Its My Bed and I'll Have to Lie In It


These sheets are still chrisp
and the scent of you still lingers
I think about the deep probing of my
Soul that brought nothing to the surface
Oh how you tried. I tried too.
It was a relief from the intensity
to finally come, though you wouldn't let me,
a tickle of delight just shuddered through me
I can't wipe this smile, it was as if you could read my body
Every pulse every tightly circling grip around your cock
Tell me you said, tell me why were doing this?
And my refusal to answer
Was chided with a pounding thrust
demanding answers that
Almost brought me to the cusp,
then sensing what I wanted in total needy and shameless fashion,
you withdrew?; and in that long pull out motion
Left my chasm aching for you
and when I obeyed a little was met with
Another torturous cycle,
with a tirade of rapturous mounting tortures
with flicking tounges and ruthless hands,
threatening teeth drawing truths out of me; all but one.
And with a smirk in your face, a devilish grin,
the cruellest cut at the brink of those words
pulsating from my mouth you pulled out,
unfinished grabbed your clothes and walked right out.
Unfinished, without a word you were nothing but a curiosity
when you came in and some how Managed
to invade my body and pull out half my soul.
This isn't over. I was a fool to think for me it would be .
The scent of our entwinement lingers in these sheets.
What have I done? Was he the one? my fingers resting
Caressed and filled the aching void and finished what I had begun.
I contemplated what you had done,
that has now chained me to you,
inspite of ourselves what we just did.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Draft on I pad will fix soon !

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This is a fantastic write!

This is a fantastic write! The description the story telling you make the sex sound so interesting! Interesting isn't the right word at all! It was amazing! I could not stop reading it! Great write! Cheers and Congrats SS

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