Profiteering, Abuse, Neglect At US Nursing & Assisted Living Facilities

First Do No Harm
In 1968 Antony Armstrong-Jones published a documentary "Don't Count
The Candles"
the tragedy of senior confinement. An 80 year old man was taken against his
will to a nursing home.
One scene showed him wistfully looking out the window as his relative left,
one silent tear
sliding down his cheek.


NPR's Ina Jaffe reported in 2020 that many nursing and assisted living

institutions are running

on a shoestring, with understaffing while money is siphoned to owners'
pockets, owners who ask
Medicaid and Medicare for more money.


1. Excessive Profiteering B H Gray writes that 75% of these facilities are

now for-profit ones.

2. Shoestring understaffing causes neglect and sometimes premature death.

3. The lack of ethical supervision from federal agencies, owners, and managers

generates abuse from

yelling at residents to physical assaults, chemical and physical restraints.

4a. Substandard food is a complaint across the US. Some facilities are

spending as little as $6.00 a

day per person, less than prisons. At one national chain, wilted lettuce salads,

an occasional banana,

say residents, are the some total of the 'fresh food'.

4b. In many assisted living and nursing homes as well as hospitals and prisons,

kosher, halal,

vegetarian and vegan food is difficult to obtain.

5. Noise .. talking and laughing loudly during midnight shift Loud sounds

interfere with the sleep and

health of residents.

6. Constant interruptions which wake up residents who don't want breakfast or

are napping

or on the phone etc.

7. Incarceration Living behind locked doors without the freedom to leave is


8. Lack of privacy, including conjugal rights

9. Theft

10. Denial of the right to refuse medication or vaccines. In the last 4 years, NPR
reports, the right to refuse dangerous antipsychotic drugs has declined.

The FDA requires a label on

antipsychotics (which should be called propsychotics) warning of possible

homicides or suicides.

Many of these medications cause a permanent shaking, the medical term

abbreviated to 'tardiff'.

11. The right to refuse breakfast because residents have never eaten breakfast

or because they

want to sleep is not honored.

12. Abuse of Durable Power of Attorney

13. Premature Deaths: Poor air filtration systems, food poisoning, constant

noise and interruptions,

nurse and caregiver understaffing, abuse, isolation, and confinement

depression are some factors of

high death rates in assisted living and nursing home facilities.

14 Conflict of interest: Some facilities are owned by physicians who have a

profit motive in filling

empty rooms, turning their temporary patients into
permanent residents.

15. There are virtually no black residents in these expensive jails, despite

the fact that many
residents are on Medicaid

16 Isolation, says the AARP, is a factor in premature deaths among

residents in these facilities..

17 One doctor, a major investor in a new very expensive assisted living place,

could not fill the empty

rooms because of the cost. A wealthy older patient tried to change physicians.

He obtained a medical

power of attorney, had him institutionalized. When he worked to get an

attorney, the doctor took away
his phone, telling staff he had to learn to accept his situation, had all his mail

sent to him, and

cancelled all visitors. Whenever the resident objected to staff, he was given

an antidepressant against

his will. After 9 months, tardiff dyskinesia was apparent, a constant shaking.

The prison

had turned into a Bastille.

18. Some health authorities question the prioritization of these facilities for

resident vaccines, since

these are often the most immune challenged or those with the most preexisting

conditions, and

therefore those most likely to have lethal side effects.

19.  Well meaning relatives, relatives who want to protect the assets of a

parent or

other relatives, can kill the Spirit of another. Nursing homes


and assisted living places have very high rates of death.

20. Unfortunately many of these places treat residents like cattle, forcing them

to go to be weighed, to go to bingo or worship services or singalongs, ordering

them back to their rooms if they are visiting others, etc. So many lose the desire

to live, while existing in these places, that the buildings become slaughterhouses.

Profiteering and neglect
Poor Quality Food

Federal court strikes down hospital practice of refusing care
Residents Not Allowed to Refuse Dangerous Antipsychotics
Nursing Home Theft
Abuse of power of attorney\
ACLU on aspects of nursing homes
Violations of Privacy
Racial Disparities



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The Elephant in My Cell

You came at a bad time.

