A drop of beyond golden light

Soul mates

The eyes you've held your soul from,
looked at me With that same soul connection I've ached for
since we lost it in the hectic, determined pace of life.
It was a tiny window of hope that opened up and let the heavens
with all the secrets of the universe rush right through!
Oh sweet Nervana! It is this that I,
for more than twenty years have waited for from you;
And here you are again finally!

lost and abandoned by all others who so stole you away from me at all hours daily,
then left you dry as you left me dry in our warm love sping, and that one raging fire,
that kept me warm, died down and but a small ember remained I protected.
The memory of a soul love so strong and powerful, yet neglected,
I placed it in the chamber of my heart and stoked, shielded it, willed it,
and forced even to the point past habit and miles beyond laborious obligation.
For all hope lay in that tiny ember reflected in your eyes.
And as others came, as you know the devil can be so cruelly deceiving yet,
I held that obligation through the hardest, painful, temptations
in saturations that almost broke me and even at that last threshold,
I believed we had more.

I will not settle for less than I paid for, a debt as old as time.
On this day, every sin in our name, every sweet gesture has,
through the rubble of built up walls by those who would tear us apart
now torn and fallen down with a clear view and you see me again as all I am,
has released the sleeping giant of true love so powerful that in this one look,
a meeting of long lost soul lovers eyes, so vulnerable the light so bright;
this one beyond golden bright drop can sustain me,
for all that has come to pass, in all that time again and even more.

The value of the pawned soul ticket forgotten as the debt became the focus,
now the well spring has with this one drop of light erupted into golden springs of the truest love.
You let me come home. I came home to where we were and I am alive!
I am healed! Please love don't say you missed it, that one priceless moment
place your keys beside the side beareau, look at me here and let there be heaven,
please God don't let me be the only one, tell me you were present too?
This fire in my soul this warmth in my heart can only be kindled by you
look at me again with those eyes, let me in to bathe in our beyond golden light
My soul love, I want to come home to stay. <3

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In my heart will always be you. In my life there will always be you. In my soul there will always be us... Xx

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Very beautiful! was a little

Very beautiful! was a little hard for me to follow (thats just probably me being tired) will have to deffiently give this one another read!

"I am my own sort of strange, a supernova of madness and brillance. Forced to share the same space and time. Sane enough to not be seen, yet not crazy enough to be heard." -- Matthew Wayne

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Nah its a total draft speel

Nah its a total draft speel no grammar! Six ill clean it up soon! ;) thanks SS

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