Monthly Archive for January 2014

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
My best friend Poem Albino07 # relationships #alone #depression #sad #lonely #pain #tears #waiting Jan 1st
The Year 2013 Poem elayne80 1 reflections Jan 1st
HAPPENING UPON A PARCEL OF POSTMEN Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Jan 1st
THE LAST HUNTER Poem Sunmaiden 1 Jan 1st
Fuck This Broken Heart Poem deepblue 2 Jan 1st
common soul Poem torch 1 Jan 1st
Another year closes Poem SSmoothie 4 Jan 1st
maybe tomorrow Poem Albino07 1 #depression #lonely Jan 1st
SUN BLESSED Poem Dadio 1961, boy, COUNTRYSIDE, girl, love Jan 1st
Silent tears Poem geneconner2008 Jan 1st
In Memory Of Alex Poem geneconner2008 Jan 1st
A Man, you say? Poem PalashA. Jan 1st
OFTEN SHAY Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 1st
Lonely life Poem harshjha31 1 # love # hope # romance # relationships #alone #depression #sad #lonely #pain #tears #waiting Jan 1st
I. Fight or Flight (1/1/14) Poem classicliz 2 #BreakUp #Relationships #Love Jan 1st
why? Poem torch 2 Jan 1st
I SAW THE MOSS Poem Sunmaiden On returning to Florida after five months in Michigan Jan 1st
What is this Thing? Poem amywilkie 2 Jan 1st
Footnote: American History---Tea Party Poem S74rw4rd Jan 1st
Followers Poem e.l.murphy Jan 1st
Antioch After We Arrived Poem S74rw4rd Jan 1st
At Moscow, Sipping A Molotov Cocktail, 2 Poem S74rw4rd 2 Jan 1st
Why Poem MannaLynn 4 Jan 1st
The Madness/ apologies from a former statistic friend of mine Poem millyardo 2 love Jan 1st
I'm Tired. Poem BrittanyWebb Jan 1st
THE GUNS OF OLD SHILOH Poem Sunmaiden Jan 1st
On Another Year Prose owlcrkbrg 1 Jan 1st
Day 1 of 2014 Poem AirAm Jan 2nd
This Party Was Always a Hangover Poem RainDreams 1 Jan 2nd
Always in Front of Me Poem EdwardBenz27Times Jan 2nd
Lost Poem Hunter09 1 Jan 2nd
Does it Count Poem dchark 1 #BreakUp #Relationships #Love Jan 2nd
Serene Poem EdwardBenz27Times 1 Jan 2nd
White of Winter Poem allets 2 Jan 2nd
Smile Then Poem allets 4 Jan 2nd
Youth (Teach Them Well) Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 2nd
Welcome 2014 Poem bishu 7 Jan 2nd
If You Were My Everything Poem hopelessly-candid 15 admiration, affection, heart, love, relationship Jan 2nd
Memories Poem TrevorCraig81 love heartbreak sadness memories reminiscence Jan 2nd
What Makes Us Different (Makes Us The Same) Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Jan 2nd
Green Poem allets 4 Jan 2nd
I HAD A FRIEND. Poem amaniketsinha friendship Jan 2nd
Titles are for squares Poem Metaphysics 1 death, Life, Metaphysics, Psychedelic, question Jan 2nd
We Are (Just Be You) Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 2nd
THE GRAVE Poem Sunmaiden Jan 2nd
Kind of Beautiful Poem RifRafJammyJam 1 Jan 2nd
Serfs Up Poem Jan 2nd
Winter Renders Me Colorless Poem life_used_to_be... 5 Jan 2nd
Is it over Poem AngelofDarkness 2 Jan 2nd
HOME COOKED MEAL Poem Sunmaiden 1 Jan 2nd
"ولدي-1-" Poem Nibras #love #sun #feelings #soul #mijnzon #ولدي Jan 2nd
"ولدي-2-" Poem Nibras #love #sun #feelings #soul #mijnzon #ولدي #love #ikhouvanje #أحبك Jan 2nd
"ولدي-3-" Poem Nibras #love #sun #feelings #soul #mijnzon #ولدي #love #ikhouvanje #أحبك Jan 2nd
"ولدي-4-" Poem Nibras #love #sun #feelings #soul #mijnzon #ولدي #love #ikhouvanje #أحبك Jan 2nd
What is Life? Poem Instinct_agains... 1 Jan 2nd
The only planet of choice Poem neptriton Jan 2nd
What Are You? Poem Diamond_Wills_N... 3 Jan 2nd
Drink a Pitcher, it'll Last Longer Poem 4 Jan 2nd
modified blueprint Poem Alluring 2 Jan 2nd
confessins of the heart Poem ozzypoemgirl Jan 2nd
