Carrots 'Untimely Ripped'

Fruit Tree Poems


Carrots are 'untimely ripped' from the ground..
Zucchini, squash, green beans, avocado, tomatoes
all bean species, peas, nonGMO corn etc are gifts dropped onto the lap of Mother Earth.
Unlike animal & fish flesh, eggs, dairy, vegetables, only
fruitarian foods contain seeds for future plants.

While all other foods are derived from killing or stealing, only fruits, nuts, seeds, and berries are presents.

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The streets are clean 

But only by the street sweeper

Our hearts are open 

But only for the surgeon 

Our minds are sponges 

But only for social media 

Our passions are set for justice 

But only for the social warriors 

9 rules of temperament 





Self -control 






10 perfect laws tempered with mercy 

Is all we need 

To create a world really worth living in. 


I wish you could see it with me instead of against me.

We are the same but our eyes see differenly.

I love you.

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The Ballad of the Dedicated Coconut

It's a world of destruction
And violent splendor
Where the earth is ruled
By the law of the blender
A world of darkness
& twisted mesh
Of the blender's path
Of blended flesh.

They’ve blinded the world
With utter delusion
As their spinning blades spin
A web of confusion
As long as we do nothing
They’ll just keep on winning
As all we know dies
& their blades keep on spinning

Though many remain
In the devastated city
Fear for our lives
Outweighs compassion & pity
They’ve blended our hope,
And fed off our fear
We grow fewer & fewer
Our fate is clear

The sun is now setting,
My vision is blurring
But silence is shattered
By the blenders whirring
They don't move alone
Always in great numbers
They shadow the horizon
We awake from our slumber

With fruits vs. blender
We don't stand a chance
The ends growing near
As we dance the last dance
One by one those beside me
Are being replaced
With blended fruit juices
& grinded fruit paste

My mind is devastated
My eyes are shut
When I hear the sound
Of the dedicated coconut
We clap & cheer
As our coconut defender
Smashes and crashes
Through many a blender

Victory is near
The battle almost complete
When the blenders suddenly
Resign & retreat
We thank the coconut
For saving our lives
When the blenders return
With forks & knives

I saw his face drop
But his cry pierced the night
“We don't have to win,
All we must do is fight.”
The words echoed, then,
One fatal blow, swift and dull
Descended & cleaved
Through the coconuts skull

Time seemed to stop
As eternity passed by
All things must end,
Stars burn out, heroes die…
My fate is not delegated,
I'm not stuck in a rut,
I will fight to the end,
Like the dedicated coconut.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So this is completely random. You don't even wanna know where the idea for this came from...