Algol; red star of light

Shining upper bright.

Eclipsing binary star,

Beta Persei B

Beta Persei A

And being the third star:

Beta Persei C.


Algol meaning ghoul;

Translated as Demon.

Evil reputation

Of all stars in the skyline.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mythos poem.

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Alpha Tauri:

Red or orange star.

Constellation Taurus,

Being really, really far.



The Demon-Star.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mythos poem.

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Galactic Love

My Everything

The weight of your eyes

Are upon me.

I cant help but be transparent. 

You undress me 

Without my clothes ever falling

You discover bits of me

Like Im all the stars in your galaxy

Day after day 

Our universe grows larger

I am the black hole

Bringing you in and never letting go

Taking you places

That dreams never dared


 How unfortunate you are, my dear,

So far, so alone.

Does the darkness consume you?

Does it make you it's own?


We live and we die,

But yours is the most beautiful of deaths.

The whole galaxy envied you you,

It saw your potential, even in death.


You graffitied the facade of black in soliloquy,

Oh how beautifully you vandalised the night.

It was never the blackness that consumed you,

Darkness is but an absence of light.


But you still insist that it consumed you,

It shadowed your beauty, your song-

Then tell me why it is that I hear music,

From your death, your inaudible song?

Endless Spiral Into the Night


Endless spiral reaches into the night. 
Reason by endless spirit is transgressed. 
Ignorance is bliss so blinded is sight.
Endless spiral reaches into the night.
And boundless sorrow will remain repressed, 
While shimmering white stars do shine so bright.
Endless spiral reaches into the night.
And solemn souls' sadness remains suppressed. 
Sealed by shining angels' tears for respite.
Endless spiral reaches into the night.
And sacred joy by the angels is blessed.
While endless whirls spread through sky like a blight.
Endless spiral reaches into the night.
And with joy souls become slowly obsessed. 
While darkness takes the sky in lovely flight.
Endless spiral reaches into the night.
And endless joy doth fade slowly in plight.
And by split emotions souls are so stressed.
Endless spiral reaches into the night.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

A villanelle about a vibrant spiral galaxy. I am aware it doesn't completely fit the form.

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Something New

Wrapped up in a galaxy of stars that was formed by your breath.
I am only the reflection of the sun against warm glass.
Every word you speak is tiring,
so much effort to think there's any point to anything.
All I want to know is the light point in your eyes.
So teach me something new kus I've seen it all a million times.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My Human Design revealed to me so much truth within. Its like everyday is a new discovery of true self. Another present to opened and revealed from within me :) another gift I was not aware of until that present moment :) love.


The ancients spoke of the day of darkness; the last age; the day
when the end of worlds would swallow the galaxy, and would
tear apart our dimension. The children of the old ways feared
the demise of our world and the age. Many prophets warned of man's arrogance
and belief of his place and power in the universe, looking beyond their own
time, and long fearing their words would be forgotten to the ages.
Unless even one discovers their words, the darkness beyond darkness would
come. Even in the hours of demise, hope still exists.

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"For Lady Jeanne Guyon....great mystic"

My Work

“Hope scans the galaxy;
mirrored blinded Light.
Lying to a throat that’s parched,
dreams, familiar curse.
Novel, writer’s travesty;
heroine loses fight.
Sword piercing weakened heart;
summons vulture thirst.
Insane from the blessing;
choking on Your silence;
still, I am kneeling.
in Your favorite pose.
Memories transgressing,
upon Your theme of violence,
Breaking in and stealing,
the thorn becomes the Rose.
Driven mad by guessing,
what’s behind the mask,
Questions are disruptive,
to godly imagery.
But,as we move, undressing;
I have learned, at last,
The thorns are more seductive,
than a rose could hope to be."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To all who REALLY know....

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Yestderday's News

Many doors shut loudly,
road blocks at every corner,
that path is ending.

Wrong decisions now ring bells,
right ones chime no angry tones,
a pendulum has been created.

Before, anything or anyone,
the holy one is contacted,
his power is supreme ruler.

Only love will reside in my heart,
hate and anger push it away,
no more lessons are necessary.

Having walked in the desert thirsty,
lost and alone for years,
seeking truth hidden in the ascetic records.

A powerful revelation has been revealed,
thoughts created our reality,
our words relay messages.

When doomsday arrives,
devastation shall be visible,
so I am creating heaven on earth.

Our deeds recorded in the hall of knowledge,
pure hearts showing wisdom to seek earnestly,
give up any earthly bondage and deny illusion.

This is all pretend and just a game,
the key is knowing how to play it,
hit a home run and move up the ladder.

Climb as high as possible in awareness,
push yourself to hear truth,
do not be deceived by the wicked one.

Time is drawing near as the clock ticks,
do you want to stay here and become a machine
or go home to the promised land?

Clones are now being made to replace you,
stand up for Jesus, love and heaven,
a paradise awaits all believers.

Save earth from being destroyed,
refuse to give into fear and hate,
let light shine within you.

The galaxy reaches out to every star,
soon we shall be able to astral travel,
a great awakening is coming.

Star wars is a moment away,
battle troops get out weapons,
mine is the refusal to deny truth.

Satan has had his day,
action plan placed in divine order,
get ready for Armageddon.

Keep the faith in a better life,
believe in the bible,
for every word is true.

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