my scribbles in winter Poem 9inety 4 Jan 2nd
Inside Myself Poem cevance 6 Depression Jan 2nd
the truth of the matador Poem SSmoothie 10 Jan 2nd
An Uncanny Knack Poem ReilaMorello 3 Feelings Emotions Inspiration Imagination Words Writing Stretching Linger Love Relationships Friendship Jan 2nd
A Darker Turn For Us Poem trumpet7 Jan 2nd
fate deviant Poem nightlight1220 6 destiny, destiny vs. fate, devious, fate, Life, People, underhanded, unsavory, unscrupulous Jan 2nd
full of the roses Poem craigyw 1 Jan 3rd
sound flyer Poem craigyw Jan 3rd
Resting Awhile (revisited) Poem heatherburns35 Jan 3rd
Open Truths Poem ReilaMorello Relationships Love Trust Pain Secrets Depression Strength Open Empathy Jan 3rd
im still breathing Poem torch 1 Jan 3rd
Random Acts Of Kindness Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 3rd
Rebels Are My Heros Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 3rd
Nocturnes: Extinguishment And Extinction Poem S74rw4rd Jan 3rd
Hope, Strength and Resistance Poem cathycavalcante Jan 3rd
The "Weird" Think Outside The Box (You Should Too) Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 3rd
Fair Winds, Popeye Poem allets 2 Jan 3rd
what's on your mind? Poem ADAPT Jan 3rd
don't look back Poem nightlight1220 5 change happens Jan 3rd
Wake Up Call Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 3rd
Young old man torn Poem Estilow 1 Jan 3rd
YISKA RECALLS Poem Dadio boy, RECALLS, school days, woman Jan 3rd
The gathering Poem shazi # love # hope # romance # relationships #alone #depression #sad #lonely #pain #tears #waiting Jan 3rd
II. Grieving Mummy (1/3/2014) Poem classicliz #alone#Thinking#peace#grief Jan 3rd
Life is, as is Time Poem Nightpoems a, Adventure, carpe diem, every, gift, Is, it's, last, Life, like, live, love, moment, Purpose, questions, the fullest, time, to, your, youth Jan 3rd
DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY Poem joy 1 Jan 3rd
No one should have to walk alone Poem brightestnight13 Jan 3rd
Life Armored Poem PurpleDragonfly spouse Jan 3rd
Life Poem Takudzwa340 Jan 3rd
Facts of life Poem Takudzwa340 1 Jan 3rd
To the rescue Poem Takudzwa340 Jan 3rd
I'm just Poem Takudzwa340 4 Jan 3rd
Peasant's speech Poem Takudzwa340 Jan 3rd
Her Haemorrahage Poem Takudzwa340 Jan 3rd
Tail Of The Bull Poem nightlight1220 bullfight, conquer, love, machismo, matador Jan 3rd
] [ Poem KingofWords 3 # life # pondering # dreams Jan 3rd
Kiss the Stars Poem eternitywhispers 6 Jan 3rd
Missed Opportunities Poem hopelessly-candid 8 Jan 3rd
memories like mist Poem 9inety 3 Jan 3rd
You and Me Poem Bestfriend07 a secret love just friends Jan 3rd
The Perfect Lover Poem ReilaMorello 4 Relationships Silly Love Perfection Passion Humor Jan 3rd
theif Poem ADAPT Jan 3rd
Silken Smoke Poem ReilaMorello 2 Observations Thoughts watching Smoke Surreal Jan 3rd
I'LL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU TO WANDA Poem ozzypoemgirl Jan 3rd
JUST SITTIN' THERE Poem Sunmaiden To my Uncle Warren Jan 3rd
2014 New Year's Eve Poem Moscadini 2014, Babylon 5, Celebration, Holiday, New Years Eve Jan 3rd
Painting On The Wall Poem allets Jan 3rd
a house Prose craigyw Jan 3rd
Waiting for a Rose Prose Alluring Jan 3rd
The Chair Prose allets Jan 3rd
Coffee Shop Collision. Poem Bleu-Beat 2 #life #coincidence #people #coffee shop Jan 4th
Calico Cat Poem allets 2 Jan 4th
Young Man Poem allets 3 Jan 4th
Birds Of A Feather Poem nightlight1220 3 similar Jan 4th
Ideal Companion Poem Bleu-Beat 1 #life #personal #relationships #love Jan 4th
Pinocchio Poem millyardo love Jan 4th
Just venting today Poem readmy5tuff 5 Jan 4th
