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Moving On

Verse 1:

I still cling to our memories.

Retrace our lost steps,

Retrace a lost design,

How can I let you go?



I've let you into my nooks

Yet you've denied

My signs of love and trust

Now, all I can do

Is move on.


Verse 2:

Moving on,

I discover myself.

I'm a lone wolf.

Why can't you see

That we're meant to be?



 Take me by the hand,

'Cause this time,

I won't let go.

Hold onto us.



I hold onto

Our memories.

But now,

It's all in the past.

I'm moving on.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

INTJ women in relationships if someone doesn't show interest back, to be honest. Hint: I"m an INTJ women and fed up with men playing "mind games" and using me.


Verse 1:
I watch you slip

Further away from me

As you make your dreams a reality.

Don't you dare forget about me.


I won't forget about

The promises we made together.

Those were the days

I felt alive with anyone.


Verse 2:
If it were me,

I'd melt your cold heart once again.

Just take me by the hand.

I'll guide you through hell and back.


If only you could see me now,

Home wouldn't seem so far away.

Now that you're further away,

Our memories flood back to me.


Now that I'm no longer your's,

I feel dissonant.

Bring me to life.

Won't you take me home? 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

While listening to the Spotify playlist: "K-Acoustic(s)", I was inspired to write a song Cat Clark. Here is the bridge lyrics to it: "If only you could see me now/home wouldn't seem so far away/now that you're further away/Our memories flood back to me" (Song title: "Further"). It's a playlist of Korean songs sung in acoustic style (stripped down version). It's mainly love songs so I wrote another "love" song. You should try to write some songs Cat to get your feelings out there and express yourself better. It might help you. That's just a suggestion. Grab any notebook or piece of paper and write.

To A Love Lost Forever

Not a day goes by where I don't think of you,

since you left my heart has turned blue.

I wish you would love me, the way you used to.

But my worst fear is those days are through.

Every time I see you I know it's true,

you're beautiful, the only one I want to get next to.

I wish we still had fun, the way we used to.

You loved those times, and I did too.

I didn’t show it as much as you’d like me to.

But I’d relive those memories a zillion times, just me and you.

The guilt and pain I carry is enough for two,

I made mistakes, and so did you.

But guilt isn’t something I’d want to put you through.

My heart is hard and heavy, just for you.

No one else cared for me as much as you,

and I’ve always appreciated the nice things you do.

I miss the old times, and so do you.

Since you’ve been gone there’s not much to look forward to.

The guilt and pain I carry hurts until the day is through,

I wish you were here, just me and you.

I can’t promise only good memories for you,

but I’d sure try to see you happy every day through.

All my pride I’d trade away for you,


just to spend another day, just me and you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sent to a love who left me, the days haven't been the same since.

Until When?

I always see different faces of people 
Upon the moon, wondering if those 
Faces were in my real world or not. 
It seems that some were already left the world. 

If I face myself in front of the mirror 
All I see is wrinkled all over my face. 
There might be invisible tears so far 
But most likely there is a pain inside me. 

Until when I will be siting in the train sit 
On my own without a woman that can take 
Me away from that the train of life that is being 
Running none stop only because my life hasn't change. 

Lovers thought me that love is blind, I'm ready 
To face it only without a lie feelings, but surly 
Ready to be blind under a real love that will 
Take me away from my life that seems have no cost. 

Will I be upon the moon by myself, since every 
Christmas I ask Santa Clause to have a woman 
With whom I will have great time to get all of my 
Proses and words free and arrange them only for 

The right one so I could ask her to be my lovely wife 
In which I can see my tear visible of my happiness to 
Meet my first kid crying and screaming just to make me 
Patient to hear him saying his first word "papa ... mama" 


today i won

Today I won

Today I put on my fake smile and laugh

Told the world that I was ok

Helped others whenever I could

Got none for.me the same as before

Wonder if anyone cares 

Look to phone to receive that answers 

No calls,not texts no one who cares

Feel like I'm the one who's always cares

But it's ok cause today I won this round 

But tomorrow if starts again and  I don't know how many more I can win


Dear Diary

                                            DEAR DIARY


Dear Diary,

Who would have thought?

Who would have guess?

Tis you who sang our secrets.

Tis you who unregistered our puzzle.


Twenty clandestine years of covertness

Now shredded by greed and avarice.

Had your taste be known to me,

Never to your white pages would my ink have trotted.


Let not the potent spices of your mendacious bind

Serenate and epitomize your new found fame.

To this mockery of loyalty I cry not tears of betrayal!


A better pine tree I shall find and harvest.

Her soft circular truck shall bear womb to my new secrets.

In wilderness or borough she will wholly welcome

The calligraphy of all my secrets and fondness.


Who would have thought?

Yes, Tis you who sang our secrets.

Who would have guess?


Yes, Tis you who unregistered our puzzle.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes what is known becomes strangely foreign and distant. And the safest lock can scrumble into million pieces that mock the comfort of trust. But see it for what it is and not for what it is suppose to be. A broken heart must understand fraglity as a reality of life.

The gathering

Life takes turns

Moving endlessly

We open doors to empty rooms

Their inhabitants gone

Their memories tangled in cobwebs

Of our minds

We move from room to room

Seeking that solace

That seemed once


How far have we travelled……

Seasons have changed and so have we

I see that house

Where adolescence ran free

Where romance first blossomed

It’s pang and the cupid’s arrow

I know you will find moments

Amongst the hustle and bustle

Of the ceremony

The morning breakfast table

And the chats after tea

Catching up on those times lost

When we moved away and

Scattered over the globe

Along with our little worlds

Full filing prophecies of change

Of the ever expanding universe

We have changed our physics

But the chemistry remains the same

The DNA helix

That defines you and me

Bound by love

And for some treachery


Author's Notes/Comments: 

We were invited to my cousins wedding, it was one of those rare occasions where the whole family had the chance of meeting one another. Hence the title "the gathering". Unfortunately we could not go due to my ill health. The result this poem which takes you through the journey of life majority of us have experienced. Hope you like it.

Lonely life


 I'm setting on a bench
on a cold night
there is no one to laugh no one to cry
I want to move but stuck from inside
because of my mind
who saying me to hide

I look to moon
to get some light
he also laugh
on my lonely life

no care no one to help
sorrow pain heartache are my friends
I know that you don't care
but its me and this is my lonely fear

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Iam 13 and i love to make poem and i dream to be great poet as Wordsworth

My dear, Amalee

We fought, we cried,

I tried to die,

loveless life,

and darkless night,


I ran away from the truth for so long,

I burried my emotions under sad songs,

He hid his tears under his grey hood,

I shut my mouth, my words were no good,


We met up at mcdonalds,

I asked about his days,

He replied and said they were great,

Thats when my heart began to break.


New emotions came pouring in,

Old memories became hopless, and thin,

I had forgot about what broke us up,

But he reminded, and to woke me up.


He held me tight, and said to me,

i love you my dear, Amalee,

He is one who knows the name,

Of my dark past, and broken fate.


Our lips first met, i said no more,

surrounding people, and desperate whores,

my ex boyfriend, back in my life,

Maybe one day, ill be his wife.


The day had come,

he helped me see,

i was so blind, destiny,

he was the one i long awated...



Author's Notes/Comments: 

My ex and I are talking once again, and i love him dearly. Marques Signorini<3