A terribly, terribly bad time.

You showed up the moment I couldn’t stand to touch you.

I was afraid you were never going to come.

I should have been glad you came, but why am I not relieved?

Is it that crippling fear that the moment I touch you, you fade away like a ghost?

Is it that you might be a whistleblower looking for an insecurity to use against me later?

Or is it that you are trying to distract me from tending to my garden before it dies of thirst?


I want to shout, “Why didn’t you come sooner?!”

I want to shout, “Where were you when I needed you most?!”

I want to yell at the top of my lungs, “Would it kill you to tell me what’s driving you away from me?!!”

But I am too nice. Too kind and gentle to scream and point to the elephant in the room.

The very elephant that a sorcerer pulled out of his hat and crippled both of my limbs.


I never wanted to call for help because it reinforces the notion that I should still be in high school.

I’ve crawled around all year avoiding the other teenage drama queens that worship dragons.

Seems like they forgot that dragons like to steal our fortunes and our hearts. Before they eat them.


Spending time with my open-minded little brother has planted a seed of doubt in my head.

A seed that gets me thinking that all love does to me is waste my time experimenting with false hope.


My imaginary nights with a fallen angel goes along the lines of;

“Yes, yes, honey, shower me with hugs and kisses. Oh, my love, how I yearn for you.

Pleasure me with your lust until the water in your veins runs out and you become a raisin.

Only then, will I toss you in the sun and wonder why the hell I’ve never gotten lucky.”

When will the water cycle end for the both of us?

What compels Venus to bewitch me to make bad choices?

Why else do you think independent seekers with degrees in hand avoid commitment?

Our grandparents and parents are more patient than our generation is now

Because compared to us, they tended to their gardens and their raisins.

You did a bang-up job tending to me by showering me with promises you can’t keep,

With complex wisdom about human nature, stories of your struggle to get your education over with,

And the snuggles and touches that I wished were real more than the chains I dream of shattering.


You’ve made this game look so easy, you know?

All that had impressed me about you lately is how you’ve lured me into your arms,

Only to neglect me without warning when the sun was at its hottest.

Part of me does not wish to see you go because I tolerate the pain that your absence has left behind.

You scarcely have time on your hands, but would you care to join me for a cup of jasmine tea?

It won’t take long. What I want to know next is what else is new that you have yet to tell me?

Your Father's Mess!

Consistently calling me disrupting my work day just to tell me your father was really ill was a terrible mistake!

He was your father in action but a stranger to me; my well being he would always forsake!

How dare you expect me to stop what I was doing to bend over backwards for a man who always showed he didn't care about me?!?

My response mirrored his lack of concern for my life; and I don't give a fuck if you disagree!

He chose to be present in your life while absent in my life so don't act surprised that I am not really impacted by his departure!

He is gone now so you don't have any reason to  contact me any further!

You had the nerves to contact me and suggest that I was responsible for trying to establish a relationship with your child neglecting dad!

The fact that you even think like that validates our lack of sibling relationship should continue to make me glad!

You disgust me and I am done with any involvement I was previously entertaining with you!

You have shown your true colors now your limited chapter in my life is also through!

You attempted to clean up your father's mess instead of staying in your lane!

For you to ever try to re-unite with me would substantiate  that you're




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based on a true story involving the interactions preceding and after the death of my birth father Tuesday  August 14, 2018.

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Let me see you again

Pretty face

Affable and sweet

Accept my invitation

Take the adjacent seat


Talk to me about your art and studies 

The music you love 

All that you find funny


And in our limited time together, consider my regret

I never told you about your eyes

Your beautiful hair

Or your apparent intellect


That when you left me that day, you never left my memory

That I dreamed about you since the day that you met me


That I suppressed my feelings, for fear of rejection

And I pushed them so far down, I forgot where I had left them


I will remain fond of you always and indefinitely

And in my absence I hope that you still think about me

I hope that you think about the laughs we shared and the connection I sought


I hope that you turn my way, when you're looking for a friend

I hope that you still trust me

And let me see you again

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Job Prospects

Job Prospects

By jfarrell


I helped a milkman on his milk-round;

My first job; I must have been about 8;

The milkman, my mum and dad,

Sat in the pub, one night;

Discussing my job prospects.