Twilight Saga Poem bishu 6 Jan 4th
We Only Hurt The Ones We Love Poem life_used_to_be... 2 Jan 4th
Slimy Cure Poem bishu 6 Jan 4th
It’s My Birthday Today! Poem KingofWords 7 birthday Jan 4th
Footnote: Abandoned Heels Poem S74rw4rd Jan 4th
How You Treat Others = Your Character Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 4th
Psychedelic Love Poem pinkdot7 1 Jan 4th
Push Forward Poem brightestnight13 Jan 4th
Bottling it Up Poem ReilaMorello 3 Emotions thoughts musing philosophical depression anger love passion Jan 4th
run or hyde Poem nightlight1220 4 werewolves Jan 4th
DEAD RACCOON Poem joy Jan 4th
HELL'S BELL'S Poem Sunmaiden Jan 4th
ANCESTOR'S LAMENT Poem Sunmaiden Jan 4th
Two Black Dots and a Half Circle Poem daylight 1 :) Jan 4th
Boogers Poem JohnGabriel booger, boogers, John Gabriel, poem, POETRY Jan 4th
THE BOUNTY HUNTER Poem Sunmaiden Jan 4th
A BLACKFOOT MAIDEN'S PRAYER Poem Sunmaiden 1 Jan 4th
MEETING POINT Poem Dadio 2 BOY GIRL, School Jan 4th
I woulda been a really nice one Poem Morningglory 14 Jan 4th
Run Away In October Poem allets 3 Jan 4th
Chris Poem Bestfriend07 Brother family Jan 4th
Lovely Poem Bestfriend07 friendship Jan 4th
The Truth Poem Bestfriend07 love Jan 4th
Peace At Last Poem EdwardBenz27Times 2 Jan 4th
I opened the windows: Prose Muin 1 Jan 4th
PERPETUAL Poem nightlight1220 2 perpetual Jan 5th
A Perfect Man Once Poem allets 6 Jan 5th
New Mantra Poem nightlight1220 7 mantra, NL1220 Jan 5th
Poor choice of words Poem schmuckjones 2 Jan 5th
Stupa Poem eternalpoet1389 2 Mysticism, Spirituality Jan 5th
Intertwining circles Poem Morningglory 2 Jan 5th
Tears Poem AngelofDarkness Jan 5th
MIND, THE CULPRIT Poem pbenarumairaj 8 Conscience, when ignored makes us feel innumerable deaths! Jan 5th
where we are Poem nightlight1220 la Luna Jan 5th
reflect you Poem nightlight1220 6 Mirror, reflect Jan 5th
So I went on an Adventure... Poem ReilaMorello 3 Relationships passion music friendship Empathy Happiness Serenity Memories Guitars Creativity Jan 5th
Night... Again Poem EdwardBenz27Times Jan 5th
Mirror Poem bishu 4 Jan 5th
Love, Who Are We To Judge It Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 5th
Hometown Memories Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 5th
Thank You Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 5th
Never Pretend Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Jan 5th
Strength Within Poem brightestnight13 Jan 5th
Welcome to Dorian-Paris Grey Poem Dimitriand Jan 5th
Wasted Dreams. Poem sweetwater 2 Jan 5th
BY THE OLD POND. Poem Dadio 1964, boy, girl, love, pond Jan 5th
Star of Providence Poem willow 2 Jan 5th
Lies Poem TheShadowKnows 2 Jan 5th
COME'S CAMELOT Poem Sunmaiden before we were married, Dedicate to Phillip, my husband Jan 5th
Luna's Siege Poem nightlight1220 2 human beings, luna, Moon, moonbeams Jan 5th
PICKIN' COTTON Poem Sunmaiden Jan 5th
An unbroken chain Poem vani13 1 relationship Jan 5th
Hijack-tuation Poem nightlight1220 11 hijacked, infatuated Jan 5th
The Choice. Poem sweetwater 2 Jan 5th
Uncorked Poem Diamond_Wills_N... 5 Jan 5th
What's better? Poem Glade12 2 Thoughtful Jan 5th
Snow Dashing Poem allets Jan 5th
Drinking Habitually Poem allets 4 Jan 5th
The Sun Revolves Poem lostblonde72 # love # hope # romance # relationships, brilliance, desire, joy, light, love Jan 5th
Land, Air and Sea. Prose a.griffiths57 4 childhood anecdotes Jan 5th
Lost Time Poem willow 2 loss Jan 6th
Inspiration Poem willow 2 Jan 6th
Dead America Poem PoeticJustice209 Jan 6th
Holding in the Ink Poem INKSTAIN 6 love scrawls Jan 6th
