Wounded up
like your puppet
you have me rapped around your finger
Tell me what to do
tell me what to say
I'll do it all
just for one kiss
let all your lies
roll of your lips
and on to mine
Let me taste
what its like
to never feel
You were my first
Maybe my last
like my drug
I keep coming back for more
Just one more kiss
thats all i need
to make it though
the rest of this day

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just Slept with a girl , (she was my first) and this is what I feel I guess ..

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Pain and Confusion

That's what I felt after my first time...the poet must tell the truth some of it...the first time:

Sexual Encounter No. One

Suddenly, I have nothing to compare to this
Excellent physical condition called falling, even
X-Rays can not pierce the sillohette of my heart.

The images reflect the emotion felt in verse - Lady A