 7 Aug 2nd
VULGARITY Poem profrksingh 1 heaven, memory, Moon, nudity Aug 2nd
A Daughter's Uncertainty Poem LoveMe93 2 Aug 2nd
she loves me Poem joewillard Aug 2nd
It was the 4th of December Poem Stkelly72888 1 love, relationship Aug 2nd
IT'S THE SMILE Poem CRIS Forgiveness, hurtful words, Pain Aug 2nd
A WORTHWHILE REALITY Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 2nd
Words Poem tweety_32 Aug 2nd
Forgive and forget can I Poem tweety_32 Aug 2nd
Saving Yourself Poem metaphorist Aug 2nd
Baring Our Souls Poem metaphorist Aug 2nd
Your Flaws Poem metaphorist Aug 2nd
When I Die - Part 1 Poem joewillard Cremation, death, Outer Space, Testament, Will and Testimony Aug 2nd
Taking a Heart Inventory Poem metaphorist Aug 2nd
Dreams Poem Fallen_Cloud dreams, fantasy Aug 2nd
Wasted Youth Poem Fallen_Cloud CRIME, Drugs, Life, Societal issues Aug 2nd
Passed Poem poet610 Aug 2nd
Out of Body Experience "Sex Me" Poem mathistj Aug 2nd
Search Prose joshomac 1 Aug 2nd
The truth of mens dream Poem secrets Aug 3rd
One last story. Poem dolphin 1 Aug 3rd
My regretful retreat Poem Captivate_my_in... 1 Loved lost Aug 3rd
I am a ghost Poem Captivate_my_in... Aug 3rd
A Future Like Eternity. Poem ChristinaConduit 1 Aug 3rd
FOR YOU Poem chadwick blue, body, deep, Faith, happy, Hope, love, mind, relationship, sad, soul, thouthful Aug 3rd
PRETTY RAD COLLAB Poem poetic-cosmo Aug 3rd
ETHEREAL JOY Poem emmenay Haiku Poetry Aug 3rd
MY FRIEND ABOVE Poem emmenay A spiritual poem Aug 3rd
Uniquely Me Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 3rd
Sonnet #1 - Words to live by Poem joewillard breathing, exercise, Health, meditation, Sonnet, Stress, words to live by Aug 3rd
white noise Poem SSmoothie 2 Aug 3rd
Dynamic Poem cookiekwon Aug 3rd
Alone Poem Moods Aug 3rd
star of my own private joke. xx Poem SSmoothie 1 Aug 3rd
Closed Poem Callesimo pride unwilling to admit weakness Aug 3rd
Are you...? Poem Callesimo Questioning Life Aug 3rd
My Response To Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 3rd
Three Sisters Poem battlepink Aug 3rd
Facing a Nightmare Poem battlepink 4 Aug 3rd
Music of the Night Poem Valhjim Beauty, billows, ciphers, crickets, dress, jewel, love, Moon, Mystery, night, spell, water, Zephyr Aug 3rd
All by yourself Poem ChryWizard 6 alone, by yourself, Lonely, Lost love Aug 3rd
It's Only Love (And Love Should Be Free) Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Aug 3rd
Unique Like You And Me Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 3rd
I wish Poem NightPollen Aug 3rd
I Am Who I Am Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 3rd
The Truth That Lies Within You And Me Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 3rd
Decide For Yourself Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 3rd
Destiny, Dichotomy, Uncertainty. Poem ChristinaConduit Aug 3rd
To Love and Hold Close Poem NightPollen 2 Aug 3rd
Orter Cisum Poem Fallen_Cloud Earlier Time, Music, old age Aug 3rd
Can't get you off my mind Poem AirAm 2 Aug 3rd
Trout Face Soup Prose owlcrkbrg 1 Aug 3rd
A History of Potato Salad Prose owlcrkbrg 1 Aug 3rd