Dad went home his usual time;

Work in the morning;

“I think your son’s got a great future as a milkman;

Wanna come back to my place and talk about it?”

Well, why not?


An hour later finds me walking home ‘alone’;

Alone means….

Ten yards behind me my younger sister is screaming at mum;

Who is naked.

Because that’s how we got thrown out of the milkman’s house.


The beep-beep “lovely tits” from caveman motorists;

The lights in windows going on;

And faces pressed to the glass;

And the only prayer I can plead

Is “don’t see me, don’t see me”.


Along the main road;

Past the pub we’d left;

Past our school;

Onto our estate;

My sister screaming names I don’t need to mention.


My going to school next day was like a Clint Eastwood western;

Joyful sounds, giggling, kids playing;

I walk into the playground and….

Silence - blessed silence - for all of ten seconds;

Then chants and jeers.


I got bullied a lot at school, still can’t work out why.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

cognitive behavioural therapy says how i feel about this is, is my choice - forgive me, but i strongly disagree

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I Am Free

I was a stone, skipping frantically over the water’s surface, only to sink to the unending depths, choking; desperate.

I was a leaf, briefly flashing stunning hue, then tumbling from the tree, slowly swirling to meet the hard, cold ground.

I was the setting sun, incredible beauty, bands of soft and radiant color, only to slip into the horizon, greeting the pitch of night.

I was a bird, soaring the open azure skies, only to be brought down with a violent arrow; overwhelming agony.

I was a rose, fragrant, full of life, breaking out of the bud, but petals soon fall, I crumble.

Never inhaling, loving warmth withheld, fear of the dark, the unknown, unbearable pain, shattered.  I felt, despaired, experienced; yet battled.  I was broken, but yet not…I fought, I rallied, finally breaking the chains that bound; unfettered. 


I am free! 

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stumbling over garden

filled with dilapidated daisies

into a web of subconscious 

emotional beating

pleasure fleeting

as the petals fly


twirling in your own neglection 

neglection of self

tending to the other flowers

forgetting your own health


shifting sunhats

to cover up your eyes

woven in same subconscious

delayed response; washed out by light


Honey bees kissing flowers

You swat them as they speak

Off to steal their livelihood

Just to sweeten up your tea


stumbled over garden

filled with tiny weeds

into a field of subconscious

"all these weeds look like me"


and the familiarity is leaving

as the fall takes sight

a stain of subconscious

an existence lurking in the freckle in your eye


Posies leaking from your pocket

Flowers stay here to die

a garden of subconscious

a perennial spite


a drought of subconscious

weeds don’t know how to die

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human beings

He never asked for anything,

Because he couldn't, he was mute,

But everyone would speak for him,

They would make demands 

About what he wanted,

Without really ever knowing,

And I always wondered why,

If he could communicate for real,

Then why didn't they teach him 

To read, type, blink, or sign,

And I decided that maybe

They liked him just as he was,

And I could never decide whether or not

That was good or bad,

But I still always think about him,

And more often in the winter,

The season of the year when he died,

Because in his death,

His life surely came full circle.







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The Way Of Ignorance

All this time,

You were thinking 

I had nothing to say,

The cockamamie way of

Those who blind you,

Blurring your reality,

Bringing you only

What is meant for you to 












Act on,






It is such 

An Intentional

Violation to

Your being,

And to society

As a whole, 

The obsession with




The removal

Of free-thought,


With malicious intent,


Infects us all,

And strips away,

Chiseling at all

That inspires








And self-worth

Of the individual

Destroying any and all

Human rights.




The awareness

Of Divinity,

















All lost at everyone's cost.




To know,

To see,

And possess








And achieve




As it exists in 


The Ethics of Human Rights,


Is not possible


Under this 


Blindfold of deceit.




But the law 

Of opposites

Tells me,

That one must 

First know 

What having a veil

Over their eyes



Before knowing 


It is 




3:51 PM 6/30/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: