Rock Concert

Animal Rights
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Outdoor rock concert
... in the meadow cars park...
crickets, ground nesting birds,
frogs and butterflies...
seldom survive


-saiom shriver-


Do You Fear The Night?

Nature / Folder 1

And why? That is what I would ask.

The night, with its chirping crickets,

That echo in the moonlight,

The night, with the stillness of the stars that suck you into their rapture,

They whisper sweet secrets of the universe,
Secrets that you hear, but are forbidden to listen to....

The night that swallows your pride whole,
And with one shivering blustery warm breeze,
Melts away your arrogance,
As you sink deep into the smallness of your place,

Your space,
that cradles your earthly form...


Do you fear the night?



Copyright 2012 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About the warmth and peacefulness of the night.

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Music of the Night

Love and Romance

Here, on this side of the valley, the night
spreads her jeweled dress upon the ancient
lake beneath the Autumn moon.

I can hear the lapping of the waves upon
the grassy banks, while Zephyr dances
on the diamond-crested billows, and crickets

chirp their strange songs to the stars.

Here, on this side of the valley, the night
spreads her mystery of ages upon the lives
of men, sparkling ciphers over cloudless

sable skies, as she has wont to do since
Time first was and man and woman fell
in love beneath a bright new moon,

spell-bound, as we now are, by
breathless beauty and the music

of the night.

--(c) Copyrght Jim Valero, 2012.

Indistinguishable Chirps

Each night I am lulled asleep
by a sea of nameless chirping crickets.
All of whom, tells stories of their children.
“Bobby just learned how to ride a bike,
Jane and I couldn’t help but laugh
as we chased after him.”

“And after I gave the presentation
Mr. Hughes gave me a promotion.”

“My homework is boring but
my dishwasher is broken and
I had to go swimming across the lake
but I was laid off of work today.”

I am comforted at night
by indistinguishable chirps.