The values Poem willow 6 Jan 6th
end of time, thats when you came back to me Poem walkingcloud Jan 6th
Change Poem Glade12 1 Jan 6th
Under the stars Poem Glade12 2 Jan 6th
"Fear All and Love Nothing" Poem Jan 6th
The Darkness Poem RoC 4 Jan 6th
T'is the Season To Be Poem allets 4 Jan 6th
Always Be The Best You, You Can Be Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 6th
Como Tu... Poem Avantgarde Jan 6th
Ice and Flame Poem allets 4 Jan 6th
"Hurt Me" Poem grantrizmo2002 Abuse, hurt, loss, Pain Jan 6th
Generation of amnesia Poem JamesAnderson232 youth culture rise against society revolution generation protest anger hope lost false Jan 6th
THE GOLDEN RULE Poem joy Jan 6th
SAFARI Poem Sunmaiden Jan 6th
HE SENT HER RED ROSE'S Poem Sunmaiden Jan 6th
LOVE'S SWEET SORROW Poem Sunmaiden Jan 6th
Its state and posterity Poem klen callous, Cynical, uncertain Jan 6th
Aspire Recounts To Succeed Poem klen 1 aging gracefully, bearing up, deliberately, holding it together Jan 6th
FOR ALWAY'S Poem Sunmaiden Jan 6th
It's true and you know it Poem klen 6 conventional wisdom, greener grass, Identity, judging, popular ways, thought Jan 6th
Sometimes you can taste it. Poem ReilaMorello 2 Jan 6th
Goals Poem Glade12 Jan 6th
Tales of the North Woods Poem darkpool 3 Jan 6th
Sleep Poem Glade12 2 Jan 6th
Illuminated Poem Godea 1 enlightened Jan 6th
Dear Diary Poem ekobena # love # hope # romance # relationships #alone #depression #sad #lonely #pain #tears #waiting Jan 6th
Ourselves Poem willow 2 Jan 6th
Snowed In Prose allets 2 Jan 6th
ALICE'S NEW MOTHER. Prose Dadio ALICE, Maid, mary, mother Jan 6th
Take On The World Prose LovingLovelace 1 Jan 6th
suck my dust Prose 9inety 2 Jan 6th
"Slither" Poem grantrizmo2002 Jan 7th
the undead Poem nightlight1220 4 Undead, Zombies Jan 7th
SOPHIA AND SEX Poem Dadio boy, girl, offer, sex Jan 7th
See The Truth Behind The Lies Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 7th
Naming Conventions Poem ReilaMorello 1 Resolution Explanation Inspiration Mythology Norse Gods Dancing Drinking Poetry Wisdom Jan 7th
Reverberations Poem ReilaMorello 3 Memories Sounds Echoes Void Silence Jan 7th
Superconciousness Poem #commitment #journey #life #confidence #god #faith #relationships Jan 7th
I am Sorry Poem KingofWords 2 I'm sorry Jan 7th
PERSPECTIVE Poem joy 1 Jan 7th
My Bike is Broken Poem Nifty 1 Jan 7th
Trading Time Poem timbiondollo 2 Jan 7th
HIS PHOTOGRAPH Poem Sunmaiden 1 Jan 7th
Dad Poem MarkGraham815 Jan 7th
WINTER COME'S Poem Sunmaiden Jan 7th
PLACE OF WONDER Poem Sunmaiden Jan 7th
Experience Poem allets Jan 7th
Letter Perfect Poem allets 10 Jan 7th
THE FLORIDA CRACKER Poem Sunmaiden Jan 7th
Peace Of Mind Poem Godea bright Jan 7th
To the storm and sea Poem MatthewWayne Jan 7th
Do Not Poem edge_of_existence guilt, remorse Jan 7th
Para saber todo sobre los manos Poem 9inety 2 Jan 7th
Dive Poem Abowling1424 Jan 7th
Unburied Poem Abowling1424 Jan 7th
Unwritten Future Poem ReilaMorello 3 Children Music Pondering Observations Growing Up Experience Adulthood Childhood Jan 7th
"Unique" Poem ReilaMorello 4 Jan 7th
today i won Poem Albino07 3 # love # hope # romance # relationships #alone #depression #sad #lonely #pain #tears #waiting Jan 7th
MAKE MINE A COWBOY Poem Sunmaiden Jan 7th
Jack T. Tate Prose Sivus disease, medicine, mental illness, Metaphor, Panic attacks Jan 7th
The Spectral Ball Poem spectralball # life # pondering # wasted # dull # boredom Jan 8th
Butterfly Poem willow 4 Jan 8th
The wind, a king Poem willow 2 Jan 8th
beauty of life Poem 0012002 1 Jan 8th
Life so elegant Poem Narcoticmancer spritual Jan 8th