An Encounter With Rails Prose owlcrkbrg 1 Aug 3rd
a play ground Prose sparks 1 Aug 3rd
Ondine: A Tale of the Sea Prose Valhjim bewitched, cabin, creatures, deep, fisherman, girl, Ire, love, magic, melody, Music, Mystery, ocean, sea, Song, wave Aug 3rd
Lunar Eclipse Prose furgeson1 by Juliet Aug 3rd
Earth to Tim Prose furgeson1 by Juliet Aug 3rd
Enter Solar System Prose furgeson1 Aug 3rd
Eating Avocado Prose furgeson1 Aug 3rd
Cool Sun Prose furgeson1 Aug 3rd
Killer Whales Prose furgeson1 Aug 3rd
Children Running Prose furgeson1 Aug 3rd
Mountain, Rock Prose furgeson1 Aug 3rd
Forest Green Prose furgeson1 Aug 3rd
Kayaking Prose furgeson1 Aug 3rd
Road trip Prose furgeson1 Aug 3rd
Road Trip Prose furgeson1 by Juliet Aug 3rd
Killer Whales (2) Prose furgeson1 Aug 3rd
New Friends Prose furgeson1 Aug 3rd
Old Friend Prose furgeson1 Aug 3rd
Dear Sister Poem cherry_blossom 4 Aug 4th
love notes on the wind Poem SSmoothie 16 Aug 4th
Anticipation Poem AirAm Aug 4th
Little Thoughts Poem lostblonde72 borderline personality disorder, BPD, doubts, fears, Hopes Aug 4th
Its My Bed and I'll Have to Lie In It Poem Moonshadow 1 Aug 4th
Hands (The Atlantic) Poem life_used_to_be... 1 Aug 4th
Cloudy Heart Poem mth610 Aug 4th
formless Poem cherishfaith flow of consciousness questioning truth and the universe abstract thought Aug 4th
I'm right here, waiting. Poem Jrestik 2 Aug 4th
Something New Poem cherishfaith 2 divine and mystical love of God, erato--goddess of love, galaxy, Generators, love, new Aug 4th
My Unrevealed Love! Poem Lovely_1124 a secret love Aug 4th
MISSING MY FRIENDS AND LOVE ON A RAINY DAY Poem emmenay Inspirational Aug 4th
wish upon a star cross me off the list Poem SSmoothie 2 Aug 4th
I Am The One Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 4th
All The Hate In The World (Will Never Be Enough To Make Me Stop Believing) Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 4th
I Want A World (That Is Truly Free) Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 4th
PLEASURED HANDS Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 4th
Whoever You Are always Take Pride Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 4th
Evolving Lies Poem trumpet7 Aug 4th
Dear Dad Poem Elfy 1 Aug 4th
Long Live Those Who Fight For The Rights Of Everybody Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 4th
Sister Poem life_used_to_be... 1 Aug 4th
Love More Hate Less Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 4th
Spark Poem cherry_blossom 2 Aug 4th
i love you bro Poem Elfy 1 Aug 4th
Footnote: Fugue, Counterpoint, Upon Her Feet Poem S74rw4rd 2 Aug 4th
no such thing as a wasted day Poem cherishfaith 2 a days never wasted, crazy feeling emotions and energy so intense, i miss my grandma, this is life! Aug 4th
feelings so intense Poem cherishfaith 2 Aug 4th
unfinished atm Poem Elfy 1 Aug 5th
Buoy. Poem CaspertheUnfriendly LOL. Aug 5th
She Said: "Come back to me" Poem Grey_ist Aug 5th
Confused Poem Grey_ist Aug 5th
Now You Know Poem creativehue10 Aug 5th
WHEN A DREAM SMILES AT ME Poem emmenay Inspirational life hope faith dreams Aug 5th
Sun, Soil, and Water Poem JacksonI Aug 5th
When you do the right thing Poem SSmoothie 2 Aug 5th
My Beautiful One Poem creativehue10 Aug 5th
Within Your Graces Poem wishful_thinking Aug 5th
Discovery of the Silent Goddess Poem rblack952 meditation, Spirituality Aug 5th
I Have a Voice Poem rblack952 Aug 5th
Addiction Poem piper0922 Aug 5th
Allowed Poem piper0922 Aug 5th
A Voice Poem rblack952 Spitituality Aug 5th
Allusion Poem piper0922 Aug 5th
Angel Poem piper0922 Aug 5th
The Hole Remains Poem rblack952 Depression Aug 5th
Night time secrets Poem Simply_georgous12 Aug 5th
There are Times. Poem rblack952 Aug 5th
Cartographer Poem Sivus Good Memories, Life, Lost love, love, past Aug 5th
Anger Poem piper0922 1 Aug 5th
Blank Poem piper0922 Aug 5th
Primal God Poem rblack952 Green Man, Pagan, wicca Aug 5th
As Much Poem Silver__lining Aug 5th
Self - Realization Poem rblack952 self-confidence Aug 5th
Bring Him Back to Me Poem piper0922 Aug 5th
I Don't Talk About Pain Poem Silver__lining Aug 5th
LONDON Poem emmenay Aug 5th
Someday I Will Poem rblack952 love Aug 5th
Coming Poem piper0922 Aug 5th
Back To Last October Poem Silver__lining Aug 5th
Silence Poem rblack952 1 Aug 5th
A Soul Miss Poem Silver__lining Aug 5th
Cursed Poem piper0922 Aug 5th
Here I Am Poem rblack952 Self - Confidence Aug 5th
Love Does Last Poem Silver__lining Aug 5th
Try All For A Few Perfects Poem Silver__lining Aug 5th
Dear Ghosts of My Past Poem Silver__lining Aug 5th
Darkness Poem piper0922 Aug 5th
Drifting Poem piper0922 Aug 5th
Effect Poem piper0922 Aug 5th
Even Before They Come.. Poem piper0922 Aug 5th
Even More Poem piper0922 Aug 5th
The Ballad of the Dedicated Coconut Poem Lovina57 2 Ballad, coconut, end of the world, fruits, random, story, Tragedy Aug 5th
A Family Tradition Poem piper0922 Aug 5th
Father Poem piper0922 Aug 5th
My Very Last Poem Poem cjkrieger love, POETRY, sleeplessness Aug 5th
PETALED FIELDS Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 5th
Fear Poem piper0922 Aug 5th
Feel Poem piper0922 Aug 5th
For You Poem piper0922 Aug 5th
I Don't Poem piper0922 Aug 5th
Magical Nite Poem piper0922 Aug 5th
Mom Poem piper0922 Aug 5th
Come Monday Poem NightPollen Aug 5th
Nuances: Undead Poem S74rw4rd 1 Aug 5th
The Unexplainable Poem Callesimo confusing love Aug 5th
Nothing Compared Poem Callesimo sidekick Aug 5th
God or man, Stand up. Poem Damnedifidont 1 annoyed at the world, saving, Social Commentary, world is shit Aug 6th
Sailors Voices Poem vckyftzgrld Aug 6th
Auroras of Tomorrow Poem vckyftzgrld Aug 6th
I will Worship you Poem fighter4life Aug 6th
A drop of beyond golden light Poem SSmoothie 2 Aug 6th
My First Love Poem krisharbor5526 first poem love relationships Aug 6th
Unthinkable part 1 Poem krisharbor5526 -LovePoem- Aug 6th
Actions vs Words Poem iamJay0h Actions, Think Aug 6th
Symphony of the Grand Whatevers Poem dampsoup 2 numbness void of feeling alone no hope Aug 6th
The One You Cant Have Poem Mcd1794 1 -LovePoem- Aug 6th
The Truth About Music, Art, and Creativity Poem LittleLennonGurl Aug 6th