Just For Fun

With night comes thoughts into my mind

Philosophically broad and deep

Why do I sit here counting fireflies

When I should be fast asleep?


What if Atlas shrugged

And Prometheus lied?

Enkidu lived

And Gilgamesh died?

Horus instead had been fried?

Anubis a coward who'd always hide?


What if we're all dead inside

And stay that way because of pride?


What is the difference between apples and oranges?

Why are patients so afraid of syringes?

Why must something go up, and then down

Why do the wealthy always seem to frown?


What I'm trying to say

I must protest

Whilst I stutter

And give it my best

That life is all-in-all a test

To live or die beyond our rest


Rest, rest, I wish I could

And if I could, I surely would

Some peace and quiet, I must confess

Would surely give this brain a rest


             ~ Sleep ~                         


Sleep continues eluding me
while thoughts of you keep pursuing,
stopping my dreams from unfolding 
& knowing dawn comes early,
it wakes me to reality 
knowing there will never be
what could've been, what might've been, 
& so I'm waiting, while pursuing
a kind of on-hold aching peace
filled with lingering remembering
wondering if you, too
are ever sleepless
thinking about me................................



Sleep calls to me, 
but my heart is just not listening,
as the overflow
keeps gently falling
like autumn rain 
on gardens still growing
though summer's come & gone already, 
with winter's soon arrival coming,
when the seed will finally fall & die
when you're no longer in my life
but in the one to come, & finally
home will be reality
as it always felt yet never could be
between us, as it was meant to be.....................



I love you more than I've let free,
it remains hidden within the depths of me,
as I let you go you're still in all I see,
but I know I must just let you be
while reaching yet withdrawing, all in disguise, 
it's expressing from my eyes & with my sighs,
yet words are never spoken freely,
truths are hidden, although I see
this love will never go away
until we do, & that's ok, 
love never ends, 
til we go home...
...I'll endure loving while alone...................



Sleep's the escape 
I need to find,
I cannot get you off my mind, 
but I know I must crucify
what's refusing to depart or die, 
so exhausted though I am right now
I will lay all this down somehow
& let His Spirit minister to my heart
that {even with His peace} is still torn apart,
only He knows the secrets within,
only He understands my secret sin,
only He can help me understand
what is & isn't in His plan,
so sleep, come find me, bring release
from words that circle, searching for peace.

~ Anastazia Rowe ~    
Oct. 30th, 4 am, 2017.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Take it all, Lord....cleanse & restore ONLY what is YOUR perfect will...
...mine is blind to how You see things tonight, 
so I let the rest fall into the ground & die like a grain of wheat,
fruitless 'til death comes & heals & transforms me ~


{G'nite, hopfully, at 4:30 am, almost...}

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Sleepless Night, Fat Cat

My dear, dear, fat cat,
you slept with me last night.


My dear, dear, fat cat,

you refused to let me sleep, last night.


My dear, dear, fat cat,

I am exausted from you last night.


My dear, dear, fat cat,

kneeding on my chest, last night,

I could barely breath.


My dear, dear, fat cat,

you may have been comfortable, last night,

but I really, truley was not!


My dear, dear, fat cat,

please let me sleep tonight!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem to my fat cat Pumpkin who wouldn't let me sleep 1/21/13.

She and my mom's cat decided to fight each other while on my chest, then she wouldn't let me get into a comfortable position.

Please let me know what you think!!!

Diary Of An Insomniac

For Ryan
Sleeplessness was never a problem;
Nighttime, I was never alone.
At 4 am, I'd hear your breathing
From the other line of the phone.
Heartbreak was never an issue,
Now my mind can never rest
Because I hardly hear a word from you;
I get two messages at best.
I never questioned my feelings before,
Now I don't think I'll ever be sane.
I would walk until my two feet bleed
Just to hear you say my name.
But instead we sit here silently,
Counting the passing days.
I've begun to worry that if we talk,
I won't have a word to say.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another poem for Ryan, which I've just written now, at 4 in the morning, when I have school in about 3 hours.

he's on my mind too often to sleep.

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My Very Last Poem

When the night wind blows
And I quietly sit alone
While the television hums in the background
Words come to me

Sad words of longing
And poetry that speaks of tenderness
I want to remember happier times
Your smiling face filled with laughter
That echo from places
Now so far, far away

Especially the sound of your voice
That I have dearly loved
And committed to memory
A voice you now share with others

So with these words
In this ungodly morning hour
I write my last poem
To you

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The last few nights
I‘ve been sleepless.

With my eyes closed,
I’m swimming.

Swimming in pools of pain,
pain that won’t go away.

I open my eyes, to try to get away,
but it follows anyways.

Because of you, I hurt so bad,
and my nights are sleepless.

No sleep,
my mind is going, nonstop.

I can’t settle down,
and it’s all because of you!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't exactly remember who I wrote this to/about...

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I lie awake at two AM

Tired as the day seems long

Yet, quite restless, I am


I know in a few hours time

I shall have to be at school

And then, even more, shall I whine


But for now sleep is unfathomable

To lie still in bed long enough to sleep

Sadly enough, I am not able


I wish I were for the hours pass

At, seemingly, a much higher pace

Than if I lie awake counting minutes past


Yawing, I do quite often

It is a sign of needed sleep

Maybe I shall try counting dolphins



Written on

April 23, 2001 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was one I wrote late at night because I couldnt sleep.

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