self discipline


That difference in result that I expect,
offered from another's intellect,
had showed me it might pay to be insane,
should my repeated actions gather fame.


The answer to my self destructive ways,

a question gone unanswered countless days,
Crying to the sowers of this seed,
a burden now with which I have been freed,


Freed to be the master of this game,
Freed from the need to complain or pass blame,
Freed from the need to suffer from my pain,
Freed to accept the pavers of this path,
To take the wheel, steer clear of wrath,


Chaos and discomfort I shall own,
as tools for the foundation of my home.

The time has come for me to love myself,

and thank the dealer for the cards I'm dealt.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Through the experience of another, I realized in the blink of an eye the root of my self destructive ways. That being a resentment towards my parents for their failure to properly discipline me. The gift I received from this realization is the ability to accept my past; to love, appreciate and respect my parents, and to take charge of my own discipline going forward.

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